Titleist Introduces Scotty Cameron GOLO Putters
20 Jan 2015
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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The Scotty Cameron GOLO Putters
The Scotty Cameron GOLO Putters

Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron continues to advance the art and science of putting with his new line of GOLO mallet putters.

New Scotty Cameron GOLO putters are advanced, innovative multi-material designs featuring a lightweight aluminum face-sole core surrounded by a stainless steel frame that delivers improved MOI for increased stability and forgiveness.

The steel frame is seamlessly connected to the aluminum face-sole core at five key points with new vibration dampening technology that delivers the softest feeling Cameron putter in recent years.

The steel body has a Silver Mist finish that elegantly contrasts with the dark anodized aluminum face-sole core that pops through the top to create a sightline field on the back flange for easy alignment. Four-way relief on the sole prevents snagging for a smooth takeaway.

Available in golf shops beginning April 3, the new GOLO line includes four models, allowing players to choose their preferred appearance:

• GOLO 3, a mid mallet with a heel shafted flow neck;
• GOLO 5, an angled back mallet with a crisp single bend shaft;
• GOLO 5R, a rounded back mallet with a crisp single bend shaft; and
• GOLO 6, a B-back mallet with a crisp single bend shaft.

A GOLO 5 Dual Balance model is available for those players who prefer the GOLO mallet head but need maximum stability in their stroke. “The GOLO line has been around for three years now, and it’s won a lot of golf tournaments with some the best players in the world,” said Cameron, whose putters have been the choice of more players on the PGA Tour since 1997 and counting. “But there are always ways to learn and do things better. We’ve moved in today’s technology, machining and computer systems and taken everything we’ve learned on tour to create an even better GOLO. The new models have better feel, better sound, better alignment and better overall performance. It’s the next wave of construction technology – and it’s simply better. Nobody else has done what we’ve done with this line.”

ADVANCED PERIMETER WEIGHTING FOR STABILITY AND FORGIVENESS: The GOLO putters are designed with a lightweight aluminum face-sole core milled from aircraft- grade aluminum that integrates with a precision- milled 303 stainless steel frame. This construction enhances the weighting around the perimeter, producing high MOI for stability throughout the stroke. Customizable heel and toe weights in the face-sole core help provide forgiveness at impact.

NEW FACE-SOLE CORE CONSTRUCTION: The face-sole core is a single piece of dark anodized lightweight aluminum that comprises the GOLO’s sole and midsection, wraps up and around to create the face and pops through the flange to create the sightline field.

The aluminum forms the entire putter face, as opposed to a traditional face insert that occupies only a specific center section of the face.

“I’d always wondered, with a conventional insert,” Cameron said, “if you hit it thin – which is very common considering putting surfaces are rarely level – do you hit the portion of the putter face below the insert? And how does that affect the feel and performance? Inserts are used for feel, not for performance. But performance is, in part, due to feel. So, I thought, why not just take the seam out? The insert is now the entire face, which wraps under and into the sole.”

SOFT SOUND AND SEAMLESS FEEL: GOLO putters utilize new vibration dampening technology to achieve a seamless integration of the aluminum core and steel frame. Internal vibration dampeners in five strategic locations preserve the benefits of the aluminum, providing golfers with a softer feel and sound across the putter face.

“We now have the softest feeling putter we’ve ever had in the GOLO line,” Cameron said. “With the new vibration dampening system, when we put the two pieces together the aluminum actually does not touch the stainless steel. It’s very slick.”

FOUR-WAY SOLE RELIEF: The soles of the GOLO models are designed with enhanced relief in four directions, front-to-back and heel-to-toe.

“This is quite unique. We now have relief all the way around the sole, so it sits on the dead center,” Cameron said. “Hardly ever are you on a flat surface on a putting green, so we made the draft angles perfect in each direction, front- to-back, heel-to-toe, so that you’re not going to snag the ground.”

PROFILE AND PERFORMANCE CHOICES: The new GOLO line offers golfers the choice of four models with different shapes and sizes.

