Sun Mountain SV1 Speed Cart review
13 Mar 2012
by Benjamin Larsen of AmateurGolf.com

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amateurgolf.com reviews the Sun Mountain SV1 Speed Cart
Admit it. You know the stigma associated with golfers who use their push or pull carts while walking around the course.

With Sun Mountain's new SV1 Speed Cart, however, it's safe to throw away those stereotypes.

The latest push cart offering from Sun Mountain, the Missoula, Montana-based golf bag, cart and outerwear company, takes the old 'theraputic' model and turns it into a new athletic breed.

The SV1, now available in six bold color variations, is the latest phase in push cart comfort and technology.

"This looks very sporty, very hip, you don't have to feel like you're joining the senior circuit because you're pushing your clubs around," said Sun Mountain representative Steve Snyder. "This is a very athletic piece of equipment."

The SV1 is built for speed and smooth driving while you negotiate the rugged terrain of the course.

It features Sun Mountain's trademarked E-Z Latch system, which simplifies the folding and unfolding of the cart. Golfers can also choose to upgrade to a model with a highly-useful accessory tray, which includes a retractable scorecard tray and three separate storage compartments. We'd recommend the upgrade.

The engineering behind the SV1 push cart is also beneficial to your comfort during and after your round. The cart is designed to be pushed and not pulled, which is a major factor in the stress put on your body over the course of nine or 18 holes.

"It's just more ergonomic. When you're pushing, you already have your momentum going forward and when you pull you have your arm behind you and you're stressing the muscle you need for your golf swing," Snyder said.

"When you push, it's just very natural to push it right along with you."

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