Callaway ERC Soft, Supersoft and Supersoft Magma Golf Balls
04 Jan 2019
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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Callaway has continued its momentum in the golf ball category, and is the fastest-growing golf ball brand since 2013.

Their 2019 line of golf balls features three different combinations high distance, soft feel, and forgiveness. All will be available for retail on February 8, 2019.

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The Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball
The Callaway ERC Soft (Callaway photo)
The pinnacle of golf ball design for serious players is a ball that goes a long way, and has a soft feel around the green. The ERC Soft represents Callaway's best effort to date: their longest ball that is designed for soft feel and increased control around the green.

The new Hybrid Cover of the ERC Soft is a soft multi-material cover that promotes fast ball speeds for long distance through the bag, increased feel, and higher spin for control into the green.

The ERC Soft retails for $39.99 per dozen


Callaway's Longest Golf Ball With Soft Feel
A multi-material Hybrid Cover creates an exceptional combination of faster ball speeds for longer distance, soft feel, and noticeably higher spin for excellent control around the green.

Fast Ball Speeds & Low Spin Off The Driver
The Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core is a larger inner core that maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver spin and promoting high launch for long distance.

Advanced Alignment From Triple Track Technology
Callaway has placed Triple Track lines on the ball for improved putting alignment and accuracy.

The ERC Soft Name
What does ERC stand for? None other than the founder of Callaway Golf, Ely Reeves Callaway.


The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball
The Callaway Supersoft (Callaway photo)
The Supersoft has been a popular offering for several years, and it too has a new softer cover for 2019. This one has the lowest compression of any Callaway ball, and utilizes a new low-spin HEX Aerodynamics pattern to create a lower drag, which promotes longer distance and a straighter ball flight through the bag.

The Supersoft retails for $22.99 per dozen


Fast Ball Speed and Increased Accuracy from the Ultra-Low Compression Core
Advanced core promotes low spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots.

Longer Carry and Longer Distance from new Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics
New HEX Aerodynamics are optimized for a lower spin rate to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry, higher flight and longer distance.

Enhanced Feel and Increased Greenside Control from the New Softer Cover
New softer Trionomer cover formulation with a low compression for better feel and greater shotstopping spin.


The Callaway Supersoft MAGMA Golf Ball
The Supersoft MAGMA (Callaway photo)
The Supersoft Magma provides all of the benefits of the Supersoft, but in a larger size.

Yes, it is an oversized golf ball. But it still conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf, and it’s designed for players who struggle with consistent solid contact, and those looking for more distance and easy launch.

The larger size raises the center of gravity slightly, allowing for a higher launch and easier contact. For developing golfers and slow swing speed players, this ball should help build confidence.

The Supersoft Magma retails for $22.99 per dozen


More Forgiveness and Consistency From A Larger Golf Ball
Magna is larger than a standard golf ball while still conforming to the rules of golf. Its higher center of gravity and high MOI allow golfers, especially developing golfers and slow swing speed players, to make better contact on the club face to promote more consistent shots with high launch.

Longer Distance and Increased Accuracy From The Ultra-Low Compression Core
The Supersoft low compression core promotes faster ball speed and low spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots.

Long Carry and Long Distance From New Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics
Newly designed HEX Aerodynamics for this oversized ball are optimized to promote a lower spin rate, to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry, higher flight and longer distance

Enhanced Feel and Increased Greenside Control From the New Softer Cover
A Soft Trionomer cover formulation for shot-stopping wedge spin and great feel.

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