Adidas Adipower Boost - The AmateurGolf.com Review
05 Jul 2015
by Rusty Cage

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The Adipower Boost from Adidas<br> earns high marks for innovation.
The Adipower Boost from Adidas
earns high marks for innovation.

The Adipower Boost golf shoe was released to great fanfare this year, and it’s completely justified. An ambitious design by Adidas makes it one of the most innovative products in its class. That said, why am I not totally in love with them?

I must’ve touched, photographed and tried on a dozen different shoes at the PGA Show last January. Most of them were really good, but none of them had the “it” factor of the Adipower Boost. Adidas constructed an elaborate mini-pavilion to showcase their brand, and to convey the story of Boost - an innovative cushioning technology that absorbs the force from the ground and returns that energy to the wearer. The Boost foam cushioning is comprised of thousands of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) capsules. They look like tiny white pills and Adidas had a massive jar filled with hundreds of thousands of them that you could pick up and roll between your fingers.

It was a clever move by Adidas to get attendees excited about shoes and believe me, it worked. If you played with the capsules, you tried on the shoes. And if you tried on the shoes, you noticed the “bounce” - a spring-like responsiveness when you pressed your heel into the ground. Almost everyone who carried around a press badge immediately understood why this technology was groundbreaking for golf.

I’ve now had my pair for a few months. Mother Nature has thrown everything at them and the shoes look practically brand new. As for Boost, it’s the real deal. Unlike traditional EVA foam that performs inadequately when temperature fluctuates, Boost provides consistent cushioning even when the fairways are frozen over. Even more impressive, the stuff never appears to break down so it always retains that fresh out-of-the-box feel when you go out and play.

innovative lace-in saddle ensures a secure feel
An innovative lace-in saddle ensures a secure feel.

Adidas could’ve stopped at Boost and called it a day. It’s that good. But they didn’t. They also designed the shoes with a tongue that’s stitched directly to the shoe and an extra-padded sock liner. Even something as forgettable as shoe laces gets the premium treatment as well. They pass through two separate sets of eyelets for extra durability. And fastening them forces the Adidas three-stripe lace-in saddle to tighten around your foot for an even more secure feel.

All these features, as impressive as they are individually, don’t seem to add up to the level of unparalleled comfort Adidas seems to promise. The fact is, the shoes are rigid. And there’s a significant break-in period before the leather uppers begin to give a little when you walk or swing a club.

Looking back at some of the golf shoes Adidas has released in the past, this isn’t all too surprising. The company has been called out by some golf writers for essentially reworking a soccer cleat into a golf shoe. I wouldn’t go so far as to label the Adipower Boost as a shoe knockoff from another sport. I believe Adidas took a major step forward in designing them. However, the company remains fractionally behind other leading competitors who focus on engineering golf shoes that deliver superior flexibility and ease of movement. If there’s one area of the shoe that can cause the most discomfort, it’s certainly the toe box which is extremely narrow. Blisters are not out of the question, especially during the break-in period, and I would strongly recommend sizing up to avoid having trouble. For what it's worth, Adidas does offer the Adipower Boost in a wide version which may in fact make it more comfortable for a greater number of players.

Adipower Boost employs Gripmore spikes for 
excellent traction and comfort
The Adipower Boost employs Gripmore spikes
for excellent traction and comfort

Even with all the issues related to fit, I’m almost willing to give Adidas a free pass. And no, the use of Boost has nothing to do with it. Rather, it has to do with stability in the outsole - and the Adipower Boost shoes have it in spades. If you haven’t played in a pair of Adidas shoes that use gripmore spikes, you’re truly missing out. These miniaturized spikes of varying sizes are strategically placed on the outsole, providing significantly more coverage and greater comfort than what’s typically offered in traditional cleated models. And you never have to worry about slipping on grass. When it’s raining out, the Adipower Boost are my go-to shoes, even if they are a little less comfortable than some other pairs I own.

The Adidas Adipower Boost shoes retail for an MSRP of $190.00 and can be purchased online or at most leading sporting goods stores. While I’m certain my experience wearing them isn’t an isolated problem, there’s sure to be plenty of golfers who love them. There’s no way to be sure how they’ll fit until you try them out. When you factor in the excellent traction support and the innovative foam cushioning, I think it’s worth taking a trip to the pro shop.

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