Lamkin Grips: What avid golfers look for in grips
26 Oct 2013
by Benjamin Larsen of AmateurGolf.com

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Avid golfers are quite picky when it comes to their grips. They want solid feel and feedback, long-lasting durability and tackiness in a grip --- and they don’t want to sacrifice one feature for the other.

WIth the help of the amateurgolf.com Player Staff, we put Lamkin’s 2013 line of grips to test to see exaclty what it is that avid and competitive golfers have come to know and expect from their grips.

Feel and feedback is perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle for a golfer when considering grips. We work hard to get the right clubs, shafts, flexes and lies, so why would sacrifice that customization and detail when choosing a grip?

Of our group paneled, more than 50 percent said ‘feel’ was the most important feature they take into consideration when purchasing grips.

“Durability is important but it could be sacrificed for feel,” said Greg Austin, who tested the recently-released i-Line grips, which were developed by Lamkin and IOMIC to introduce a grip that combined feel and performance. “I have found that Lamkin grips have had much better durability without sacrificing feel.”

Many players, of course, operate on ‘feel’. For them (us), receiving proper feedback from the grip is even more crucial.

“I am a feel player and grips are the connection, so I’m pretty picky,” said Keith Johnson, who played Lamkin’s Perma Wrap ACE 3GEN grips. “There was some dampening but I was still able to get good feedback on contact.”

Golfers that don’t let the elements dictate when they can play, or simply live in hotter climates, look at tackiness as the crucial benefit of a grip. Whether it’s humid conditions causing sweaty hands or the cold and wind making your hands in need of an extra connection, the tackiness a grip provides is important.

Player Staff member David MacCallum, who lives in New England where temperature and humidity is a major factor during the golf season, was pleased with the performance of his Perma Wrap ACE 3GEN grips.

“I generally use cord grips and have tried rubber grips in the past but my hands tend to slip from the sweat on my palms,” he said. “The Perma Wraps are very tacky and stay tacky even when sweat gets on them.”

Like most avid golfers, MacCallum played those grips in varying weather conditions -- - warm fall days where the weather got into the 70s and colder days in the low 40s. In both types of conditions, he was pleased with the tackiness of his grips.

“They stay tacky when it’s cold out and that’s another good feature,” he said. “I played a couple times in 43-degree weather and they didn’t get slick.”

Our golfers also liked the response of the grips after cleaning. With swings and rounds logged, grips are often in need of a wipe down. Our panel was pleased that tackiness didn’t suffer after regular cleaning.”

Durability is the third factor avid golfers take into account when considering grips. With the amount of rounds we play, making sure the grip holds up for the majority of a season is crucial. Lamkin’s 2013 line of grips.

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