New from Callaway: Paradym drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons
04 Jan 2023
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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Almost 30 years ago, Callaway Golf founder Ely Callaway was riding high on the success of the Big Bertha as the world's best-selling golf club. Never shying away from his skill as a pitchman, he sat down with the Los Angeles Times to discuss his three major stints as an entrepreneur, in apparel, wine, and golf clubs.

“I’m a merchant, someone who recognizes a need for an improved product, then creates it,” said Callaway, who passed away seven years later in 2001.

“But it must be a consumer product that is demonstrably superior to the competition and pleasingly different.

Ely Callaway's vision lives on in Carlsbad
That latter part of that statement -- "demonstrably superior and pleasingly different" -- became such an important mantra for Callaway that they later trademarked it. And it continues to serve as the company's north star in bringing new products to market.

Callaway's latest release is the Paradym series of drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons. At press time, our team hadn't tried Paradym, so we'll have to hold our thoughts on how they perform. But we'll be doing so at a Los Angeles product event on January 4, not surprisingly, at a Callaway-owed Top Golf location in Manhattan Beach. Until then, here's a preview of each of the new models:


Paradym Driver's uniquely Callaway look
Callaway's engineers continue to take distance and forgiveness to the extreme, using AI machine learning to distribute weight strategically and push the boundaries of those two holy grails of golf club design. In 2022's Rogue ST drivers, a titanium unibody construction and Triaxial Carbon crown saved weight in the "middle," allowing it to be used strategically towards the distance/forgiveness goal. Paradym drivers go even further with an industry-first 360° Carbon Chassis that is 44% lighter than a titanium chassis.

We can't wait to see how repositioning the weight forward (for higher ball speeds) and backward (for higher MOI and forgiveness) looks, feels and performs. The three new Pardym driver models include the standard model, with a refined shape and neutral ball flight. It's designed for players seeking high launch and low spin and takes full advantage of the new 360° Carbon Chassis design.

Callaway Paradym Driver's 360° Carbon Chassis
For those seeking even more forgiveness, there is the Paradym X, which has a generously stretched profile at address. Paradym X is the most forgiving of the three models, with a draw bias added to help the average player move it right-to-left (or keep those push/cuts in the right half of the fairway).

Bound to be popular with low handicap amateurs and tour players, the Paradym Triple Diamond is a more compact model at 450cc. Its shape is designed for better players who want to work the ball. Pardym Triple Diamond is the lowest-spinning and lowest-launching Paradym model. And it has a neutral ball flight.

Paradym is more than just a 360° Carbon Chassis story:

In addition to the benefits of redistributing the weight saved by implementing a Carbon Chassis, Callaway redesigned the Jailbreak A.I. in Paradym to provide torsional stability in horizontal and vertical directions while reducing its weight by 33%. Paradym drivers are also Callaway's first to utilize the company's face cup, which is paired with an A.I. designed forged titanium face for explosive ball speeds. The base model of Paradym comes with a 15g sliding weight that allows players to affect an average of 12 yards of shot shape correction. Check out the detailed photo above to see how it all comes together.


Callaway Paradym Fairways
Callaway's 2022 Rogue ST lineup was a huge success, with the fairways standing out for their breakthrough design. So when we looked at the Paradym fairway specs, we were pleased to see that the revolutionary tungsten speed cartridge on the forward sole of the club -- it's a great visual -- was not only included in this design, it was combined with a Forged Carbon sole in the 3, 3HL, and 5-wood models for even better weight redistribution.

A.I. continues to be a huge piece of the design puzzle in Paradym fairways; the new A.I. designed face optimizes speed, launch, and spin. The unique face pattern is customized for each model and paired with a high-strength C300 maraging steel face cup. Callaway extended the "three model" lineup to Paradym fairways, which are available in standard, X, and Triple Diamond. The X model has the most forgiving head shape, a draw bias, and a Forged Carbon "toe patch" which redistributes weight to the heel to make the X even easier to draw. The standard model's refined head shapes will likely appeal to the majority of players. The Triple Diamond has the smallest heads and deeper faces preferred by players with high clubhead speeds.


Callaway Paradym Hybrid
For players that prefer the shape of a fairway wood and love the way fairway woods interact with the turf, Paradym and Paradym X will fit the bill. Both new hybrid models feature a Cutwave Sole designed to glide through the turf, making them highly versatile from any lie. For you "hybrid chippers," the new design could be perfect as well.

Distance and performance on off-center hits is enhanced with the implementation of a Tungsten Speed Cartridge, which helps create a low and forward center of gravity. The result is lower spin with more ball speed. Paradym's A.I. Jailbreak with Batwing Technology increases stiffness in the perimeter while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds everywhere.

Paradym hybrids are also packed with all the technology found in fairways, such as the 455 A.I. designed face cup. Each model contains its A.I. created face, designed by computers (and humans) to provide you with maximum ball speeds and optimal speeds. If you're routinely using hybrids for longer approach shots, you'll appreciate the attention to detail when your well-struck shot stops on the green instead of bouncing into the back bunker.


Callaway Paradym Irons
While reducing the tradeoff between speed and forgiveness is the theme of Paradym drivers, fairways, and hybrids, it's a bit of a different story with Paradym Irons. These beauties fit in the category of maximum distance irons (where maximum feel isn't generally discussed in the same sentence). Callaway changed that with all new Paradym Shift Construction -- combining a Forged 455 Face with the all-new Speed Frame, giving you get the best of both. A refined shape with a pre-worn sole will look great at address in either model. The standard will have a thinner top line than the X model -- the X model uses its extra space to add more dual-weighted tungsten in the body for even more forgiveness. Both models have Urethane Microspheres behind the 455 Face, providing an exceptional feel.

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