Callaway's Big Bertha REVA: not your mother's golf clubs
21 Apr 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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2023 is a big year for Callaway’s Big Bertha line. With a new release of clubs for men, Callaway also made sure to continue capitalizing on the success of the Big Bertha REVA line for ladies. First introduced in 2020, REVA was a game changer for ladies looking to lower their handicaps. It eliminated the need to jump to a set of clubs intended for low handicaps but also pushed away from being the clubs that you start your golf journey with.

Along with the latest technological advances, REVA is guided by Callaway’s Women’s Task Force, led by Kim Johnson. There are many reasons behind Callaway being the top equipment brand on the LPGA Tour, and when you look further into the thought and care that went into the 2023 line, you’ll know why that might not be changing anytime soon.

“This is a more aspirational product,” said Johnson, who is also Callaway’s Retail Marketing Manager. “This is the product for women who are ready to upgrade, ready for real technology that is specifically designed for them. It’s the golfer who’s playing more recreationally, and something that’s going to hit the ball straighter and more distance.”

Here are the specifics behind the new REVA equipment from Callaway.

REVA Driver
The first thing you’ll notice on the new REVA driver is how Callaway managed to create a head that’s generous but doesn’t take 460cc to an overwhelming level despite the forgiving characteristics of the driver. It’s available in lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees with an adjustable hosel sleeve so you can alter the loft as you see fit. The XL Face is a hallmark of the 2023 Big Bertha lineup and the REVA incorporates the same, large sweet spot that comes along with Callaway using A.I. technology to perfection. Everything about the REVA driver was designed to be geared toward women, including the spin and launch profiles that Callaway’s team incorporated.

“Based on feedback, for the driver, it’s most about power and distance,” said Callaway Sr. Director of Equipment, Dave Neville. “The shaping is different, with a big face, and very easy to hit. The players who are using this are avid, and they want the technology that’s going to help them.”

Consistent with the entire REVA line, the driver comes in an elegant black/purple color combo. Retail will be $499.99.

REVA Fairway Woods
There’s no better feeling on the golf course than striping a drive and having a fairway wood in hand that you know is a bomber. The matching metals to the REVA driver accomplish that for the better player but also has the forgiveness that will benefit mid to high-handicap ladies. These fairway woods launch high and have progressive shaft lengths to make sure you’re swinging a club that’s the appropriate length for the distance you need. They incorporate Jailbreak and Batwing Technology, which aim to stabilize the head of the club. This critically important aspect leads to some of the highest ball speeds we’ve ever seen in a lady's fairway wood.

“We’re seeing a lot more fairway woods finding their way into bags,” said Johnson. “Players switching into a fairway wood like this are probably hitting them into the green, which means they need them to hold the green and you’re seeing more of them in the bag.”

Available in 3W, 5W, 7W, and Callaway’s famous Heavenwood, the REVA fairway woods will retail for $299.99 each.

REVA Hybrids
A versatile hybrid, or two, or even three, can be an invaluable addition to any golf bag. And if you find yourself lacking in loft with your irons, the REVA hybrids should be where you look to hold more greens. These hybrids are built on the same platform as the driver and fairways woods, but tuned to precisely fill in those gaps where you need it most. Available from 3H to 9H, you can get just about as creative as you’d like when carving out your ideal set makeup. The A.I. designed face cup, which is consistent across all REVA clubs, really shows off with the hybrids. At impact, they’re buttery smooth and distance is an immediate strength. Also, note the adjustability for those that like to tinker with hybrid lofts.

“You’re seeing more hybrids in the women’s game. We’re seeing more replacements in the 4-, 5-, and 6-hybrids, they’re easy to hit, they’re nice to look at and they’re forgiving,” said Johnson. “I love the adjustability, and that we’re taking it up to a 9-hybrid, it just gives women more options.”

The REVA hybrids will be available at retail for $259.99 each.

REVA Irons
For many years, irons tailored towards women were either super clunky or didn’t offer consistency from long irons to wedges. Callaway’s original REVA line was one of the first sets that threw those notions away, and these new sticks for 2023 are a further improvement on its predecessor. The bespoke lofts are designed to generate the perfect ball flight without sacrificing backspin numbers. Strategically placed tungsten weights also assist in loft, but really shine in the forgiveness category. Dispersion with these irons is noticeably better than many other models you’re likely to compare them to.

With a wider sole, thicker top line, and noticeable offset, the REVA irons scream game improvement without looking overly chunky. The design gives the mid-handicap player confidence over the ball no matter if you’re hitting 5-iron or wedge into the green.

“This is a core iron for the women’s game, and compared to Big Bertha the tungsten is positioned differently to help create a design for women,” said Johnson. “It’s a confidence-inspiring iron, and the #1 thing that women want is the #1 thing that men want which is distance, and this iron can give you that.” The Big Bertha REVA irons are available as a 5- SW set and will retail for $999.99 (steel) and $1099.99 (graphite).

If you would like to learn more about Callaway Big Bertha REVA line, including where you can get custom fit, be sure to visit CallawayGolf.com

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