Titleist announces 915 Fairways and Hybrids
01 Oct 2014
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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FAIRH AVEN, Mass. (Oct. 1, 2014) – New Titleist 915 fairway metals and hybrids, designed using new Active Recoil Channel™ technology to produce lower spin and higher speed, deliver longer distance with exceptional forgiveness from both the tee and turf. 

The fastest fairway and hybrid designs Titleist has ever developed, the new 915F, 915Fd 915H and 915Hd models significantly increase distance for serious golfers of all swing speeds while maintaining high MOI for forgiveness. 

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Nov. 14, Titleist 915 fairways and hybrids provide improved performance through three key advancements: 

        • The proprietary Active Recoil Channel, a long, deep, forward- positioned sole channel that actively flexes at impact and recoils to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin; 

        • An Ultra Thin Face, a high-strength, uniformly thin high-speed face insert that increases ball speed across the face; and 

        • A precise, high-MOI design with a low center of gravity (CG) location that delivers stability and forgiveness by preserving ball speed across the face for more distance, more often. 

Those technologies, combined with the fitting precision of Titleist’s industry-leading SureFit Tour hosel and tour-validated looks, sound and feel, make for the most complete, consistent metals performance in the game. 

“The new 915 fairways and hybrids really bring us to another level from a distance perspective,” said Dan Stone, Vice President of Research and Development, Titleist Golf Clubs. “The combination of the Active Recoil Channel and Ultra Thin Face is powerful in creating more speed with spin reduction for maximum distance. And with our high-MOI design strategy we’re able to provide golfers with the best combination of distance and forgiveness.” 

Titleist R&D designed 915 fairways and hybrids to maximize their low-spin, high-speed potential, with the SureFit Tour weight placed in a low, central position behind the Active Recoil Channel on each model to help create ideal CG properties. Golfers can select their models – 915F or 915Fd, 915H or 915 Hd – based on head shape, forgiveness or ball flight. 915F and 915H feature larger profiles for all-around performance with maximum forgiveness; 915Fd and 915Hd offer smaller head shapes for workability and forgiveness, with slightly lower launch and spin and therefore lower flight than F and H. 

The first week they were available on the PGA Tour, 15 new 915 fairway metals and nine new 915 hybrids were put in play at the World Golf Championships event at Firestone. The following week at the PGA Championship, there were 29 new 915 fairways and 13 new 915 hybrids in players’ bags, including Jordan Spieth, Bill Haas, Victor Dubuisson, Jason Dufner and Webb Simpson. 

“The new 915 fairways and hybrids, just like our new 915 drivers, really exemplify our R&D team’s design strategy of ‘distance with forgiveness’, ” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs. “And from our player testing on tour and with amateurs, we know that these products are longer, more consistent and more playable than ever.” 

LOWE R SPIN, HIGHER SPEED THROUGH NEW ACTIVE RECOIL CHANNEL: The Active Recoil Channel – a long, deep channel, positioned along the sole of the clubhead, close to the leading edge – delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball with lower spin and higher speed. 

The Active Recoil Channel (ARC™) allows the entire clubface, both crown and sole, to deflect at impact for high speed. (Clubs without ARC technology have a more rigid sole and deflect mostly in the face and crown at impact resulting in less speed and higher spin.) 

“With the Active Recoil Channel, the ball is compressing in a different manner and doesn’t have the chance to gather as much rotational energy so it departs the club face with less spin,” Stone said. “It also creates a greater recoil effect, which imparts more speed, particularly low on the face. 

“With fairways and hybrids, because you’re often hitting those clubs off the ground, you tend to hit them lower on the face and when you hit lower on the face you generally get more spin. That’s when the Active Recoil Channel really kicks in to help reduce spin.” 

On 915 fairway metals and hybrids, ARC is narrower, deeper and positioned further forward than on 915 drivers in order to optimize the performance of the fairway and hybrid heads. 

“Fairways and hybrids have a lot more loft than drivers, and more loft can cause more spin. Hitting it off the turf, lower on the clubface, also creates spin. So in order to have maximum effectiveness in terms of spin reduction, we had to make some adjustments by making ARC deeper and positioning it further forward,” Stone said. 

INCREASED BALL SPEED FROM ULTRA THIN FACE: Titleist 915 fairway metals and hybrids feature a new Ultra Thin Face that works in combination with the Active Recoil Channel to deliver increased ball speed across the entire face. The high-speed, constant thickness face insert, made of high-strength Carpenter steel, is the thinnest face insert Titleist R&D has ever developed. 

“If you think about how the Active Recoil Channel works, with its flexibility it actually takes some load off the face. We found through our testing that we could thin the face further without compromising durability. And because we’re not at C.O.R. limits like with drivers, we were able to make the insert thinner. Those two improvements have allowed us to maximize ball speed across the entire face to make these clubs longer. You get more speed off the turf from ARC, and more speed when you hit it off the tee with the Ultra Thin Face,” Stone said. 

