FootJoy Pure Touch Glove Review
15 Mar 2015
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The FJ Pure Touch glove offers outstanding performance and world-class feel.
The FJ Pure Touch glove offers outstanding performance and world-class feel.

by Alan Alsheimer, Jr. - Player Staff

Have you ever heard of a "semi-secret" FootJoy glove that some of the best players in the world wear?

It’s the FJ Pure Touch , and it’s worn by thousands of professional and amateur players around the world.

While the glove retails for $29.99, a clear $10 premium above Sta-Sof and other category leaders, there is a reason why. Try one on and you will know the feel immediately. The only connection between you and the ball is the club. And, the only connection between you and the club is the glove.

Although the Pure Touch glove is slightly more expensive than FootJoy's Sta-Sof, the incremental cost - about the price you'd pay for a sleeve of Pro V1 balls - is well worth the upgrade in quality and durability. It is super soft, unlike any others made. It lasts - the superior cut of leather doesn’t wear as quickly. And, while this glove doesn’t have to be used for your range sessions, or for your rounds that count, wouldn’t you want to be as best equipped to compete?

The glove comes in both right and left hand models, and with Cadets at every size measure. Personally, I use my worn gloves for my range work. Usually that takes a good 5 to 7 rounds before it is replaced with a new one. While it is said to be “Limited”, I have used this glove for 3 years running and have had no difficulty finding it at any online retailer. One place you probably won’t find it, given the price point, is your club’s pro shop. I can honestly say, try one on. But be warned, you just may not want to take it off.

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