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UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. (Aug. 29, 2010) -- For a short while, David Chung held the upper hand on Peter Uihlein in match play. Not anymore. That's because Uihlein, celebrating his 21st birthday won the 110th U.S. Amateur, 4 and 2, after Chung conceded at Chambers Bay. 

Entering the match, Chung had led Uihlein 2-1 in match play duels. On the 34th hole, Chung conceded after needing three shots to get out of gnarly round on a hill. The two shook hands and hugged. 

"Shocked and surprised," said Uihlein when asked how he felt. "It's so surreal." 

Hole 33

With a chance to end the match, Uihlein misses a 27-footer. Chung, who was in back of the green 40 feet away, two-putted to keep the match going. 

Hole 32

David Chung has an errant drive, the ball stopping in a left fairway bunker. Uihlein puts his ball into a fairway bunker as well, but he has the better out, getting on the green. Uihlein eventually has an opportunity to win the hole with a 20-foot putt. He sinks it for birdie to win the hole.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 31

The gallery seems to be pulling for Chung as this point. Uihlein has 155 yards to the hole. He sends it to 9 feet of the hole. Chung has a uphill putt that he misses on the 512-yard par 4. Hole is halved.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 30

David Chung fighting to come back, misses a 12-footer for birdie.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 29

David Chung nails a 26-foot birdie putt to win his second consecutive hole. Uihlein, who putted before Chung, nearly holes his putt from 30 feet.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 28

On the 28th hole green, Chung misreads the green and watches as his ball breaks right. The ball stops 4 feet away before he converts. Uihlein narrowly misses his par putt. Chung gains a hole back.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 27

This hole was halved. Chung ends up in the bunker about 15 feet under the lip. Uihlein is on the green. No one could make a move here.

Uihlein 4 up

Hole 26

Chung drives into the left rough onto a hill. He flubs his second shot. Uihlein finds the fairway. Second shot falls 52 yards short of the green. Seemingly in trouble, Chung holes out from 120 yards to gain a critical par save. Uihlein chips on and the ball rests 8 feet from the flagstick. Uihlein converts bringing a fist pump.

Uihlein 4 up

Hole 25

With a chance to go 4 up, pushes his 8-footer by the hole. Chung had found the upper shelf of the green, some 40 feet away, before guiding his ball close. Halved.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 24

Both drives in the left rough. On his next shot, Chung ends up short and left of the green. Uihlein is right of the green but opts to use his putter. From 35 feet away, Uihlein proceeds to put it close to the flagstick. Chung winds up three-putting to lose the hole.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 23

Chung, on the 344-yard par 4, drives it left into the rough. Uihlein is in the fairway. Chung too strong and ball goes to the back of the green.  Uihlien on. Chung looked at a 40-foot putt; Uihlein was inside his at 36 feet. Both knock it close for another halve.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 22

This hole is halved after Uihlein's 6-foot putt lips out. Chung scrambles to reach the green after being in the left rough. Chung had a 25-foot putt for birdie, but knocked it close.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 21

On the par 3, which is playing 154 yards today, Uihlein's tee shot hits the front edge of the green and trickles toward the hole. Meanwhile, Chung finds the green, using a mound to funnel the ball to the hole. Uihlein two-putts from 20 feet while Chung two-putts from inside 15 feet.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 20

Uihlein, on the 402-yard, par-4, splits the fairway. Chung isn't as lucky as his ball sails into the right fairway rough. However, both were able to get on the green, where Chung pushes his 50-footer 2 feet by. Uihlein's 14-footer hits the right edge of the hole, but rolls 4 feet past. He converts for the halve.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 19

Both players came out locating the fairway, although Uihlein needed relief from a sprinkler head. Both also record a green in regulation. Uihlein's putt is 40 feet away; Chung's is 30 feet on the right side of the green. Chung ends up three-putting. Both card bogeys.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 18

Tom Watson used to always talk about bounce-back holes and how important they are to a round. Uihlein bounced back on the final hole of the morning 18, winning with an eagle to Chung's birdie. Uihlein chipped in from 40 feet. During the break, Uihlein said, "It was good. It was solid. I played the tough stretch of holes pretty well. I expect David to come out and make some putts and do [things]."

Play will resume at 11:45 a.m. PDT.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 17

On the 183-yard par 3, Chung tries seizing some momentum as his tee shot stops 3 feet away from flagstick. Uihlein's tee shot ends up in a bunker and he doesn't convert the up and down. Chung sinks the putt to win.

