What is a Neutral Putting Setup?
02 Nov 2011
by Pat O'Brien


Those who come into contact with me would probably tell you that if “allow” is my favorite word when teaching, then “neutral” is a close second.

I believe that your foundation is your most important asset in your golf swing and putting stroke. If you do not have a neutral setup, then you cannot have a truly free motion. There is only one setup position in which you are truly neutral, and through the pictures seen here and the content inside, I will help you discover how to achieve it.

When you place your hands in a prayer position, you are centered and calm. You can even close your eyes and feel the calmness. From there, you simply lower your hands and fall from your hip joints while you maintain the weight in the center of your feet. This is neutral; your body is relaxed and free to move. With a putter, hold it out in front of you and then allow it to drop as you gradually fall into your setup. Notice how easy it is to make a smooth stroke.

Prayer Position

Prayer Position Down


Magic Move

Magic Move Down

Why don’t most people ever find this setup? Well, perhaps they have been told to get their eyes over the ball when they putt. Maybe their bodies are out of alignment through years of swinging with force in only one direction. Or they have read that they need to hold the grip in their palms or lifelines, which can introduce unnecessary tension and open forearms. Regardless, come join me and let’s work together to get you into a setup that will let your swing and stroke flow more freely and also save you from injury down the road.

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