Buyers Guide: Best Golf Fitness Equipment Under $40
17 Mar 2020
by Kyle Rector of AmateurGolf.com

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If you follow any professional golfers on social media, more than likely you’ve seen them performing golf-specific workouts with expensive equipment in expansive personal gyms. Squat racks, heavy ropes, medicine balls and barbells will cost you hundreds of dollars and require a ton of extra square footage. If you are anything like me, your “gym” is really just a corner in a spare room. For the average amateur golfer, fitness and training equipment needs to be compact, easy-to-access and cheap!

These are our top picks for golf training and fitness equipment for under $40.

The benefits of a foam roller for a golfer are numerous, but the most important benefit is myofascial release. Myofascial release is the application of low-intesity force to the soft tissues in your body. Using a foam roller to massage strained ligaments and muscular tissue can greatly reduce healing time and reduce inflammation in your joints. The benefits for a golfer also includes increased blood flow to muscles and a better range of motion.

Resistance band training increases tension in your muscles, causing them to contract and build stability. Lower body training with resistance bands is an important and cheap addition to a home golf gym.

Visit any TPI or sport specific training facility and you will see a collection of Kettlebells. For golfers, core power, balance, flexibility and coordination are key. Kettlebell workouts hit all of these key areas by targeting the core, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders while being low impact.

Strong shoulders and a healthy back are vital to a good golf swing. Pull-ups not only help to strengthen both your back and shoulders, they also help elongate those muscles. These compact doorway pull-up bars are a convenient way to get your daily reps. These bars can also be used for push-ups and dips.

As long as you don’t have any downstairs neighbors, medicine ball slams (pick up medicine ball over head and slam down with both hands) are one of the most beneficial exercises for golfers. Movements with medicine balls are considered explosive, and can help train golfers to transfer energy with their core. This can directly translate to longer and straighter golf shots.

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