Callaway Distance Fitting: Free 30-Minute Expert Calls
12 May 2020
by Staff

Over the past decade, the percentage of golfers being custom fitted for clubs has skyrocketed.

Club professionals, major big box golf retailers, and practice ranges have all gotten on board with the trend to tailor equipment to your golf swing, not vice-versa. But when some states aren't allowing golf lessons, and demo days are on pause for the summer, the trend towards customization has taken body blow.

We're not sure if what letter of the alphabet the recovery is going to look like, but suffice it to say that golfers in need of new equipment might be willing to take more chances than they may have before our world got rocked by COVID-19.

However as one of our regular tournament players (who has tried just about every piece of golf equipment known to man) Mark Miller says:

"They all work until you bring them home."

Enter Distance Fitting from Callaway Golf.

The Carlsbad, California-based company has long maintained a top-notch inside sales team, handling calls from retailers and consumers alike. Once they even played a prank by having Jim Furyk answer the phones. When a customer questioned his recommendation he introduced himself, and after a few attempts to convince said customer that he really WAS Jim Furyk, the two shared a laugh.

So in an effort to make everyone play better golf, Callaway is offering appointment-based Distance Fitting sessions to anyone looking for a full or partial set of clubs. They will even help you select the right Chrome Soft ball to play. If you have recent launch monitor data, all the better.

HINT: Now might be the perfect time to purchase a personal launch monitor like the AG Editor's Choice Mevo.

"We’re already seeing how effective this program is at delivering a personalized and comprehensive fitting in just 30 minutes," said Callaway's Director of Custom Fitting Michael Vrska. "We're getting players into the right equipment to help them play better golf.

Distance Fittings consist of a 30-minute phone session with a Callaway Certified Master Fitter. During the call, the Master Fitter will use online selectors, personalized discussions, and any available launch monitor data to help find the right Callaway products, specs, and customizable options for you.

Here’s how it works. For more information, check out the video and of course visit the website mentioned in step one.

1. Sign up at
2. Answer a few questions about your game
3. Confirm appointment date/time
4. Join your scheduled Distance Fitting call (don't be late!)
5. Find the equipment for your game with A Callaway Certified Master Fitter

Getting fitted at home is that simple. Schedule your phone call, and Callaway's Certified Master Fitters will help find the perfect equipment for your game using extensive info about your swing. If you have launch monitor data, all the better. What have you got to lose?

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