Southeastern Amateur 2020
July 21 - 24 2020
Columbus, GA


Tournament Overview

Southeastern Amateur 2020
The Southeastern Amateur is a top-level amateur golf tournament with a rich history dating back to 1922 - when the tournament was created by Fred Haskins. Each year, the Southeastern Amateur has the great honor of hosting many of the nation's top amateur golfers, from Division I NCAA National Champions to the nation's top Mid- Amateurs.

Field is limited to 90 players. The format is 72 holes of stroke play. The field will be cut to the low 60 and ties after 54 holes.

$295 entry fee includes practice round, at least three tournament rounds, and breakfast/lunch each day.

Open qualifier held the day before the tournament.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men
Regions: Southeast


Country Club of Columbus Country Club of Columbus
2610 Cherokee Ave
Columbus, GA  31906-1051
phone: (706) 322-6869
url: www.ccofcolumbus.com

Tournament News

In addition to the table results below, PDF versions of past results are available to view or download.

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1GABen CarrColumbus, GA50065-67-61-68=261
2AustraliaJordan DoullAustralia40064-70-69-68=271
T3TNRyan HallKnoxville, TN30065-71-69-67=272
T3GAWill ChandlerAtlanta, GA30068-70-65-69=272
T5ALGarrett JohnsonKimberly, AL30068-69-70-66=273
T5GAJames ClarkColumbus, GA30069-66-69-69=273
7GARusty MosleyVidalia, GA20065-68-68-73=274
8SCCaleb ProveauxLexington, SC20068-67-68-72=275
T9FLTrevor HulbertOrlando, FL20070-73-66-68=277
T9MSCharlie MillerJackson, MS20065-73-70-69=277
T11WVMason WilliamsBridgeport, WV10071-68-69-70=278
T11SingaporeQiwen WongSingapore10068-69-70-71=278
T11TNBryce LewisHendersonville, TN10070-68-69-71=278
T11TNSpencer CrossSevierville, TN10071-65-69-73=278
T11ALHal DoveDothan, AL10071-65-68-74=278
T16ALThomas PonderDothan, AL5071-75-66-67=279
T16GABartley ForresterGainesville, GA5071-70-68-70=279
18ALCalum MastersHeadland, AL5072-71-69-69=281
T19OHGarrett WoodMason, OH5068-75-74-65=282
T19ALFord CleggMountain Brook, AL5066-74-77-65=282
T19SCR.J. KeurSummerville, SC5072-69-71-70=282
T19FLLeopoldo HerreraDoral, FL5068-72-68-74=282
T23GAJonErik AlfordRoswell, GA075-73-67-68=283
T23ALHarlan WinnMountain Brook, AL071-69-72-71=283
T23GAMcCullough PickensSea Island, GA072-70-70-71=283
T23KYAllen HamiltonLouisville, KY072-71-69-71=283
T23FLSean ButscherTallahassee, FL070-73-67-73=283
T23GANicolas CassidyJohns Creek, GA070-69-68-76=283
T29TNChase RoswallBristol, TN071-70-71-72=284
T29CanadaSudarshan YellamarajuCanada067-72-72-73=284
T29OKLaken HintonEdmond, OK074-70-67-73=284
T32ALWilliam WannBirmingham, AL073-68-71-73=285
T32GAColin BowlesAlbany, GA073-69-70-73=285
T32GABrett BarronSuwanee, GA072-72-68-73=285
T32TNMichael ShearsFranklin, TN066-74-70-75=285
T36South AfricaAlex Van WykSouth Africa072-74-70-70=286
T36GATye WallerGriffin, GA072-72-72-70=286
T36GALuukas AlakulppiValdosta, GA068-71-75-72=286
T36TNHays MorelandMemphis, TN071-68-73-74=286
T36TNChip ThomasKnoxville, TN074-71-66-75=286
T41AustraliaJosh EdgarAustralia074-73-69-71=287
T41OKLane WallaceYukon, OK074-71-70-72=287
T41MSGriffin AgentMadison, MS074-72-69-72=287
T41GANolan MillerColumbus, GA071-70-72-74=287
T45VAPeter GasperiniS. Boston, VA075-74-68-71=288
T45NYJosh GoldenbergScarsdale, NY072-75-70-71=288
T45GALuka KaraulicDacula, GA071-72-73-72=288
T45CADeven RamachandranSan Rafael, CA070-71-74-73=288
T45UTHunter HoweOgden, UT068-75-71-74=288
T45GASam LapeAtlanta, GA070-72-71-75=288
T45New ZealandSamuel JonesNew Zealand070-70-72-76=288
52SCWilliam HarwoodColumbia, SC071-78-68-72=289
T53GAThomas HoganBrunswick, GA073-71-72-74=290
T53GABo BlanchardColumbus, GA074-68-73-75=290
T53SCStephen ReynoldsGreenville, SC071-73-70-76=290
T56GASpencer BallSuwanee, GA072-71-74-74=291
T56GAJonathan ParkerColumbus, GA069-73-70-79=291
58GAAlexander DeRosaAtlanta, GA068-77-72-76=293
59INNicolas OsterburgIndianapolis, IN076-70-71-77=294
60NYArjun PuriNew York, NY070-74-74-78=296

The Southeastern Amateur was created in 1922 by Fred Haskins, the Head Golf Professional at the Columbus Country Club, and was known as the Columbus Country Club Invitational. W.H. Dismuke Sr. won that inaugural event.

