Lamkin Gripes Grip Cleaning Wipes Review
11 Apr 2013
by Pete Wlodkowski of

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- Keep them in your bag, and on the workbench
- Keep them in your bag, and on the workbench

They are one of your most important pieces of golf equipment and you abuse and neglect them on a regular basis. You let them suffer through 100-degree heat in the trunk of your car. And you hit hundreds of balls and play round after round without even giving them a second thought.

Okay, I forgot our audience for a minute. Many of you are accomplished tournament players so obsessed with keeping a competitive edge that you maintain every piece of your golf equipment like a fine sports car.

But for some of you, if your grips could talk they'd say one thing: "clean me". Recent trend towards white and colorful grip options means that grime, dirt, and those nasty black streaks from pulling the grip out of your golf bag make your grips look bad. The good news, as Lamkin CEO Bob Lamkin recently told me, is that with white or colored grips you have a visual indicator of when they need maintenance.

Lamkin’s namesake company, founded in 1925, has a solution to the grip maintenance issue, a disposable package of grip wipes cleverly named “Gripes”. I tried them out on some of my most neglected white grips, which I thought would never come clean. Too things immediately impressed me – 1) the noticeable removal of the black streaks from the grips and 2) the huge increase in feel and tackiness on my most-used grips after giving them a good wipe down.

Gripes come in a re-sealable package of (15) that fits in your bag for easy access when you need it. I found that I could clean a set with one gripe -- all I had to do to get to the last club was to bunch it up and fold it over a couple of times.

So forget about the soapy water bucket, and wet towel or brush. Gripes are the answer for grip maintenance, and should be in every golfer’s bag and on the workbench. Purchase Gripes ($5.99 retail) at your favorite golf retailer.

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