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28 Nov 2019
by Andrew Sherman of AmateurGolf.com

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Now available for order...Titleist Left Dash -Pro V1x. A spin killing, high flying ball who's release resembles a top secret military release more than the 2017 grand entrance of the AVX.

Consumers recognize the bi-annual release of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, however with any given release there are 2-3 more versions of the Pro V on the USGA's approved ball list. While the trained eye might notice a variation in dimple pattern, these versions are most notably distinguished by an added symbol next to the Pro V designation.

In the Titleist premium ball line, the Pro V1 has the lower flight with less spin. The Pro V1x has a higher flight with increased spin than Pro V1. The AVX released a couple years back providing an additional low flight and low spin option. The Left Dash -Pro V1x boasts a high flight with significant spin reduction.

The Left Dash -Pro V1x is the missing link in the Titleist line and possibly your game. Finally a higher flight with significant spin reduction, arguably the highest flight/low spin option on the market.

-Pro V1x is a Titleist Customized Performance Option, designed to fit players with very unique launch conditions as well as evaluate forward looking technologies beyond teh prototype environment."

Here is what Titleist says about the Left Dash -Pro V1x:
"-Pro V1x golf balls are designed for players seeking a high flight similar to the Pro V1x with dramatically lower spin and firmer feel.

Learn more about Left Dash -Pro V1x at Titleist.com

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