VKTRY Insoles: Staff Reviews
14 Jul 2022
by Equipment Panel

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Originally developed by a certified Pedorthist for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team, VKTRY insoles were created for athletes in various sports to help reduce injuries like turf toe, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and ankle sprains.

A version for golf was soon developed, promising heel-to-toe protection and comfort, with golfers like 3-time major champion Padraig Harrington claiming distance gains due to the increased ability to generate more ground force.

We at gave the insoles a try, and here are our first impressions.

Sean Malia, Staff Writer

I've had my VKTRY insoles for the last two months, and after breaking them in, they are part of my everyday routine. I am training for a marathon and these insoles have helped with my recovery while I'm out on errands, going on walks, and playing golf. I've even taken them for a spin on some runs!

The insoles stand out for how sturdy they are and I can always tell the difference between the VKTRY insoles and the stock insoles that they have replaced. They return energy to my feet and fatigue doesn't kick in as quickly as it does with normal insoles.

Chris Brauner, Website Operations Manager

For as thin and light as they are, I was surprised at how supportive the VKTRY insoles were. My experience with insoles has been that they are either (i) thick and clunky or (ii) so thin that they might as well not be in the shoe at all. These insoles had a nice balance of weight and support.

I need arch support, which has limited which types of shoes I can buy (I used to tell my fashion-conscious daughter that I couldn't buy a good-looking golf shoe because only a few types would work for my feet--she hated that and refused to accept it!). But if I have an insole that provides arch support, then I can buy pretty much any shoe I want to.

I have a pair of really nice golf shoes in my closet that are still new three years after I received them, because my feet hurt whenever I wore them. Now I can throw a pair of VKTRY insoles in there and add those shoes to the rotation.

Jim Young, Managing Editor

I'm a big guy and as I approach my 60s, I still prefer to walk and carry my bag. My home course is very hilly and after playing a round, I can't wait to get my shoes off. When I first put VKTRY insoles in my golf shoes, I immediately felt added stabilization and comfort. I literally had a bounce in my step and I felt some explosiveness through my shots I hadn't felt in years. I don't feel as tired or sore at the end of a round. My 36-hole days may be back thanks to VKTRY insoles.

Kent Paisley, Equipment Editor

The versatility of the insoles, even though I ordered the “Golf” version, felt apparent to me immediately. On the course, given that my back foot tends to finish at angles even contortionists would struggle to find themselves in, I valued the extra stability provided by the insoles that I haven’t felt with the regular insoles my golf shoes have come in.

Then, as I’m training for my first half marathon, I’ve used them running. The first comment I made to my family after a run was about the substantial amount of force I felt back through my foot compared to the standard insoles of my running shoes. I felt more energy from every step I took.

It’s easy to change the insoles back and forth between shoes, and I laugh at myself when running now without them because the difference between standard insoles and the VKTRY’s is so stark.

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