It might be a first: Two players use the same ball to record aces
04 Jun 2022
by Jim Young of

The odds of making two aces in the same round are estimated at a mind-blowing 67 million-to-1, odds Parker Coody defied when he made two holes-in-hole in the same round to get through local qualifying for the U.S. Open in May.

Coody's story takes a back seat to what transpired on Friday at the Minneapolis Golf Club. You're not going to believe this one, but it's absolutely true and it may have never happened in the history of golf.

Preston Miller, a 13-year-old from St. Louis Park, Minn., aced the par-3 121-yard fourth hole with a seven iron. He continued to use his SLP team logo ball until he lost it on the seventh hole.

After the round, the group went back to the clubhouse to share the story of Preston's good fate on the fourth hole.

Enter Minneapolis Golf Club member Ricardo Fernandez, who was telling a story of own about the ace he made on the par-3, 181-yard 16th hole.

Young Preston extended his congratulations to Fernandez and told him he too had an ace on the day, but preceded to lose his lucky ball later in the round. After hearing the description and unaware of the ball's origin, Fernandez shared that he had found Preston's SLP team logo ball and actually put it into play for HIS ace on the 16th hole.

You read correctly. One ball used by two different players produced two holes-in-one hours apart on the same course.

As appropriately asked, "So, who gets to keep the ball?" contributed to this report.

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