MORE DISTANCE FROM FORGIVING HIGH-MOI DESIGN: Titleist 915 fairways and hybrids feature a low CG, high-MOI design for stability and ball-speed preserving forgiveness. 

“When you add new technologies like Active Recoil Channel and the Ultra Thin Face, the last thing you want to do is counteract their effectiveness,” Stone said. “The high- MOI construction assures we don’t give any performance back. High MOI isn’t only about accuracy. It’s about distance consistency. It’s about maintaining speed across the face. 

“Our main focus was to get that CG low, not too far forward or too far back. Since fairways and hybrids have higher lofts, when you start to push the CG too far back, your spin goes up drastically which hurts the overall performance. And we’re not interested in going supremely low and forward because, similar to drivers, you are giving up a lot of forgiveness. It’s a balance.” 

Titleist engineers made several improvements to each chassis that allowed them to redistribute mass low to maintain MOI. The ultra-thin crown is cast thinner to .55mm, just .05mm thicker than 915 drivers. Thicknesses were reduced in the topline (fairways only) and face flange. The addition of the Active Recoil Channel also benefited CG by adding mass low on the head. Furthermore, the SureFit Tour weight was placed low in the center of the sole of each model. 

INDUSTRY-LEADING ADJUSTABILITY WITH SUREFIT TOUR HOSEL: The distance potential and complete performance of Titleist 915 fairways and hybrids can be maximized through the precision fitting of Titleist’s patented, industry-leading SureFit Tour adjustable hosel technology. 

The dual-angle SureFit Tour hosel, inspired by the customization previously available only on a tour van, allows golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade for improved shot control and maximum distance. 

“The SureFit Tour hosel continues to be a significant competitive advantage for us,” Stone said. “Through our testing, we know that putting a golfer in the most precise fit unlocks the technology and distance potential in 915 even further.” 

The SureFit Tour hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. In total there are 16 settings, each creating a unique loft and lie combination. 

A Titleist authorized fitter will utilize the SureFit Tour hosel, coupled with interchangeable shafts and SureFit Tour weights, to determine a player’s optimal setup so they are playing 915 fairways and hybrids fit precisely to their game. 

Titleist 915 fairways and hybrids are compatible with 913 model shafts. 

915F VS. 915Fd FAIRWAY METALS:  The new 915F and 915Fd fairway metals provide golfers with low-spin, high-speed performance in two distinct chassis options. 

915F features a full pear profile (175cc) for maximum forgiveness. The large profile provides confidence and produces a slightly higher flight versus the 915Fd. It is offered in five lofts (13.5º, 15º, 16.5º, 18º and 21º), including a new high- lofted 16.5º 3-metal and new 18º 5-metal. 

915Fd, with its traditional pear profile (160cc), is workable and forgiving. The compact profile delivers slightly lower launch and spin versus 915F. 915Fd is available in 13.5º and 15º lofts. 

Neither model promotes a draw bias. 

“In previous generations, Fd was a significantly lower-spinning product than F,” Stone said. “So we saw an opportunity to bring them both to a more optimal CG position. Now players can make their decision based on shape, trajectory and amount of workability or forgiveness – not solely on the fact that one spins more than the other.” 

915H VS. 915Hd HYBRIDS: Like their fairway counterparts, 915H and 915Hd hybrids offer low-spin, high-speed performance in two different shapes and sizes. 

915H has a subtle pear profile (118cc) that provides confidence at address. The fuller, rounder profile delivers maximum forgiveness and slightly higher launch and spin versus Hd. 915H is available in 18º, 21º, 24º and 27º lofts. 

915Hd is a slightly offset, small pear (107cc) that delivers distance with shot control through a flatter trajectory and less spin (about 120 rpm) versus the H. 915Hd is offered in 17.5º, 20.5º and 23.5º lofts. 

“If you’re a sweeper who likes to play your hybrids more like a fairway wood, you’re probably better suited in H,” Stone said. “Hd has a little more offset in it, so if you’re a more aggressive player who likes to engage the turf, that’s probably the better choice.”

PLAYER TESTING RESULTS: In player testing, golfers who had previously played a 913F experienced up to 3.5 mph more ball speed with an average of 200rpm (and up to 750rpm) lower spin with the new 915F model, resulting in an average of 3 yards (and up to 11 yards) more carry distance. 

Golfers who previously played a 913Fd saw up to 3.2 mph more speed with an average of 150rpm (and up to 500rpm) lower spin with the 915Fd model, resulting in an average of 3 yards (and up to 9 yards) more carry distance. 

With the 915H, players experienced up to 4 mph more speed with an average of 250 mph (and up to 330 mph) less spin than the 913H, resulting in an average of 6 yards (and up to 16 yards) more carry distance. 

With the 915Hd, players saw up to 3.3 mph more speed and an average of 150rpm (and up to 290 rpm) lower spin than 913Hd for an average of 8 yards (and up to 16 yards) more carry distance. 

In general, every additional 1 mph of speed results in 2 to 3 yards additional carry distance. 

