Peter Millar 2015 Summer Collection - The AmateurGolf.com Review
03 Aug 2015
by Rusty Cage

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The E4 Summer Collection from Peter Millar<br> effortlessly mixes performance with style
The E4 Summer Collection from Peter Millar
effortlessly mixes performance with style

Peter Millar, the upscale clothing brand associated with PGA Tour players like Brandt Snedeker and Bill Haas, can’t help you play like a pro, but they can help you dress like one without looking like you’re making an effort. Over the past decade, Peter Millar has quickly evolved from a boutique brand that designs classic American apparel with a Southern twist, to a global powerhouse that is able to meet the demands of an ever-expanding and diverse clientele.

The key to company’s success is actually pretty simple - they know how to dress a man with flair without looking flamboyant. A full lifestyle brand, Peter Millar designs a cohesive look that works on and off the course. The company mixes vibrant colors and patterns exceedingly well. In less capable hands, Peter Millar’s signature style might come off as garish, but somehow it all just works.

The brand’s 2015 Summer collection for golf is rooted in what Peter Millar does well year after year. The Performance E4 collection showcases a bright color palate and a bevy of high quality fabrics. Although the individual apparel pieces are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, they’re stylish enough to blend in with the rest of your weekend wardrobe.

In regards to the actual performance component, all items in the E4 collection can be worn in a variety of weather conditions. Polo shirts are made with a lightweight material that’s wind-resistant and moisture wicking. The sweaters in the collection are obviously made from a heavier material, but are not so thick that they can’t be worn on a cool evening, or on a Summer day if you tee it up in Scotland.

Peter Millar sent me a handful of items to try out. A pair of polo shirts and sweaters, plus a button-down sport shirt. For a collection of items that fall under the category of golf apparel, it’s a pretty diverse set. Everything from the feel of each piece to it’s purpose is unique. However, the one constant that resonates throughout the collection is an attention to detail.

Golf Polos:

A pink polo shirt. It’s not the easiest of colors to pull off but Peter Millar finds the right tonal balance for their Dash Stripe Jersey. If pink isn’t your thing, and certainly for many people it isn’t, this lightweight number (only 4.7 ounces) comes in a pair of darker hues that are little more conventional.

The performance-oriented Dash 
Stripe Jersey features an athletic fit
The Dash Stripe Jersey
features an athletic fit

Made from a lightweight performance fabric that stretches four ways, this polo shirt (MSRP $85.00) is a must-have item if you play in hot, humid conditions. If the expression, ‘never let them see you sweat’, means anything to you, this golf shirt is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection of gear that you’re building your look around.

In terms of fit, this shirt is cut a little more athletically than most Peter Millar golf polos. Even then, the silhouette is pretty generous by European standards and the extra long length ensures that the shirt remains tucked in when you swing.

If you prefer something a little more traditional, the Potter Stripe Stretch Mesh Polo benefits from a micro-mesh pique weave that mimics the feel of cotton without the extra weight or lack of breathability. Like the more performance- oriented Dash Stripe, this mesh polo (MSRP $89.00) retains the moisture-wicking properties and the four-way stretch for ease of movement. When it comes to fit, the mesh polo is much looser all around and I would take sizing down into consideration when ordering.

The micro-mesh pique weave is 
lightweight and moisture-wicking
The micro-mesh pique weave
is lightweight and moisture-wicking

No matter which shirt you prefer wearing, you’ll end up appreciating the design of the collars (they don’t roll up), the sun and odor protection, and the subtle logo embroidery.

Golf Sweaters:

Perhaps I have a little Nick Faldo in me cause I adore golf sweaters and I probably have more of them in my closet than is humanly necessary to ward off playing in the Northeast. I like the air of sophistication of a well-made sweater. But as importantly, if not more so, a sweater has to let you swing fluidly and play athletically.

Peter Millar's Perth 
Performance Pullover is athletic and stylish
The Perth Pullover
is athletic and stylish

Peter Millar has a pair of sweaters that fulfill those objectives, although somewhat differently. The quarter-zip Perth Performance Pullover (MSRP $98.00) is made from a stretch French terry with a hint of spandex that makes it an ideal piece for layering. I love the classic, athletic look of the garment which, as a breath of fresh air, is elegantly simple and can be paired up with just about any shirt and trouser combo, even if your intention is to wear it off the course.

For something a little more regal and a touch warmer, Peter Millar offers a quarter-zip Merino wool sweater (MSRP $195.00). The sweater is woven from a combination of 70 percent wool, 30 percent polyester which makes it both wind-resistant and moisture- wicking. Although this piece is part of the Summer collection, I can easily see myself wearing it over a base layer in the Fall.

The soft, exquisite feel of Peter 
Millar's Merino wool sweater
There is nothing like the
feel of a Merino wool sweater

Button Down Sport Shirt:

To be perfectly honest, this shirt hardly qualifies as a necessity. Nobody plays golf in a button down shirt anymore, but some golfers might seriously reconsider after wearing the Virgil Check Performance Sport Shirt. It might look completely indistinguishable from a regular button down dress shirt at first glance, but it has plenty of surprises.

The Virgil Check (MSRP $135.00) weighs a scant 2.9 ounces, feels even lighter and stretches in every direction. I wore this shirt to the range just to prove to myself that I could swing a club wearing it. Not only did it perform well, but it felt more comfortable than some of the golf polos I’ve worn in the past.

A button-down shirt that works 
hard and plays hard
A button-down shirt that
works hard and plays hard

While I personally don’t think I would wear it to the course on a regular basis (traditions are a hard thing to break) I could picture myself pairing it with a sweater when the temperature dips. Additionally, these shirts are extremely easy to care for. I had the unfortunate luck of splattering my lunch not once, but twice while wearing it to the office. And each time, I was able to avoid having a stain set in. If that’s not impressive enough, consider the fact that the Virgil Check is essentially wrinkle-free making it an essential accessory for packing on a business trip. When was the last time a golf shirt was versatile enough to go from travel bag to boardroom, and onto a golf course free of hassle?

The Takeaway:

While working on this apparel review, I stumbled upon an interview with Snedeker who was asked about what he wears off the course when he isn’t decked out in Peter Millar. I don’t think you need me to spell out his answer.

So if you’re just looking to spruce up your style with a well-made golf shirt or sweater, look no further. But if you want to restock your closet with pieces that work for every occasion, Peter Millar can help with that too. How many golf apparel brands can offer that?

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