Putter Review: Odyssey Arm Lock 2-Ball Ten
13 Jun 2021
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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Since the anchoring ban went into effect a few years ago, golfers have been looking to find alternative methods to make more putts. Arm Lock is the hottest alternative putting option on Tour -- even though it can be hard to tell which players are doing it. Depending on the camera angle, the stroke might look exactly the same.

And that might be the best thing about this technique, especially beneficial for players looking for the type of stability that comes with "locking" part of the grip into your arm, while using a fairly conventional stroke otherwise. Arm lock is an innovative, conforming design that still retains the benefits of an anchored putter. But you need a special putter to do it, one that is longer and has the proper loft to become neutral when making the arm lock adjustments.

Odyssey has brought all of these performance benefits into the new 2-Ball Ten head shape. The elongated shaft and 7 degrees of loft allow the shaft to rest against the inside of right-handed golfer's left arm without anchoring to your body. And the mallet head provides 2-Ball alignment and a super high MOI shape for improved performance.


Legendary Alignment and Shaping
Odyssey enhanced the Ten shape -- that’s incredibly popular on Tour and with amateur golfers -- making it sleeker and more forgiving. These features are engineered to help you frame the ball at address with your intended line.

Adjustable Weighting
The sole of our Arm Lock putters are designed with adjustable weight screws to enhance stability for a more consistent stroke. These models include two 15-gram weight screws.

Arm Lock Shaft
The Arm Lock putter is engineered with a lengthened shaft to retain the performance benefits of an anchored stroke. Available in 40” and 42”.

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