Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid Review
16 Jul 2019
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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The Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid: All the technology, in one compact design
The Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid: All the technology, in one compact design

When discussing golf equipment, I’ve had friends ask me what else can possibly be done to make it better? With the opportunity to leapfrog the competition with a major new invention tempered by USGA regulations on club and ball performance, it’s a legitimate question.

But thankfully -- especially if you love buying new gear -- the big guns of the golf industry are always working on the next new thing even before the current models go on sale.

Clearly, innovations like adjustable hosels, multi material construction, weight-tuned ball flight, and finely tuned faces came to drivers first. Each manufacturer has their own innovations and buzz words to describe them.

For a while we didn’t see those technologies applied to the smaller headed metal clubs -- the fairways and hybrids. The problem is, adding the weight required to provide adjustability, as just one example, can change the dynamics of a fairway more than a driver. And if you do the same thing to a hybrid, it requires even more precision to get it right. And this is just one example.

Enter the Epic Flash, a premium category hybrid where the performance doesn’t come with compromises. A smaller version of the versatile Optifit hosel, the implementation of “Jailbreak” face technology, a carpenter steel face supported by a Face Cup, and much more have been designed into an attention-demanding package that our test team loved at first sight (and hit).

Check out the video below, or read on to learn more.

We especially loved it once we began hitting shots, whether teed up, off tight lies, out of rough, or chipping around the green. Epic Flash hybrids look great at address, are easy to launch, and provide the kind of performance that you would expect when the No. 1 hybrid brand in golf puts forward the very best of their industry-leading technologies into the category.


The Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid
Fast Ball Speeds From Jailbreak Technology and an Ultra-Thin Face Cup

In the Epic Flash Hybrid, Callaway has implemented their revolutionary Jailbreak Technology, which incorporates two internal bars that stiffen the body, This places more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speeds and increased distance.

Enhanced Launch and Trajectory Control From MIM’ed Tungsten Weighting

Precisely shaped MIM’ed tungsten weight optimizes the Center of Gravity (CG) for tuned launch and control while an external MIM’ed weight precisely dials in swingweight.

Controlled Launch And More Forgiveness From A T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown

A new, lighter triaxial carbon fabric called T2C has a tighter weave; the weight it saves versus asteel crown is redistributed within the head to lower the CG for a controlled launch, and to raise MOI for exceptional forgiveness on off-center hits.

Optimized Adjustability and Control

The new, lighter OptiFit 3 Hosel makes it even easier to dial in your launch and optimal ball flight for total adjustability. And the premium Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver shaft offers a mid launch, mid spin profile.


Pricing: $300 each
Product At Retail Date: 8/2/19

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