Lightweight and fast: Callaway's new Great Big Bertha lineup
25 Oct 2022
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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Golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds and a country club budget raise your hands. Callaway Golf has something for you this fall.

The new Great Big Bertha lineup from Callaway – is designed from the ground up to help mid-handicappers increase their trajectory and ball speed by using the best materials and technology available.

And let’s just get it out of the way now – all of this luxury brings a price point of over $3500 for a set of 8 irons and $699 for a driver into play. But if you’re already paying for country club dues and private instruction, those numbers won’t distract you from the dream that all of us golfers are chasing – better shots and better scores.

And before you invest even a single dollar on the new lineup, Callaway’s fitters and authorized dealers can allow you to see and feel the improvement yourself, so you can decide if the investment is justified. Let’s take a look at what kind of cool stuff Callaway’s engineering team has been cooking up to bring this fantastic lineup to market, starting with the Great Big Bertha Irons.


Great Big Bertha Irons
Have you ever heard of “Commercially Pure Titanium”? It’s used for all sorts of precision devices, like automotive and aerospace components, surgical equipment, and human implants. Callaway uses it to provide an ultra-lightweight body in new Big Bertha irons.

But the real engineering marvel -- aided by Callaway's supercomputers -- is placing up to 145 grams of tungsten strategically around the head to provide optimal launch and forgiveness. They combine it with a forged titanium face for increased ball speeds. It’s the first time Callaway has produced a two-piece titanium iron. They look great too, because as I often say if it looks good in your hands and at address, a golf club can truly inspire confidence.


GBB Hybrid:
All this tech in a small package

No set of forgiving clubs is complete without two or more hybrids, and that’s especially true with the new Great Big Bertha lineup. It used to be that many of the features found in drivers were left out of the smaller-headed hybrids, but that’s no longer true. Callaway’s engineers have built put all of their best technologies into Great Big Bertha hybrids for faster ball speeds across the face.

Let’s start with the titanium face cup, which is supported “behind the scenes” by the vertical Jailbreak rails and Batwing system. The combination produces exceptional ball speeds across the face – your “a little high on the toe” shot from the rough might grab a piece of the green instead of the front bunker. Like the GBB irons, tungsten weighting provides more forgiveness and speed. The shape is a little more like a compact fairway wood, with attention paid to turf interaction so you won’t have to feel the need to put an iron swing on a hybrid.


GBB Fairway
Fairway woods can be hard to hit from the very place they are named after – the fairway. Great Big Bertha fairways are designed with a titanium body and face for exceptional speeds. The forgiveness – especially important from tight fairway lies or attempted hero shots from the rough – comes from the use of carbon on the crown and sole.

Callaway adds weight on the bottom to lower the CG and get the ball airborne faster. With a draw bias helping get tee shots to run out a little more, you’ll have a new best friend off the tee if you struggle with the driver. But wait – Callaway has a new driver as well. I’ve saved it for last.


Great Big Bertha Driver
What if you put all of the premium components found in drivers used by Jon Rahm and Xander Schauffele, and tuned them to players that don't have triple-digit speeds? That's the question that Callaway's engineers faced when designing a driver to fit into the bag of players choosing Great Big Bertha irons, hybrids, and fairways.

For starters, they used a premium stock graphite shaft (UST Helium Nanocore) and gripped it up with a lightweight product from Winn (the Dri-Tec light). That fits well with a head optimized for speed and aerodynamics. Of course, it has Jail Break like its Tour-oriented cousin the Rogue ST. But some of the weight has been strategically removed by using Triaxial Carbon to make Great Big Bertha 30 grams lighter and an ideal option for golfers who want to increase their swing speed. Like the fairways, Great Big Bertha drivers have a draw bias.


The Great Big Bertha family goes on sale November 11, with pricing at $699.99 for a driver, $499 for a fairway wood,, and $449 each for hybrids or irons.

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