Is this the biggest shoe launch ever? FootJoy DryJoys Premiere
19 Jan 2021
by Pete Wlodkowski of

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The much anticipated FootJoy DryJoys Premiere have been unveiled
The much anticipated FootJoy DryJoys Premiere have been unveiled

What do you get when you combine 75 years of experience crafting golf shoes for the world's best players, with a nod to styles of the past?

For FootJoy, one of the most important products -- and one of the biggest launches in the company's storied history -- is the answer.

At the beginning of December, just in time for the 30-day, 4-event swing of the Tour, I received a pair of DryJoys Premiere shoes (the Flint model) in gorgeous white leather. Now, my closet is already full of golf shoes. But these instantly became my go-to pair.

They're lightweight, comfortable, and the attention to detail is flawless. There have been other shoes from FootJoy that pay homage to their old "Classics" but the DryJoys Premieres are the first ones to blend old and new perfectly.

Adam Scott was one of the Tour players that had a hand in their design. Need we say more? He always looks good on the course, and he is said to always want to try everything new that FootJoy comes out with. Scott doesn't believe that performance has to be sacrificed for style.

“What I like about it [DryJoys Premiere] is that everything is moving forward and FootJoy is pushing the boundaries of performance," said Scott, calling in live to a virtual launch event. "But they have such a rich history, and you get a good sense of where the style has come from. And I think that’s really important.

Indeed, the styles are an ode to key people in the company's 150 year history.

The Packard group (FootJoy photo)

There's the Packard - named for company founder Fredrick Packard, who implemented new design and manufacturing innovations in shoes before golf was even being played in the U.S. Packard was a shoe pioneer, and these timeless styles are reflect his vision for the company.

The Flint group (FootJoy photo)

Next up is the Flint - an ode to Harvard graduate who designed FootJoy's first golf shoe in the 1920's. Flint was an avid golfer, when golf was booming in the U.S. -- we think he would heartily approve of the subtle styling of the shoes that bear his name.

The Tarlow group (FootJoy photo)

Finally there's the Tarlow - inspired by the Tarlow brothers. The duo bought FootJoy in 1957 and decided to focus almost entirely on golf, working through golf professionals to bring an extremely stylish and high quality product to the golf market. If you liked the FootJoy Classics or Icon, these shoes are going to fit your eye quite nicely.

The number one shoe on tour for 75-straight years. The company has used the latest technology and materials to stay at the forefront of the market.

Sure, leather bottoms are nice on any shoe. But times have changed. And it' tough enough for many golfers to REMEMBER their golf shoes let alone pick them based on their tee time, or the weather conditions that day.

Leave it to FootJoy -- they are the only company that can claim the following distinction:

It wasn't too long ago that a golf shoe buyer had to decide on style or performance. Today with shoe designers are able to study biomechanics, use computer-aided design, and get feedback from the world's best Tour players. They've incorporated 75 years of style history with the latest innovations in DryJoys Premier.

Back to Adam Scott. He had a hand in designing the Flint model all the way down to the choice of piping, binding, leather, (they use Pittards of London) and color selection.

"To look at the Premiere Series," said Scott, "I would challenge anyone to wear it and tell me it’s not as comfortable as any other shoe. There isn’t a shoe with this classic look that is as comfortable."

You'll look good, hold tight to the ground, and never have wet socks. Your feet will thank you for it.

Style vs. comfort? Now you don't have to choose.

FootJoy's DryJoys Premiere collection is available in cleated or spikeless options. They sell for $199 and will be available at retail and at on February 15.

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