Odyssey White Hot Pro Havok Putter review
18 Mar 2014
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There’s no arguing that the easiest place to pick up strokes on the golf is on the putting green. So, after you grab the latest driver to chase down a few extra yards, why not invest in a putter that will deliver the performance you need to lower your scores?

The new Odyssey White Hot Pro Havok putter ($159) is one of the most accurate and forgiving putters the company has ever produced. It couples the highest MOI in the Odyssey line up with the brand’s patented -- not to mention, new and improved -- White Hot insert.


The first thing you will notice about the Odyssey Havok is the sleek and stylish design -- the glossy white face against the clean matte black finish is really attractive.


The Odyssey Havok is offered in both right and left- handed models, with length options from: 33-35 inches. The putter comes with a standard 70 degree lie angle, three degrees of loft, and a full offset shaft. The newly-engineered White Hot insert rounds out the package, delivering improved sound, feel, accuracy, and forgiveness.


On the plus side, it’s hard to argue with performance and feel and the White Hot Pro Havok delivers on both fronts.

The White Hot insert would make any putter feel great. The sweet spot of the putter feels smooth, and as you work your way out from the center, the feel becomes a little firmer. I would almost compare the feel of the toe and heel of the Havok to the center of the brand’s White Ice insert. Even better there was hardly any difference in distance control between center and off center hits.

To be really comfortable with a putter, you've got to find the perfect weight and balance for your stroke. Many golfers are very particular about the weight of their putter. Compared to most mallet putters the Havok's weight is in the middle of the pack at 360 grams head weight. As far as the balance goes, I really enjoyed how this putter swung freely in my hands, as if it was programmed to travel back and forth on my intended line without having to do anything but rock my shoulders.

The simple dotted line coupled with the two white railings helps you imagine the putter is on rails so that it’s much easier to keep your stroke on path.

One small negative: The white insert tends to get grass-stained fairly easy if you forget to clean it after each round. I was putting for maybe 10 minutes and I started to notice stains on the face. They clean off pretty easily, and your insert should stay clean and white if you are diligent about it. In addition, the larger mallet head might take a little getting used to if you're not currently using a mallet putter.


Putter technology has come a long way in the past 10-20 years, and Odyssey has another winner with the White Hot Pro Havok. If you've dedicated yourself to lowering your putts per round, and like a mallet style putter, you should give it a try.

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