Lining up the new Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track golf balls from Callaway
14 Apr 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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If you’re already a fan of Callaway’s Triple Track design, you are in for a treat. And if you’ve never experienced Triple Track, there’s no better time than now to experience one of the best alignment aids in golf.

In 2019, Callaway introduced the Triple Track imprint on golf balls. Two skinny blue lines with a fatter red line in between proved to be an incredible help to many golfers of all skill levels. In 2020, Odyssey released a line of putters that adopted the Triple Track technology on the crown of the head. Suddenly, aligning your golf ball and putter was never easier.

If there was one thing missing from the overall design it was the fact that it didn’t go the entire way around the ball. Problem solved, as Callaway has introduced its lineup of Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track golf balls. The fully covered design is now available on the entire Chrome Soft genre including the Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS.

The Stripes
Callaway wouldn’t go to all of the Triple Track efforts if it didn’t have clear benefits to the golfer. First and foremost, the alignment aid is hugely beneficial. For those that like to carry an alignment device and a Sharpie, this eliminates having to remember those items. You get a bold, balanced set of lines from the manufacturer. The red and blue designs stand out on sunny or cloudy days and are easy to use whether you like to point your lines to the hole or the break in the green.

Another benefit of the 360-degree coverage is that it provides instant visual roll feedback when chipping and putting. So if you’ve ever wondered what your spin looks like, this is the easiest way.

Chrome Soft
The Chrome Soft is one of the most popular golf ball choices in the game. In addition to the 360-degree Triple Track coverage, the Chrome Soft features Tour Aero technology which promotes a consistent ball flight. There is also a new Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core which gives tour-level performance for spin, control, and distance. If you desire low-spinning iron shots and high greenside control, this is your model.

Chrome Soft X
The Chrome Soft X has all of the benefits of the Chrome Soft including the Tour Aero and Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core. The main difference is that it’s built for the better player that has a faster swing speed and desires higher spin on all iron and wedge shots.

Chrome Soft X LS
It’s great to have a golf ball that goes a long way, but with that, spin can be an issue. The Chrome Soft X LS addresses both areas. It’s a bomber off the tee but is built in a low spin package so the better player that consistently crushes it will like this model. Like the other Chrome Soft golf balls, it includes all of the previously mentioned tech including the 360-degree Triple Track coverage.

All of the Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track models are available today from Callaway and at your local golf retailer for $49.99 per dozen.

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