Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter Review
04 Mar 2017
by Staff

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Classic design, ultra soft feel and solid performance
Classic design, ultra soft feel and solid performance

When one thinks of Cleveland Golf the first thoughts that come to mind are wedges. Perhaps that should change to putters.

The new Huntington Beach Collection is, as the company says, “premium putting without the premium price.” Better yet, it may be the best value on the putter market today.

Named after the beautiful setting of Cleveland Golf’s North American headquarters, this new line of putters offer classic designs, ultra soft feel and solid performance. Comprised of soft 304 stainless steel, the face is precision milled with a coarse, diamond- shape milling pattern that is four times deeper than Cleveland’s Classic collection HB putters. The result: the softest feeling putter I have ever rolled.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter with 
diamond shaped milling pattern
The deeper diamond shaped milling
pattern produces softer feel

Besides the ultra soft feel, the coarse milling pattern “increases friction for a truer, more consistent roll.” And that it does. The 345g head provides a generous sweet spot and no skidding whatsoever. The ball easily starts out end over end and the roll is true.

Of course feel is subjective and some prefer a firmer, harder feel. When it comes to putters feel is often confused with sound. Loud sound-hard feel. Muted sound-soft feel. With the Huntington Collection the sound is muted, even on off-centered hits, and the feel is exactly what you want, on every putt from 3 foot putts to 30 foot putts.

The Collection comes in three tour proven shapes: two classic Anser style putters and a mid- mallet. Cleveland is not trying to come up with new designs, instead it is taking classic designs and improving them with new materials and new milling patterns. The heads have a nice satin finish (which helps reduce glare on a sunny day) and is complemented by a polished sole. Minimal graphics, a less is more sole engraving and a beautiful vibrant blue grip creates a putter that is about as clean looking as you can get. Even the head cover, thick but not balky, comes with minimal graphics highlighted by an underscored blue Cleveland Golf logo.

The Huntington Beach Collection delivers superior feel, a true roll and outstanding looks- exactly what you would want out of a $250 putter, but with a suggested retail price of $99.99 the Huntington Beach Collection just might be the best putter value on the market today.

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