Editor's Choice: The Cobalt Q6 Laser Rangefinder
26 Mar 2021
by Pete Wlodkowski of AmateurGolf.com

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If you want to know how important a piece of equipment a laser rangefinder is to competitive amateurs, just see how they panic when they leave it behind, or when their battery dies.

Lasers take the guesswork out of calculating distance, so we can concentrate on hitting the right shot. A new brand of rangefinder -- manufactured by a company who has 25 years of golf laser experience under their belt -- is taking this all-important piece of golf technology to the next level.

The company, called Cobalt, has introduced the Q6 and Q6 Slope models to the market with a consumer-direct model, so you can get professional-grade features and a lifetime warranty, at a fair price.

Both models of the Cobalt Q6 have best-of-breed laser optics, plus a smart, ergonomic design. Everything is right where you need it, with a comfortable rubberized grip and adjustable eyecup. The focus and magnification are so good that for fun I have been successfully tracking some of my playing partner's shots on par 3s, trying to see if I can replicate the work of a TV cameraman.

But in my experience, the most important thing about a laser rangefinder is whether you can trust it 100% of the time. I mean, these things are like satellite navigation. Whatever system you use, you'll only go "all in" and trust it if it's right all the time.

And here's the thing about I've been using the Q6 for over three months and not once have I shot a tree behind the green by mistake. That's because the Cobalt Q6 has PinSense -- which easily distinguishes the pin from background objects, providing a visual cue on a crystal clear display. Once locked and loaded, a vibration provides 100% confidence in the measurement.

I love the fractional yardages, and adjustable brightness illumination dial that make it easy to read regardless of the light you're playing in. This addresses a frequent complaint that some of my regular golf partners have had with their laser -- they can be tough to read in bright light. Turing it down when you don't need it, like on cloudy days, saves battery too.

And by the way, I haven't burned through my first battery, and if you know me you know I like to play -- a lot.

The same illumination dial has a button in the center which switches from yards to meters, making the Cobalt Q6 born ready for international travel. And on the Q6 slope model, a "SmartSwitch" is provided to disengage that feature when playing formal golf tournaments.

Outer appearances aren't the most important thing with rangefinders, but I must admit that the Q6 is distinctive, it's been fun answering questions about it during casual and tournament rounds of my initial trial. That period is long over -- my old laser is gone for good and I'm pleased to say that the Cobalt Q6 is my go-to "gun" for the foreseeable future.

If you're like me, you use a laser on almost all of your approach shots. Get the yardages you need quickly, and you can focus on knocking down the flag.


$370 ... Cobalt Q6
$420 ... Cobalt Q6 Slope

AmateurGolf.com members who order the Q6 can, for a limited time, choose one of two bonus gifts -- a sweet Cobalt towel, or two-pack of Titleist golf balls. Simply add either of those items to your cart from the gear page of the website (after selecting your laser of course), then add the appropriate code at checkout and the price of the towel or balls will change to zero. Not bad!


Order yours now at Cobalt-Golf.com

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