Ping G30 LS Tec Driver: First look review
18 Jan 2015
by Rusty Cage

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The Ping G30 LS Tec Driver
The Ping G30 LS Tec Driver

If you find yourself wondering where the new Ping driver fits into their popular G30-branded product line (that's three now if you're keeping track at home) we're here to get you straightened out. And before we do, let's clear some things up from the get-go.

The G30 LS Tec is not a newer, better version of the acclaimed model that came out just a few months ago. Same stock shaft, same titanium alloy face, same cutting-edge aerodynamics. And even though Ping is not promising additional yards, you can bet some golfers can and will hit it farther. So now that I explained what the G30 LS Tec isn't, lets talk about what it is and why it exists.

The newest driver from Ping is a lower-spinning model with a fade bias. It's designed for golfers, especially those with higher swing speeds, who may find the standard G30 model launches a little too high and spins a little too much. It's also designed to appease players who to prefer play drivers with a fade bias. Compared to other companies capitalizing on the low-spin driver phenomenon, the G30 LS Tec is not nearly as low-spinning, but it is slightly more forgiving.

Like the standard G30 and G30 SF Tec, the LS Tec is a 460cc model that looks nearly identical at address when compared to it's siblings. It has the same matte black finish and raised ridges (turbulators on the front of the crown that help improve aerodynamics). But it's the stuff underneath the hood that differentiates them. Ping engineers took the sole of the LS Tec and shortened it slightly from front to back, moving the center of gravity lower and more toward the face. It's only an incremental change compared to the other models, but the club spins about 350 to 400 rpm less, according to Ping, with a marginally lower launch angle. Between the adjustment to CG location and the position of the face (1-degree open), the new driver is said to experience slightly less drag than the G30, and less drag means more speed, which in turn means more yards - even if they are just measured in fractions.

Here's a summary of all the features. Differences between models are indicated in bold:

  • Center of gravity is back and extremely low (slightly forward compared to the standard G30) and is able to generate approximately 400 rpm less spin while maintaing high MOI.
  • Turbulators on the crown of the Ti 8-1-1 head reduce aerodynamic drag on the downswing, increasing club head speed and ball velocity.
  • The driver's 1-degree more opened face gives the LS Tec more fade bias than the standard G30.
  • With Trajectory Tuning+ technology, launch conditions can be programmed using five settings and two full degrees of adjustability.

The Ping G30 LS Tec ($349) will be available in February in lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees in both right and left-handed models. The stock shaft is the Ping TFC 419D (soft R, R, S and X flex). The Tour 65 and 80 shafts (R, S and X flex) are available for a $30 upcharge.

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