Patterson Cup: Smeraglio wins 2nd

PAOLI, Pa. (Aug. 14, 2008)--Glenn Smeraglio of Yardley CC finished the 106th Joseph H. Patterson Cup at 5-under-par on Thursday at St. Davids GC (par 70, 6,534 yards) and Waynesborough CC (par 71, 6,990 yards) to become the oldest Joseph H. Patterson Cup champion in 39 years. Smeraglio, 48, carded a 2-under 69 at Waynesborough CC in the morning and a 3-under 67 at St. Davids GC in his second round to become the oldest winner since legendary figure William Hyndman, III, took the 1969 Patterson Cup at age 58.

"I think we have some of the best players around in the Philadelphia area. I’m just trying to hang with them," said Smeraglio, who also captured the 1998 Patterson Cup. "We have a lot of young kids at Yardley so I’m used to playing with the young kids. They know how to go low. I think that helps me.

"Five under for two rounds is good playing out here. It’s solid. So is it surprising? I don’t know. I don’t think of myself as an older guy until I play with the young guys and they hit it 30 yards by me. You know what, you still have to hit greens, you still have to putt and you still have to get the ball in the hole. I think I do that as well as anyone does."

Matthew Mattare of Saucon Valley CC finished a shot behind in second place and Geoffrey Cooper of Laurel Creek CC was third at 2-under.

The victory also secured Smeraglio his third Silver Cross (2000-01), awarded to the player with the lowest aggregate score in the qualifying rounds of the Amateur Championship and the Patterson Cup.

Smeraglio opened the fourth and final Major of the Golf Association of Philadelphia season at Waynesborough CC and finished at 2 under despite being a bit sloppy at times. On the front side, he carded red numbers on No. 1 (par 4, 368 yards) with a 9-iron to 15 feet; No. 7 (par 5, 547 yards) with a 125-yard wedge to 15 feet and No. 8 (par 4, 373 yards) with a 52-degree wedge to five feet and recorded one bogey, on No. 6 (par 3, 217 yards), when he pushed his drive right. On the back nine, he was a little back-and-forth. He birdied No. 13 (par 4, 403 yards) with a pitching wedge from 125 yards to 10 feet; bogeyed No. 14 (par 3, 175 yards) when he pulled a 7-iron left; birdied No. 15 (par 5, 554 yards) after a short chip to six feet; and bogeyed the lengthy 17th (par 3, 254 yards) after coming up short of the green.

Starting his second round on St. Davids GC’s back nine, Smeraglio had a non-descript opening set with a birdie and a bogey. He hit a 5-iron on No. 10 (par 3, 175 yards) into the left bunker and failed to get up-and-down but birdied No. 16 (par 5, 498 yards) from 10 feet to draw even at the turn.

He then missed short birdie putts on his next two holes before a bolt of lightning, figuratively, struck. "I said to my caddie, I just remembered something about my putting. A little key that I had. I told him I’m going to make putts for the rest of the round. I really did. I putted great the rest of the way in." Smeraglio would not reveal the key.

He proceeded to birdie No. 5 (par 4, 426 yards) after knocking an 8-iron from 148 yards to 15 feet despite staring at one of the fastest putts on the golf course, a straight downhill challenge.

"I gutted it," said Smeraglio. "It went straight in the hole."

He followed that birdie with a 7-iron from 175 yards on the super difficult No. 7 (par 4, 464 yards), the distance was more like 190 considering the uphill, to five feet before making a fantastic pitch-and-putt on No. 8 (par 5, 488 yards) from eight feet to get to 5-under par for the day.

"I gained at least a stroke with that birdie on No. 7. I know that is a disaster hole," said Smeraglio.

Mattare, playing a few groups behind Smeraglio, was the first-round leader after carding a 4-under 67 at Waynesborough CC in the morning.

In the afternoon, Mattare then stood at 3 under on St. Davids after 15 holes when he rocketed a 3-iron from 219 yards to 15 feet on No. 16 (par 5, 498 yards). His quick downhill eagle try and chance to equal Smeraglio ran eight feet past. His comebacker lipped around the hole.

Still, Mattare had life.

A smooth 5-iron on No. 17 (par 3, 182 yards) stopped eight feet short of the hole and he drained the birdie to head to No. 18 (par 4, 392 yards) a shot behind. On the final hole, Mattare ripped a 3-wood on the dog-leg right to 84 yards before playing a smart chip that landed short and rolled to 12 feet right of the hole. Needing the putt, his effort stayed right.

"It was a double breaker. From where I was standing behind the ball it looked right to left, on the other side it looked left to right. I figured it was inside right or right edge and when I got over the putt I said it has to be more than that," said Mattare, 22, of Bethlehem, Pa. "I didn’t trust the original line. I pushed it a little bit and ran it by the edge. I should have just gotten up and hit it."