915 FAIRWAYS AND HYBRIDS ON TOUR: 915 fairway metals and hybrids have found instant acceptance and success since the seeding and validation process began on the worldwide professional tours. The new models made their debut in August at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, where 15 new 915 fairway metals and nine new hybrids were immediately put in play. At the following week’s PGA Championship, 29 new 915 fairways and 13 new 915 hybrids were in players’ bags – including Adam Scott(915F 15º), Jordan Spieth (915F 15º, 915Hd 20.5º), Jimmy Walker (915F 15º & 18º), Steve Stricker  (915H 18º), Bill Haas (913F/13.5), Victor Dubuisson (915F 13.5º) and Webb Simpson (915Fd 15º). 

Most recently, Justin Thomas played a new Titleist 915Fd 15º fairway metal on his way to a playoff victory at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Open, his first- career win on the Web.com Tour, virtually securing Thomas a PGA Tour card for the 2014-15 season. (Thomas also had a new 915D3 8.5º driver in the bag.) 

Player counts have continued to climb, with several players carrying multiple models. Among the more than 50 players with 915 fairways and hybrids in their bags are: Kevin Na (915F 15º & 18, 915H 21º), Geoff Ogilvy (915F 16.5º), Scott Piercy (915F 16.5º), Scott Stallings (915Fd 15º, 915Hd 17.5º),  Cameron Tringale (915F 13.5º), Chesson Hadley (915F 16.5º), Charley Hoffman (915 13.5º), Matt Jones (915F 16.5º),  Brooks Koepka (915F 13.5º, 915Hd 20.5º), Ben Martin  (915Fd 13.5º), Jason Bohn (915Fd 15º, 915Hd 20.5º), Greg Chalmers (915Hd 20.5º), Tim Clark (915F 16.5º), Erik Compton (915Fd 15º, 915Hd 20.5º & 23.5º), Ben Crane (915F 15º & 18º) and Ben Curtis  (915F 13.5º, 915Hd 17.5º & 20.5º). 


Jordan Spieth: “The Active Recoil Channel on the 915 really feels like the ball shoots forward even faster… You can see the ball jumping a little more and spinning less. … I’m able to adjust my 3-wood to an A•4 (SureFit Tour hosel) position to where it’s knocked up a degree in loft so when I’m hitting off the fairway it just looks like it’s easier to get it up in the air. The ball sticks on the face and shoots off harder and higher. And from there, I feel like I have every shot that I want. I can use it off a tee and it’s going to stay in the air longer. I’ve hit it further than ever off a tee and then into the green I’m able to still stop it on par-5 greens if I need to hit them in two.” 

Geoff Ogilvy: “I’ve always used a 15-degree 3-wood, but (with 915) I’ve gone up to a 16.5-degree loft and I’m hitting it further than my 15-degree, which is a massive advantage. Loft is your friend and it makes it easier to hit it straight. It looks easier to hit and it is easier to hit. … It’s really that perfect blend between one that you can really get hot and hit hard and one that you can try to feel into the green as well. It’s got a consistent, great face with the channel taking a lot of spin off the ones you hit hard.” 

Kevin Na: “The mishits are coming off the face just as hot, and even for a tour player, I do mishit it. I’ll hit it off the toe a little bit, off the heel, sometimes a little thin. It’s very minor, but knowing that even though you mishit a little bit it’s not going to affect it as much is a nice feeling…. I put the fairway wood in play the first day. The previous fairway wood I was playing with, I’d been playing it for seven years.” 

TOUR-PROVEN STOCK SHAFT MATRIX: 915 fairways and hybrids have a high-performance stock shaft matrix featuring four new aftermarket options from the most played shaft families on the PGA Tour to fit a wide range of players and swing speeds.

The stock fairway lineup includes the Aldila Rogue Black 80 (mid-launch) and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 80 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Blue 70 (mid launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Red 60 (high launch).   

The stock hybrid lineup includes the Aldila Rogue Black 85 (mid-launch) and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 90 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Blue 70 (mid launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Red 60 (high launch). 

Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices. 


• LONGER  DISTANCE through high speed and low spin from both tee and turf. 

• HIGHER  SPEED across the face from the Ultra Thin Face and ARC. 

• LOWER  SPIN from the forward-positioned ARC for trajectory control. 

• FORGIVENESS from the low CG, high MOI Design 

• PRECISION FIT through our industry leading SureFit® Tour Hosel technology. 

• PREMIUM SHAFTS provi de high performance options to maximize your speed and timing. 

• SOLID FEEL and sound from the higher standard of acoustic engineering. 

• GREAT LOOKS from the pear profile and rich appearance. 

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: The new 915F and 915Fd fairways will be available in golf shops worldwide beginning Nov. 14 with MAP of $279 (MSRP $299). The new 915H and 915Hd fairways will be available in golf shops worldwide beginning Nov. 14 with a MAP of $249 ($269 MSRP). 

ON THE WEB (FAIRWAYS) www.titleist.com/golf- clubs/fairways/915F.aspx 

ON THE WEB (HYBRIDS) www.titleist.com/golf- clubs/fairways/915H.aspx

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