amateurgolf.com 2010 Two Man Links Championship
May 02 - 05 2010
Bandon, OR



Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
57744 Round Lake Rd
Bandon, OR  97411-6360
phone: (541) 347-4380 or (888) 345-6008
url: www.bandondunesgolf.com


Ninth Annual event, celebrating three of America's finest links courses located in Bandon, Oregon. Three Divisions, Scratch, Senior Scratch, and Net. If there are enough Super-Senior teams, a Super-Senior prize will be awarded. The Senior Division is one of the strongest parts of the event.


Saturday, May 1
Arrive in Bandon. Check in to hotel.
- evening: 7:00pm - Welcome Reception at Bandon Dunes- MacKenzie Hall

Sunday, May 2

- morning tee times 8:30 am – 10:10 am
Tournament Round One - Pacific Dunes

Monday, May 3
- morning tee times 8:00 am – 9:40 am
Tournament Round Two - Bandon Trails

Tuesday, May 4
- morning tee times 8:00 am – 9:40 am
Tournament Round Three – Pacific Dunes
- evening: 7:00pm - Dinner at Bandon Dunes- MacKenzie Hall

Wednesday, May 5
- morning tee times 7:30 am – 9:10 am
Tournament Round Four - Bandon Dunes – Tournament Awards immediately following play.

Contact Information

Pete Wlodkowski
6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009
phone: 760-929-9297
fax: 760-603-9264
167747071282Andy WhiteSignal Mountain, TN
167747071282Steve WhiteJackson, WY
372737277294Douglas PowellEl Dorado Hills, CA
372737277294Kent PowellEl Dorado Hills, CA
378737370294Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
378737370294Edward TurnerRichardson, TX
771787373295Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
772747574295Andrew MatagranoSan Mateo, CA
772747574295Greg WardleSan Francisco, CA
771787373295Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CA
1172787571296Scott BlanchardEscondido, CA
1172787571296Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
1376817474305Alan CostaNantucket, MA
1376817474305Stephen ViscoNantucket, MA
1580807876314David DeBerryCorona, CA
1580807876314Jeff NightengaleCorona, CA
Senior Championship
171707070281Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
171707070281Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
373787071292Jeff NewtonPleasanton, CA
373787071292Chuck ParsonsSpringfield, OH
571747375293Stephen FriendRedondo Beach, CA
576737074293Bill JamesWest Vancouver, Canada
571747375293Ken KnottLos Angeles, CA
576737074293Mike WoodsWest Vancouver, Canada
969847875306Don IrelandCalgary, Alberta, Canada
969847875306Jim IrelandVictoria, BC, Canada
166696762264George StevensWashington, DC
166696762264Michael StevensStudio City, CA
368706464266Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA
368706464266Mark UtterSan Diego, CA
565697064268Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
565697064268Steve SuttmanCastle Rock, CO
770716764272Jeff HetrickMoose Pass, AK
770716764272Mike HetrickBowie, MD
972667071279Scott HenriksonOceanside, CA
972667071279Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
1174657864281Dieter DammeierAlta Loma, CA
1174657864281Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CA
1369747070283Brian McGuireVancouver, Canada
1370766671283James MurphySan Francisco, CA
1370766671283Robert VernonSan Francisco, CA
1369747070283Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, Canada
1767777070284Dan McDonaghVictoria, BC, Canada
1767777070284Doug ThompsonVictoria, BC, Canada
1973717071285Michael CarrollVancouver, BC, Canada
1973717071285Marty ZlotnikVancouver, BC, Canada
2172747169286Craig AllenCanton, MA
2169747667286Sunil BhallaFremont, CA
2169747667286Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA
2172747169286Gary NankinStoughton, MA
2575776773292Bruce DodgeDenver, CO
2575776773292Jim TarbellLarkspur, CO
2772777074293Al RichardsonNewark, CA
2772777074293Harry VantineLivermore, CA
2981777568301Peter ButlerVancouver, Canada
2981777568301Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, Canada
3181877678322Dan McAllisterPhiladelphia, PA
3181877678322John SmartCreamery, PA

Pairings for Round 4 on Sunday May 2 follow.