Smeraglio’s Silver Cross victory came with a 279 total. He finished six shots clear of Michael McDermott of Merion GC, last year’s winner, and Cole Willcox of Philadelphia CC.

The Patterson Cup field consisted of 115 players.

--Courtesy GAP, full results follow:

Name Club Rd. 1 Course Rd. 2 Course Total
Glenn Smeraglio Yardley Country Club 69 WC 67 St. 136
Matthew Mattare Saucon Valley Country Club 67 WC 70 St. 137
Geoffrey Cooper Laurel Creek Country Club 72 WC 67 St. 139
John Brennan Spring Ford Country Club 73 WC 68 St. 141
David West Whitford Country Club 71 St. 70 WC 141
Christopher Reedman Makefield Highlands Golf Club 70 WC 72 St. 142
Michael McDermott Merion Golf Club 70 WC 72 St. 142
Daniel Charen Yardley Country Club 69 St. 73 WC 142
Robert Galbreath, Jr. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 73 WC 70 St. 143
Andy Achenbach RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 69 WC 74 St. 143
Rand Mendez Fieldstone Golf Club 68 St. 75 WC 143
Brian Creghan Plymouth Country Club 74 St. 70 WC 144
Cole Willcox Philadelphia Country Club 71 St. 73 WC 144
James Donnelly Merion Golf Club 75 WC 70 St. 145
James Kieserman Talamore Country Club 73 WC 72 St. 145
Ryan Gelrod Commonwealth National Golf Club 74 WC 71 St. 145
Dan Pinciotti, Jr. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 75 WC 70 St. 145
Stephen Seiden Concord Country Club 67 St. 78 WC 145
Stephen Dressel St. Davids Golf Club 73 WC 73 St. 146
Jeff Osberg Brandywine Country Club 76 WC 70 St. 146
Vince Boyle JC Melrose Country Club 72 St. 74 WC 146
G. Patrick Dougherty Talamore Country Club 75 WC 72 St. 147
Vinny Alessi Penn Oaks Golf Club 71 WC 76 St. 147
Ben Bershad Hopewell Valley Golf Club 74 WC 73 St. 147
Tucker Koch RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 73 WC 74 St. 147
David Liotta Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 72 St. 75 WC 147
Sean Leonard Tavistock Country Club 67 St. 80 WC 147
Robert Robertson Sunnybrook Golf Club 72 St. 75 WC 147
Warren Taylor Yardley Country Club 70 St. 77 WC 147
Douglas Zelner Spring Ford Country Club 76 WC 72 St. 148
Jamie Slonis Tavistock Country Club 77 WC 71 St. 148
James Kania, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 75 WC 73 St. 148
Nathan Sutherland Golden Oaks Golf Club 77 WC 71 St. 148
Raymond Thompson Overbrook Golf Club 68 St. 80 WC 148
Brian Gillespie St. Davids Golf Club 73 St. 75 WC 148
Chris Esbenshade Five Ponds Golf Club 77 WC 72 St. 149
Michael Brown Philadelphia Publinks GA 75 WC 74 St. 149
Mike Danner Lu Lu Country Club 71 St. 78 WC 149
Brian Rothaus Philmont Country Club 73 St. 76 WC 149
Robert Savarese Sand Barrens Golf Club 73 St. 76 WC 149
Travis Gahman Philadelphia Publinks GA 77 St. 72 WC 149
Andrew Lawson Hershey's Mill Golf Club 76 WC 74 St. 150
Kevin Melnick, Jr. Plymouth Country Club 73 St. 77 WC 150
Michael O'Keefe Little Mill Country Club 78 WC 73 St. 151
Jeffrey Griest Waynesborough Country Club 77 WC 74 St. 151
Matthew Pesci Yardley Country Club 75 WC 76 St. 151
Bill Murray Merchantville Country Club 76 St. 75 WC 151
Scott Klee Indian Valley Country Club 75 St. 76 WC 151
Peter Barron III Stone Harbor Golf Club 75 St. 76 WC 151
Robert Dziak Spring Ford Country Club 74 St. 77 WC 151
Jack Wallace Burlington Country Club 73 St. 78 WC 151
Mark Szilagyi Brookside Country Club 80 WC 72 St. 152
Adam Cohan Talamore Country Club 72 WC 80 St. 152
Jeff DellaFranco Concord Country Club 75 WC 77 St. 152
Andrew Zoeller Waynesborough Country Club 79 WC 73 St. 152
Drew Panebianco Talamore Country Club 73 St. 79 WC 152
Christopher Lange Overbrook Golf Club 77 St. 75 WC 152
