Titleist Introduces Scotty Cameron Select Roundback Putter
20 Jan 2015
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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The Scotty Cameron Select Roundback Putter
The Scotty Cameron Select Roundback Putter

Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron adds to his high performance line of Select putters with the Select Roundback, a modern mid mallet design with tour-validated balance and stability.

The Scotty Cameron Select Roundback, like its Select Fastback and Select Squareback counterparts, features an innovative aluminum sole with crisscross sight lines that pop through the head. Sight lines positioned parallel and perpendicular to the face deliver visual confidence for improved alignment.

Roundback, Fastback and Squareback each have a popular Newport shape with an extended back that varies in appearance. The Roundback has a new, fully rounded shape. The Fastback has rounded corners, while the Squareback is boxy.

“When we introduced them a year ago, the Fastback and Squareback instantly resonated with golfers at every level of the game. Just last week at the Sony Open, seven guys had Fastback and Squareback models in play,” Cameron said. “Alignment is a huge trend on tour, and having multiple sight lines on a head works to benefit many golfers. If you have difficulty setting up to the ball and squaring the face at impact, this is a great option.”

The Select Roundback is available in golf shops beginning March 6.

SCOTTY CAMERON SELECT PUTTERS: Every Select model is precision milled to meet the standards of the world’s best putters for looks, sound and feel. The line also includes three modern blade designs from Scotty’s tour-proven Newport family (Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5).

Select putters use a deep-milled face to deliver tour-validated feel and soft sound. Select weights in the heel and toe are perfectly matched to the shaft length to provide balance and stability. Each model features striking cosmetics, accented by a Silver Mist finish with Scotty’s race-car inspired framed and double milled red-dot graphics and double beveled weights.

Select Roundback, Fastback and Squareback have a shorter blade length and extended back with a red anodized aluminum soleplate that allows for a thicker steel face for solid feel. Each is designed with a single bend shaft that promotes minimal toe flow for players that want, or need, less arc in their putting stroke.

INNOVATIVE SIGHT LINES FOR EASY ALIGNMENT: Select Roundback, Fastback and Squareback models feature vertical and horizontal pop-through sight lines on the back flange that are positioned directly between a player’s eyes, providing a visual reference to help square the face.

“The red aluminum sole plate allows us to take some weight and put it where we want it and need it most. We’ve grown the back, pulled in the heel and toe, thickened up the face and the top line. As a result, we’ve enhanced everything from the shape to the feel to the sound,” Cameron said.

“The red, crisscross sight lines are a continuation of the sole that pops up through the head. We’ve found through years of research at the Studio that the best players in the world putt with the ball slightly up in their stance, under their left eye. This places the crisscross sight lines, which are located on the back flange, directly under their nose and between their eyes.

“Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical sight line, the crisscross makes it easier to square the face. If you set the putter too far forward, the crisscross will make the face appear closed. If you put it too far back, it will look open. Alignment is more and more becoming the talk of the tour and the feedback out there has been fantastic.”

PISTOLERO GRIPS: The Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip, featuring the dancing Cameron logo, provides a secure hold and great feel in a golfer’s hands.

“What the head looks like and how big it is, dictates what you expect to feel in the grip, so we try to match the grip size to the head’s look and feel,” Cameron said. “Once we start getting into a mid mallet, players prefer the slightly larger Pistolero grip.”

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Scotty Cameron Select putters are available in golf shops beginning March 6 with a MAP of $349 (MSRP $375).

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Scotty Cameron Select Roundback Loft: 3.5º Lie: 70º RH Lengths: 33", 34", 35" Toe Flow: Minimum Offset: Full shaft Grip: Pistolero

• 1/2" lengths available custom order
• Custom loft: +/-1º • Custom Lie: +/-2º
• Additional options available through the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop
• Heavier models available by custom order.

CONTACT: Eric Soderstrom, Manager of Communications, eric_soderstrom@acushnetgolf.com

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