Titleist CNCPT 02 Irons: AGC Player Staff Review
By AGC Player Staff member Ken Weixel

Never thought I had “Champagne Taste.” Maybe I do when it comes to buying irons! At least that is what my fitter at Club Champion told me after the new Titleist CNCPT 02 irons clearly beat out the rest. They will replace my PXG 0311 irons I have been playing with for the last three years and they are beautiful looking!

From all that I have read about these irons, the “CNC” in the CNCPT name stands for milled. When I look down at them it looks like a player’s iron with a thin top line and minimal offset. However, they are very forgiving which must be attributed to the hollow cavity injection. There is no evidence of how Titleist injects the cavity and I am only suggesting this because that is what I have heard. Finding any detailed information about these irons on the web is not easy, but GolfWRX does have a good article.

These are some beautiful irons
My numbers were better across the board when I did my fitting at the new Club Champion in San Diego. The CNCPT irons won a fair fight against heads from TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon, Mizuno, PXG and PING. The Accra iCWT 95 M4 shaft that won the test was new to me, as I had been playing with Aerotech Steelfiber 80-gram shafts in my PXG irons. For grips, I stayed with my reliable Lamkin Player Cord grips.

I have only played a couple of rounds at The Santaluz Club since I received the irons and I really like them on the golf course. A quality hit with the CNCPT 02 irons provides a smooth feeling of compression against the turf. It almost feels effortless as the ball comes off the club. With my PXG’s the hit felt “heavy” to me, but that is not the case with my new irons. My tendency with the 0311’s was to work the ball almost exclusively right to left with a slight draw. I think it will be easier for me work the ball both directions with the Titleist CNCPT 02 irons and I may find it much easier to hit a fade.

In terms of trajectory, I hit my new irons higher and they go just about the same distance as my old ones. I am 60 years old and don’t hit the ball as far as I used to. However, I do hit it straight and usually in the middle of the club face. I am glad I won’t have to learn new distances for each of my irons. A big selling point for the PXG’s is their forgiveness on mishits, but I think I will find my new Titleist CNCPT 02 irons to be just as forgiving.

Now back to that “Champagne Taste” comment. These irons are not cheap. In fact, they are even more expensive than the new Gen2 PXG’s. The total cost of my Titleist CNCPT irons including head, shaft, shaft “puring” and the grip came to $640 per club and I got the 4-iron through the PW. Since I only buy irons about every three years, I can justify the cost. I know not everyone will want to spend this much on a set of irons, but I am very happy with them so far. I am also looking forward to playing more rounds with them with my good friend, AG Founder Pete Wlodkowski.

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