Keith Matt Talamore Country Club 78 WC 75 St. 153
Stephen McIntyre Honeybrook Golf Club 81 WC 72 St. 153
Jason Cohan Talamore Country Club 80 WC 73 St. 153
Zach Smith Doylestown Country Club 76 WC 77 St. 153
Thomas Gramigna Tavistock Country Club 70 St. 83 WC 153
Michael Moffat Commonwealth National Golf Club 77 St. 76 WC 153
Robert de Rojas RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 79 WC 75 St. 154
Oscar Mestre, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 79 WC 75 St. 154
Todd Vonderheid Huntsville Golf Club 74 WC 80 St. 154
Michael Vassil Country Club of Scranton 82 WC 72 St. 154
Matt Dietrich Whitford Country Club 78 WC 76 St. 154
Warren Smith Cavaliers Country Club 76 St. 78 WC 154
Joe Bernard RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 79 WC 76 St. 155
Douglas Gregor Huntingdon Valley Country Club 79 St. 76 WC 155
Mark Peterson Philadelphia Cricket Club 72 St. 83 WC 155
Oscar Neubauer Saucon Valley Country Club 78 St. 77 WC 155
Mike McComb Greate Bay Country Club 80 WC 76 St. 156
Burton McHugh Sunnybrook Golf Club 77 WC 79 St. 156
Paul Rogowicz Yardley Country Club 84 WC 72 St. 156
Eric Schmehl Moorestown Field Club 76 St. 80 WC 156
Beau Guarino Burlington Country Club 78 St. 78 WC 156
Mark Coassolo Brookside C.C. of Allentown 75 St. 81 WC 156
P. Chet Walsh Philadelphia Country Club 79 St. 77 WC 156
Brad McFadden Overbrook Golf Club 78 St. 78 WC 156
Scott Morris Doylestown Country Club 76 St. 80 WC 156
Joe DeVito, Jr. Sand Barrens Golf Club 77 St. 79 WC 156
Michael Domenick Phoenixville Country Club 80 WC 77 St. 157
Mark Wachter Penn Oaks Golf Club 76 WC 81 St. 157
William Bello Metedeconk National Golf Club 83 WC 74 St. 157
Cory Siegfried Philadelphia Country Club 80 WC 77 St. 157
R. Blake Slawecki Spring Ford Country Club 81 WC 76 St. 157
Keith Evans Running Deer Golf Club 78 St. 79 WC 157
Brian Rashley Marriot Seaview Resort 80 St. 77 WC 157
Louis Giovi Mercer Oaks Golf Course 77 St. 81 WC 158
Steve Ransom, Jr. Wildwood Golf & Country Club 78 St. 80 WC 158
Bo Maguire Brookside Country Club 76 St. 82 WC 158
Santo Lafoca Huntsville Golf Club 75 St. 83 WC 158
Martin Hayden Overbrook Golf Club 82 WC 77 St. 159
Roc Irey Cedarbrook Country Club 85 WC 74 St. 159
Greg O'Connor Huntingdon Valley Country Club 82 St. 77 WC 159
Drew Garis North Hills Country Club 81 WC 79 St. 160
Mark Kosko Marriot Seaview Resort 77 WC 83 St. 160
Scott Storck Philadelphia Cricket Club 76 St. 84 WC 160
Jon Thomas Inniscrone Golf Club 75 St. 85 WC 160
Richard Marabella Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 86 St. 76 WC 162
Chip Culp Philadelphia Cricket Club 81 WC 82 St. 163
Christopher Terebesi Chester Valley Golf Club 82 WC 81 St. 163
Kevin Ignatuk Penn Oaks Golf Club 82 WC 82 St. 164
Christopher Kaspar Lu Lu Country Club 82 St. 82 WC 164
Mark Walkush Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 86 St. 78 WC 164
Matt Kaelin Little Mill Country Club 83 WC 82 St. 165
William Hoese Links Golf Club 78 St. 88 WC 166
Ted Kerschner Overbrook Golf Club 89 WC 78 St. 167
Garrett Conway Burlington Country Club 79 St. 89 WC 168
Greg Verde Spring Ford Country Club 88 WC 81 St. 169
Michael Boden French Creek Golf Club 80 St. 89 WC 169
John Inman Cherry Valley Country Club 85 St. 86 WC 171
Tom Borsello Fieldstone Golf Club 81 WC WD St. WD


ABOUT THE Joseph Patterson Cup

Format: Thirty-six hole individual gross stroke play, two day event with a cut to the low 60 and ties for the second round.

Eligibility: Open to GAP Member Club golfers with handicaps of 7.0 or lower. Non-exempt players must prequalify.

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