BD Tee #1 07:30 AM
Mike SuttmanDayton, OHNet
Steve SuttmanCastle Rock, CONet
Bruce DodgeDenver, CONet
Jim TarbellLarkspur, CONet
BD Tee #1 07:40 AM
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CANet
Mark UtterSan Diego, CANet
George StevensWashington, DCNet
Michael StevensStudio City, CANet
BD Tee #1 07:50 AM
Don IrelandCalgary, Alberta, CanadaSenior Championship
Jim IrelandVictoria, BC, CanadaSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:00 AM
Jeff NewtonPleasanton, CASenior Championship
Chuck ParsonsSpringfield, OHSenior Championship
Bill JamesWest Vancouver, CanadaSenior Championship
Mike WoodsWest Vancouver, CanadaSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:10 AM
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CASenior Championship
Ben WhippleMarietta, SCSenior Championship
Stephen FriendRedondo Beach, CASenior Championship
Ken KnottLos Angeles, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:20 AM
Alan CostaNantucket, MAChampionship
Stephen ViscoNantucket, MAChampionship
David DeBerryCorona, CAChampionship
Jeff NightengaleCorona, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:30 AM
Scott BlanchardEscondido, CAChampionship
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CAChampionship
Edward TurnerRichardson, TXChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:40 AM
Andrew MatagranoSan Mateo, CAChampionship
Greg WardleSan Francisco, CAChampionship
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CTChampionship
Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:50 AM
Douglas PowellEl Dorado Hills, CAChampionship
Kent PowellEl Dorado Hills, CAChampionship
Andy WhiteSignal Mountain, TNChampionship
Steve WhiteJackson, WYChampionship
BD Tee #1 09:00 AM
Scott HenriksonOceanside, CANet
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CANet
Jeff HetrickMoose Pass, AKNet
Mike HetrickBowie, MDNet
BD Tee #1 09:20 AM
James MurphySan Francisco, CANet
Robert VernonSan Francisco, CANet
Dan McDonaghVictoria, BC, CanadaNet
Doug ThompsonVictoria, BC, CanadaNet
BD Tee #1 09:30 AM
Michael CarrollVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
Marty ZlotnikVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
Brian McGuireVancouver, CanadaNet
Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
BD Tee #1 09:40 AM
Craig AllenCanton, MANet
Gary NankinStoughton, MANet
Dieter DammeierAlta Loma, CANet
Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CANet
BD Tee #1 09:50 AM
Sunil BhallaFremont, CANet
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CANet
Al RichardsonNewark, CANet
Harry VantineLivermore, CANet
BD Tee #1 10:00 AM
Peter ButlerVancouver, CanadaNet
Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
Dan McAllisterPhiladelphia, PANet
John SmartCreamery, PANet

Nine years ago, amateurgolf.com initiated a new event that is rapidly becoming one of the premier best-ball events in the U.S.

The host courses, Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails in Oregon have firmly rooted themselves as two of the top back-to-back courses in the world; they are running out of wall space in the Lodge on which to display the course and destination awards that keep accumulating.

Scott BlanchardEscondido, CA
Alan CostaNantucket, MA
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
David DeBerryCorona, CA
Andrew MatagranoSan Mateo, CA
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
Jeff NightengaleCorona, CA
Douglas PowellEl Dorado Hills, CA
Kent PowellEl Dorado Hills, CA
Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
Edward TurnerRichardson, TX
Stephen ViscoNantucket, MA
Greg WardleSan Francisco, CA
Andy WhiteSignal Mountain, TN
Steve WhiteJackson, WY
Pete WlodkowskiCarlsbad, CA
Senior Championship
Stephen FriendRedondo Beach, CA
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
Don IrelandCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Jim IrelandVictoria, BC, Canada
Bill JamesWest Vancouver, Canada
Ken KnottLos Angeles, CA
Jeff NewtonPleasanton, CA
Chuck ParsonsSpringfield, OH
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
Mike WoodsWest Vancouver, Canada
Craig AllenCanton, MA
Sunil BhallaFremont, CA
Peter ButlerVancouver, Canada
Michael CarrollVancouver, BC, Canada
Dieter DammeierAlta Loma, CA
Bruce DodgeDenver, CO
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA
Scott HenriksonOceanside, CA
Jeff HetrickMoose Pass, AK
Mike HetrickBowie, MD
Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CA
Dan McAllisterPhiladelphia, PA
Dan McDonaghVictoria, BC, Canada
Brian McGuireVancouver, Canada
James MurphySan Francisco, CA
Gary NankinStoughton, MA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA
John SmartCreamery, PA
George StevensWashington, DC
Michael StevensStudio City, CA
Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
Steve SuttmanCastle Rock, CO
Jim TarbellLarkspur, CO
Doug ThompsonVictoria, BC, Canada
Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, Canada
Mark UtterSan Diego, CA
Harry VantineLivermore, CA
Robert VernonSan Francisco, CA
Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, Canada
Marty ZlotnikVancouver, BC, Canada

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