Uihlein 1 up

Hole 16

Chung once again scrambles. With the tee playing up at roughly 279 yards today, Chung groans after hitting his drive despite the gallery's cheers. That's because his ball lands in a greenside bunker 25 feet from the hole. Uihlein opts to use a fairway metal and watches as the ball bounds top the front edge of the green. Chung gets out to within 1 foot of the flagstick. Meanwhile, Uihlein drains a 6-footer. The hole is halved.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 15

Chung played the hole two over for the week; Uihlein one under. Both record a green in regulation. Chung's mid-range putt rolls 4 feet past the hole, but he makes the comebacker. Uihlein two-putts from 18 feet. The first, "Get in the hole," uttering is heard from the gallery.

Hole 14

After driving into a fairway bunker, Chung leaves the ball short of the green. Uihlein doesn't have the same issue after getting on the green in two shots. From 24 feet away, Uihlein leaves his putt short and picks up for par. Chung scrambles to sink an 8-footer for par and gain a halve.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 13

Despite the cool conditions, Uihlein takes off his jacket and proceeds to split the fairway. Chung's ball goes into the left rough, leaving him roughly 75 yards short of Uihlein's ball. Chung's next shot ends up in a greenside bunker before getting out to 4 feet of the hole.  Uihlein two-putts from 25 feet while Chung converts the up and down.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 12

On the 304-yard par 4, both drive the green, setting up makeable eagle putts. Uihlein, on the top tier of the green, tries to use the front edge slope to lag in the putt. It stops 6-feet short. Chung is below the hole and places his putt close. Both card birdies. The weather is still murky and in the the 50s.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 11

On the 539-yard par-4 11th, Chung outdrives Uihlein, but both are on the fairway. Chung, with 189 yards to the hole, nails his approach shot to 15 feet. Uihlein is in front of the green, but like the last hole, has another miraculous par save. Chung drains his birdie putt to win the hole.

Uihlein 2 up 

Hole 10

Uihlein's second shot rolls into a greenside bunker. Chung is on the green with his second shot. Uihlein, celebrating his 21st birthday today, sticks his next shot to within a foot. Chung knocks his putt to close range and picks it up. Hole halved.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 9

Chung put his tee shot into a greenside bunker, then got out to within 15 feet of the hole. Uihlein put his 10-footer to within 1 foot for a par. Chung can't get up and down and loses the hole.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 8

On the 607-yard par-5 eighth hole, Chung was just off the fairway off the tee. Uihlein split the fairway. Chung had 120 yards to the green on his third shot. Uihlein near the green in two shots. Both made mid-range putts for birdie to halve.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 7

Chung earns a much-needed win on the 508-yard par 4. Chung finds the left fairway, but Uihlein ends up 40 yards farther. Chung's approach stops at the back of the green. Uihlein's ball goes 15 feet past Chung's, into the back rough. Both players face downhill putts. Uihlein's first attempt rolls 8 feet past the flagstick. Chung narrowly misses a birdie and Uihlein concedes before missing his next two putts. 

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 6

The two halved with bogeys.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 5

The gallery is starting to swell. It's still cold and overcast. Chung puts his drive into the right rough. He seems to be off his game. Uihlein on the fairway. Chung's approach is too strong as the ball rolls to the back of the green. Chung has a masterful chip to about 6 feet of the flag, but he misses the putt. Uihlein, in the meantime, two putts from 12 feet for par and wins the hole.

Uihlein 3 up

Hole 4

Entering today, Peter Uihlein played this 568-yard, par-5 hole at seven under par; Chung five under. Both find the fairway. Chung shows hubris by going for the green in two, but ends up short. Chung put his third shot to 12 feet short of the hole, but his first putt is too fast, stopping 10 feet past the hole. Uihlein has a mid-range putt that drops in the left edge of the hole for a birdie.

Uihlein 2 up

Hole 3

On the 190-yard par, Uihlein puts his tee shot 50 feet away from the hole on the back edge. He knew after hitting it that it was long, imploring the ball to stop. Chung isn't much better. His ball is 40 feet away from the hole. Uihlein leaves his putt 8 feet short; Chung knocks his to 5 feet. Both make par. Halved.

Uihlein 1 up

Hole 2

Uihlein uses an iron off the tee and misses the fairway. He's 0 for 2 in fairways hit. Meanwhile, Chung finds a fairway bunker. On the green, Chung three-putts; Uihlein cards birdie to go 1 up.

Uihlein 1 up

Hole 1

David Chung and Peter Uihlein both warmed up early Sunday. Weather conditions are cool, in the 50s, and cloudy. On the first hole, Uihlein puts his drive into the left rough while Chung finds the fairway. Uihlein had a mid-range birdie putt, but missed. The hole was halved.

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SemifinalsFLByeong-Hun AnBradenton, FL1000
SemifinalsCAPatrick CantlayLos Alamitos, CA1000
QuarterfinalsMOScott LangleySt. Louis, MO700

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