Corrode with Class: Callaway’s new Jaws Raw wedges are the best of both worlds
22 Mar 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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Rust. Patina. Weathered. Whatever you want to call it, there’s just something about a raw finish golf club that when it oxidizes can be so…pretty. The market for raw finish wedges has grown exponentially in recent years because so many players prefer the look and feel that the rust adds some extra spin. No matter your reasoning, a set of tarnished wedges in a golf bag are statement pieces.

The Jaws name has been a part of the Callaway wedge family since 2009, however, it made its debut as a premier wedge lineup in 2019 and has improved each year since. Now, consumers are getting an entirely new version of Jaws from Callaway, and they’re ushering in some new grind options as well as new grooves, all backed by a raw finish that is concentrated only on the grooves. It’s the best of both worlds. We present to you, Jaws Raw. Which, in itself, is a cool name.

As amateur players, we should want our wedges to perform in two critical areas. Spin and forgiveness. Callaway hits on both with a vengeance.

The new Jaws models have Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology, which are sharp and innovative. The angle at which the grooves are milled promotes added spin on chips, pitches, and lob shots. We didn’t expect anything less from the wedge czar himself, Roger Cleveland. For over 30 years, Cleveland has fine-tuned the golf wedge to what we know it as the present day. For mid-handicap players, the new Jaws Raw models could very well be the first time you encounter a high-spinning wedge shot. And for the more advanced player, skies the limit.

On the forgiveness side, Callaway is using tungsten weight for the first time in its wedges. What does this mean to you? A more balanced and controlled wedge shot, no matter if you’re playing a bump-and-run or a flop shot. The stability of the club head in transition and at impact is a key factor in finding the center of the face, and that’s what these wedges deliver.

Callaway notes that between lofts, finishes, grinds, and shapes, 28 different Jaws Raw combinations exist. Let’s take a look at the details.

Jaws Raw Full Toe
Full-toe designs have gained popularity in recent years and Callaway adopts the design into its Jaws Raw series. Full-toe models require a bit of a different head shape where the toe of the wedge peaks a little higher. Aesthetically, we like the look of the Jaws Raw Full Toe because it adds a little more confidence to our contact ability. These wedges also feature Callaway’s new J Grind, which we’ll detail below. Available in lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

Jaws Raw Full Face Grooves
On the Full Toe models, you’ll find Full Face Grooves. These are what give us that extra shot of confidence we mentioned above. If you prefer a more traditional wedge shape but want the Full Face experience, this is your model. Available in 58 and 60-degree lob wedges, and with S, W, and Z Grind options.

J Grind
This grind works in conjunction with the Full Tow Jaws model and is new for 2023. The sole makes lob shots and splashing short bunker shots much easier. Open the face, embrace the bounce, and have fun. Available in lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

C Grind
Another new grind, this one derives from tour players' preferences. The leading edge stays low to the turf, so you need to have a consistent swing speed and face angle to play this one. If you have the skillset, you can play any wedge shot you’d like with the C Grind. Available in lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

Additional Grinds
While not new, Callaway carries over its other popular grinds to the Jaws Raw lineup.

Z Grind: The better player that likes to open and close the clubface around the green.
S Grind: A great fit for all swing types and those who want solid, square impact.
X Grind: The highest bounce Callaway offers and benefits from a steep angle of attack.
W Grind: The widest sole Callaway offers which means the most forgiveness.

The Jaws Raw is available in a traditional chrome finish as well as a super-sleek Black Plasma finish. And if you’re into customizing, we highly recommend checking out Callaway's custom wedge options where you can pair a custom paint fill and stamping along with the pair of finish options.

Wedge Selector Tool
If all of the details and grind options have you wondering which Jaws Raw (or any Callaway wedge for that matter) is best for you, we recommend checking out Callaway’s Wedge Selector Tool which will get you on the right track.

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