The king of versatility: Cobra’s King Tec Hybrid Review
26 Apr 2023
by Todd Mrowice of AmateurGolf.com

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Even though hybrids have been commonplace on retail shelves since 1998, there are still a surprising number of average golfers who shy away from the sticks. Whether it be out of spec confusion or an unwillingness to let go of their old 3-iron, hybrids have somehow not made their way into every amateur golf bag. That should stop with the launch of the 2023 Cobra King Tec hybrid because, for several reasons, it’s as easy as it gets.

Cobra has a unique tie to hybrid clubs. Many will remember that back in 1998 Cobra introduced the Baffler, a hybrid that fit the modern form of what we know the club genre to be today. Prior to that, in 1975, Cobra is credited for debuting the Baffler as the first known hybrid club ever. So you can take our words however you’d like, but know that the 2023 King Tec hybrid has some pretty good lineage.

Cobra King Tec Hybrid

Lofts Available: 17 (2), 19 (3), 21 (4), 24 (5)
Stock Shafts: MCA MMT Hybrid 80, MCA MMT Hybrid 70

Upon first glance, the Cobra King Tec hybrid appears to be a sleek, slightly compact, hybrid. The top view has minimal flare, with Cobra’s “C” logo and crown. There’s a nice black/gray simplicity to it with a gradient of carbon. It’s certainly slimmer than some hybrids you’re used to seeing, and while Cobra lists it as a “player’s hybrid,” we did find it to be forgiving with a ton of pop at impact.

As you continue to explore the King Tec hybrid, you discover the magic that makes it go. And as Cobra’s Vice President of Marketing, Jose Miraflor, perfectly put it: “The king of versatility.” To watch our complete video with Miraflor from the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, find it here:

With four set loft options (17, 19, 21, 24) the King Tech hybrid could easily go into the bag of most players looking to properly gap fairway woods and irons. However, each loft can be adjusted up or down 1.5 degrees, which means you’re never married to the loft that you purchased. Now that’s what we call versatility. For us, the ability to adjust the loft of a hybrid based on the course or course conditions we’re playing that particular day seems like a cheat code, and we’ll take it.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I just can’t hit a hybrid,” it would be a good idea to demo the King Tec hybrid and have an open mind. In addition to the loft settings, you can adjust the lie as well to give it a draw bias, because a common complaint is that hybrids are easy to push or slice, which they can be.

Gorgeous lines: The King Tec Hybrid
Forgiveness is a huge factor when it comes to hybrids, and as previously stated, the King Tec does have a smaller profile, but that doesn’t mean it’s not forgiving. Using the increasingly popular design technology of artificial intelligence, the King Tech features H.O.T Face, which creates a variable thickness pattern across the face that will give you a consistent spin and impact even if your impact is off-center.

Across many Cobra clubs, you’ll find PWRSHELL, which is a face insert designed for faster ball speed. In the case of the King Tec hybrid, it also produces an ideal launch angle. With a set loft on a hybrid you can be tied to ball flight, but this hybrid allows you to fine-tune while never losing a solid feeling at impact.

If all of the technology and adjustability weren’t enough, the King Tec hybrid also features three adjustable weights for you to tinker and perfect your way to completing your long game.

“The two heavier weights, if you put them forward (you get) a very penetrating trajectory,” said Miraflor. “You can move them to the heel and back and it will be a draw bias. Or, you can move them to the toe and back and make it a fade bias.”

At $299, the Cobra King Tec hybrid might be the most complete and advanced hybrid we’ve seen to date. If this doesn’t get you excited, keep in mind that all Cobra club purchases are eligible for a free ARCCOS Smart Sensor, so you can track all of the progress you’re having with those longer shots around the course.

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