Adams Red Hybrid Review
22 Dec 2015
by AmateurGolf.com Equipment Panel

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The Adams Red Hybrid
The Adams Red Hybrid

by Stuart Goldstein

For years Adams golf has produced some of the industry’s best hybrids from the Tight Lies to the Peanut to the Idea Pro. This legacy continues with the Adams Red, a hybrid that infuses tour proven technology for the better player but provides enough versatility for the average golfer.

A smallish, compact sized head, the Red has the traditional Adams upside down head design that lowers the center of gravity for easier launch. The real meat and potatoes though are when you turn the club upside down and see that the sole of this club is not your ordinary hybrid.

First thing you notice is the red soleplate secured with two screws. Once you remove this soleplate you have the option of moving around a 25 gram weight to one of three positions (heel, toe or center). With the weight in the center you have a neutral bias, put the weight on the heel and you have a draw bias and put the weight on the toe you have a fade bias. This gives you the option to configure the club to eliminate the many complaints golfers have about hybrids-that they hook the ball too much with them. Just transfer the weight to the toe and the anti hook medicine kicks in. The other noticeable feature of the sole is the Adams Velocity slot. Big enough to know that it is there but small enough not to be a nuisance.

I put the 20 degree Red through its paces and the club performed as advertised. The compact 95cc head led to easy shot shaping, with a penetrating ball flight while making the most challenging of lies a non issue. Feel is very subjective but I can tell you that the feel of the Red is just what you want in a hybrid. A crisp, somewhat muted, sound gives you confidence that the club is performing while providing the necessary feedback for the off center hits.

Is this the longest hybrid on the market? Probably Not. That is not surprising given the small head.

However it could be one of the most consistent clubs on the market today delivering impeccable distance control, a great trait to have for any club let alone a hybrid. So for those still gaming those butter knife looking long irons it may be time to change to the Adams Red.

Perhaps the club’s best asset is its looks. No alignment aid on the crown, the Red is a shot-makers dream. Despite the deep-face look, its compact head sits perfect behind the ball with its matte black finish and offsetting white scoring lines providing a visually appealing, confidence building look. Simple and easy.

Clean looking and versatile, the Red, while appealing primarily to the better player, is a club that will improve the performance of any golfer. Retailing for $229, the Red, available in 16, 18, 20, 23 and 26 degrees, is a little higher priced than the average hybrid but, at least in this golfers opinion, is worth every penny. www.adamsgolf.com

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