The tournament was later renamed in 1938 to the Southeastern Amateur. Mr. Tommy Barnes was the first to have his name inscribed on the newly named, Jordan-Martin Trophy.

The tournament has been held in both Match- Play and Stroke-play formats, and many records have been set along the way.

Among the winners since that event are Doug Sanders, Tommy Aaron, Danny Edwards, Curtis Strange, Columbus native Kenny Knox, and 5 time champion Allen Doyle. Included on the runner-up list are Mason Randolph, Gardner Dickinson, Bert Greene, Steve Melnyk, Gary Koch, Ben Crenshaw, Fuzzy Zoeller, Andy Bean, Willy Wood, and Paul Azinger. Aaron, Crenshaw, and Zoeller wear the green jacket of a Masters Champion, and Mr. Doyle launched into his senior tour career, shortly after winning his fifth Southeastern, where he has won the Senior U.S. Open twice.

The first tournament in 1922 was held before the course was actually complete and was only a 13-hole course.

Once the Donald Ross design was put into place between 1923 and 1925 making the course a full 18- holes, the tournament flourished. By the 50's, it had become the premier tournament for amateurs in the southeastern United States. As travel became more convenient, the tournament has transformed into what it is today, a top level amateur tournament that attracts the top players from around the world.

The course itself had been through many changes through the history of the tournament. In 2003, the course was put through an extensive renovation after Cecil Calhoun obtained the original Donald Ross designs. The course was made as close to those designs as possible during that rennovation, including the famous postage stamp green on #4, and of course the ever present "shaved" collection areas that are the signature of all Donald Ross designs.


2019 Benjamin Carr
2018 Stanton Schorr
2017 Jonathan Hardee
2016 Jared Bettcher
2015 Grant Hirschman
2014 Grant Hirschman
2013 Seth Reeves
2012 Dykes Harbin
2011 Seth Reeves
2010 Derek Chang
2009 Derek Chang
2008 Mitch Krywulcz
2007 George Bryan IV
2006 Seth Brandon
2005 Bill Sharpe
2004 Ted Smith
2003 Carter Mize
2002 (no tournament held)
2001 Bryant Odom
2000 Wright Waddell
1999 Jeff Klauk
1998 Jeff Klauk
1997 Ryuji Imada
1996 Wright Waddell
1995 Jay Hobby
1994 Wright Waddell
1993 Will Blackmon
1992 Allen Doyle
1991 Carter Mize
1990 Allen Doyle
1989 Wright Waddell
1988 Allen Doyle
1987 Elliott Kirven
1986 Hugh Royer III
1985 (no tournament held)
1984 Allen Doyle
1983 Allen Doyle
1982 John Spelman
1981 Elliott Kirven
1980 John Spelman
1979 Rafael Alarcon
1978 Terry Anton
1977 Kenny Knox
1976 Terry Anton
1975 Ed Davis
1974 Bo Trotter
1973 Curtis Strange
1972 Danny Edwards
1971 Allen Miller
1970 Allen Miller
1969 Bob Barbarrosa
1968 Jack Key, Jr.
1967 Steve Eichstaedt
1966 Earl Bowden, Jr.
1965 Gene Dahlbender
1964 Gene Dahlbender
1963 Sonny Swift
1962 Billy Key
1961 Howell Fraser
1960 Tommy Aaron
1959 Frank Eldridge
1958 Tommy Aaron
1957 Sonny Swift
1956 Sonny Swift
1955 Cecil Calhoun
1954 Doug Sanders
1953 Doug Sanders
1952 George Hamer
1951 George Hamer
1950 Gilbert Wesley
1949 Jack Key, Jr.
1948 Press Thornton
1947 Arnold Blum
1946 Tommy Barnes
1945 (no tournament held)
1944 (no tournament held)
1943 (no tournament held)
1942 (no tournament held)
1941 Arnold Blum
1940 Jack Slayton
1939 Arnold Blum
1938 Tommy Barnes
1937 Dan Kirkland
1936 Bill Eager
1935 Dupont Kirven, Jr.
1934 Stanley Holditch
1933 Dupont Kirven, Jr.
1932 R.K. Sutherland
1931 Frank Garrard, Jr.
1930 Frank Garrard, Jr.
1929 Frank Garrard, Jr.
1928 Charley Brumby
1927 Gene Cook
1926 Fred Minnich
1925 (no tournament held)
1924 Watts Gunn
1923 (no tournament held)
1922 W.H. Dismuke

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