Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Fairway Wood: The Review
22 Sep 2015
by Kevin Pahlau of

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The top is clean, but the bottom of the <br>Tour Edge EX9 is definitely exotic
The top is clean, but the bottom of the
Tour Edge EX9 is definitely exotic

Some people say an amateur golfer should use their driver less frequently. Now with Tour Edge releasing its new Exotics EX9 fairway woods, this might be an idea for some to consider.

The clincher could be the introduction of Exotics EX9 Full-Speed Impact (FSI) technology. Tour Edge has become known for power and distance focusing on ball speed at impact. This tradition to improve speed with versatility continues in the new EX9.

New Design
The EX9's introduction of the Full-Speed Impact design should increase club head speed through a sloped crown and the Exotics' SlipStream sole. The SlipStream sole design helps to minimize turf drag and maintain head speed through impact. With all of this in mind, I noticed all my shots seemed to jump right off the club and I was impressed by the consistency of the ball speed. Even when I did catch a little earth, the club responded well and it wasn't a jarring experience. It sounds more like a driver than a fairway wood too. Interchangeable heel weights are still offered with the EX9 too. This provides players the benefit of enhancing their draw for distance and control. I kept the 9-gram stock weight in place but there are 6, 11 and 14-gram weights available to be purchased individually or as a kit.

Look and Feel

The EX9's gloss black top and clean lines

The EX9 has an overall traditional look but there are a few modern cosmetic accents on the sole of the club compared to it's predecessor. The club is finished in a modern black gloss on the top and a matte grey finish on the bottom. I liked the overall look of the club. It has a nice, clean design with smooth edges. You won't be distracted on the course by anything flashy or unusual with this design.

Picking up the club I was impressed by the lightweight feel. It does not feel bottom-heavy nor too flimsy. Swinging the club felt fluid and I was comfortable with the club in a short amount of time. The shaft is the standard Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series in a black finish. I was really impressed with how the shaft performed with the club and felt it matched very well with the performance of the club as a whole.

Price and Availability
The EX9 Fairway Wood's suggested retail price  is $229.99. Authorized dealers will accept pre-orders and the projected shipping date is November 11, 2015. For more information visit  

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