"Take 5" before each round for lower scores
22 May 2010
by Marty Weil


Amateur golfers commonly rush to the driving range to hit a few balls before they play without warming up and properly preparing their body. They falsely believe that hitting golf balls is a good warm-up and usually just want to figure out what direction the ball is going "today." Some golfers stretch before they play or practice, but fail to properly warm-up before stretching. Hitting golf balls or stretching without a proper warm-up is ill-advised, can be harmful and may lead to injury.

The most important part of a successful round of golf or practice session is your pregame warm-up – it prepares your body for optimal performance and lower scores. That's why I developed "The 5-Minute Pregame Warm-Up." It's easy to follow and very beneficial for golfers of all ages and playing abilities.

The 5-Minute Pregame Warm-Up slowly elevates your body temperature for a full body warm-up, therefore increasing your overall mobility – a key to better golf. After completing The 5-Minute Pregame Warm-Up you should feel tension free, increased mobility in your torso and upper body, improved stability in your lower body, and athletically ready for your best golf. You will save strokes and improve your scores – especially the first few holes when most golfers are still tight and stiff.


The average round of golf in the United States is more than four hours. With travel time to and from the course, the entire process can take a majority of the day. So, why not take five minutes to prepare your body for a great round of golf (or practice session) and reduce your risk of injury? The average tour pro spends about an hour in body prep and warm-up before they play or practice. Most tour pros have access to world-class resources including: a golf coach, a fitness coach, a medical team, a nutritionist and more. In the old days, only a few pros focused on fitness.

Today, pros at all levels (with a few exceptions) are in great shape, especially the number one player on the planet. Pros dedicate time for their pregame warm-up, so why shouldn’t you? After completing The 5-Minute Pregame Warm-Up, proceed to your pre-round or practice session like a pro by putting, chipping, hitting short irons and slowly progressing to your driver.

For optimal results, complete The 5-Minute Pregame Warm-Up before each round or practice session – make it part of your pregame routine. Focus on your breathing to get a fresh supply of nutrient-rich blood pumping throughout your body for a great warm-up and to release tension. After all, you cannot play great golf filled with tension.

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