GOLO 3 is a modern mid mallet with a heel- shafted neck that provides maximum toe flow. “I’ve thickened things up on the new GOLO 3 model, made it a little more blocky, a little more modern, a little more high-tech,” Cameron said.

GOLO 5 and GOLO 5R are standard size mallets slightly larger than the previous generation and offer identical performance in two different shapes. GOLO 5 has a new octagonal back with horizontal and vertical sightlines, while GOLO 5R offers a traditional round shape without the extra horizontal sight lines.

GOLO 6, the newest addition to the line, features a B-back shape similar to Cameron’s previous Circa 62 #6 model.

GOLO 5, 5R and 6 come with a new single bend shaft with one shaft of offset, resulting in a near face-balanced configuration that promotes minimum toe flow for players that want, or need, less arc in their putting stroke. The new single bend shaft provides full topline visibility by having 9 degrees forward lean and 3 degrees inward lean. These specific angles align the portion of the shaft below the bend directly down the target line.

The combination of the shaft bend, allowing full topline visibility, with the contrasting dark anodized face and pop-through flange sightline field makes for easy alignment.

“We feel in this new line that we have developed innovative putters for all mallet fans,” Cameron said. “Whether you’re a line guy, a round guy, a square guy, a soft guy, a heel-shafted guy – we’ve got it.”

In addition, the Scotty Cameron GOLO 5 Dual Balance putter combines the GOLO 5 head style with Dual Balance technology to provide maximum stability for golfers who struggle to make a consistent stroke with a conventional length putter. Like all Dual Balance models, GOLO 5 DB has a 50-gram heavier head (400 grams total) and a 50-gram counterweight in the butt of the shaft. This configuration helps many players make a proper stroke where the butt of the shaft remains pointed at the midsection. Dual Balance putters have a standard length of 38 inches with a 15-inch grip that allows the player to grip down below the counterweight for a more stable stroke.

MATCHING GRIP FOR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: The larger, mallet head designs of the GOLO putters work in harmony with the 10-inch Matador Red Midsize grip. The grip, weighing in at 77 grams, feels great and promotes a more stable stroke.

“There is a recipe to grip weight versus head weight versus shaft length and flex,” Cameron said. “The grip very much compliments the head. When you pick up a larger head and you have a skinny grip, something doesn’t fit. If you pick up a smaller head, like a Newport, and you have a large grip it doesn’t fit. So the grip compliments the head and with GOLO we’ve dialed in all the weights to be perfect.”

MODERN YET TIMELESS LOOKS: New GOLO models honor the silver-and-red designs that have become synonymous with Scotty Cameron putters across the worldwide professional tours, boasting a soft Silver Mist finish with Scotty’s race-car inspired, framed and double-milled cherry dot graphics in the back and cherry dot weights in the sole. The Matador Red Midsize grip further enhances the look. The addition of the contrasting dark anodized face-sole core results in what Cameron describes as “a new GOLO line that is more mechanical and industrial with elegance.”

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: New GOLO putters are available beginning April 3. All models have a MAP of $379 ($410 MSRP).


GOLO 3 Loft: 3.5º Lengths: 33", 34", 35" Neck: Flare Toe Flow: Maximum Offset: 3/4 shaft Grip: Matador Mid

GOLO 5* Loft: 3.5º Lengths: 33", 34", 35" Neck: Crisp Single Bend Toe Flow: Near Minimum Offset: Full shaft Grip: Matador Mid

GOLO 5R Loft: 3.5º Lengths: 33", 34", 35" Neck: Crisp Single Bend Toe Flow: Near Minimum Offset: Full shaft Grip: Matador Mid

GOLO 6 Loft: 3.5º Lengths: 33", 34", 35" Neck: Crisp Single Bend Toe Flow: Near Minimum Offset: Full shaft Grip: Matador Mid

• Available in both RH/LH
• 1/2" lengths available custom order
• Custom loft: +/-1º • Custom Lie: +/-2º
• Additional options available through the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop
• Heavier models available by custom order.

CONTACT: Eric Soderstrom, Manager of Communications (508.979.3028, eric_soderstrom@acushnetgolf.com)

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