San Francisco City 2020 MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP
February 15 - March 01 2020
San Francisco, CA


Tournament Overview

San Francisco City 2020 MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP
The oldest municipal tournament in the USA. Match play event with scratch men's, senior, women's, senior women's and open flight divisions. Past champions include Ken Venturi, Harvie Ward, Juli Inkster, Bob Rosburg, George Archer, and Dorothy Delasin. Some of the 'non winners' include Tom Watson and Johnny Miller. Click the 'history' tab for more about this wonderful event.

A schedule of all dates of play can be found on the tournament website sfgolfchampionship.com.

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Format: Match Play
Categories: Men
Regions: Northern California, Pacific


TPC Harding Park Golf Course TPC Harding Park Golf Course
99 Harding Rd
San Francisco, CA  94132-1021
phone: 415-664-4690
url: tpc.com/hardingpark

Tournament News

In addition to the table results below, PDF versions of past results are available to view or download.

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WinCACharles PorterSan Francisco, CA180
Runner-upCADomingo JojolaSan Francisco, CA120
SemifinalsCAMichael JensenSan Francisco, CA80
SemifinalsCAAnthony VernaOrinda, CA80
QuarterfinalsCATy MaciasSan Francisco, CA50
QuarterfinalsCASam HarrisSan Mateo, CA50
QuarterfinalsCAAndrew BiggadikeBelmont, CA50
QuarterfinalsCAAlex ChinPleasanton, CA50
Final 16MexicoAlejandro GutierrezMexico30
Final 16CALuis TerrazaSanta Rosa, CA30
Final 16CARyan GraumanAlamo, CA30
Final 16CADarren PangSan Ramon, CA30
Final 16CANathan WangFremont, CA30
Final 16AZJonathan CurranScottsdale, AZ30
Final 16CABobby BuceyConcord, CA30
Final 16CAJalen GriffinSan Francisco, CA30
MedalistCAJason AnthonyFairfield, CA30
Final 32CAJason AnthonyFairfield, CA15
Final 32CAGarett WagnerBrentwood, CA15
Final 32CAChris QvaleSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CATravis PetersonSanta Rosa, CA15
Final 32CAMaxwell PlankPacifica, CA15
Final 32CAJohn JennisonSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CABrett HighleySan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CAJordan HashimotoDanville, CA15
Final 32CAChris RendlerManhattan Beach, CA15
Final 32CABrett VibochMoraga, CA15
Final 32CAKevin TurnerSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CAKeith RodriguezSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32MacauRonnie HunMacau15
Final 32CARedmond LyonsSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CAEric SlawterSan Francisco, CA15
Final 32CAWyatt McGovernHillsborough, CA15

by Pete Wlodkowski

The San Francisco City Championship was inaugurated in 1917, and is the Country's oldest municipal golf tournament. The Women's division was added in 1958. In its early years, the tournament was hosted by the Sun-Bulletin newspaper and has had numerous sponsors throughout its history such as Bob Varner, Tom Culligan, and Pepsi.

The name of the tournament is deceiving, as the field is typically made up of the best amateurs from throughout Northern California. As a matter of fact, the 1999 field included Mark Murphy of Waterville, Ireland, who made it to the quarterfinals before being ousted in a nail-biter by Gary Vanier. (Vanier eventually lost to Randy Haag in what was called the best final since Ken Venturi beat Harvey Ward in 1956 in front of 12,000 fans.)

Another thing that makes the City Championship a unique event is the inclusion of an "Open" Division, allowing for amateurs of varying abilities to compete. The top two flights in the Open Division, named the "Venturi" and "Susko" respectively, are named for two of the tournaments' most popular competitors, Ken Venturi and John Susko, the latter of whom met an untimely death from Crohn's disease in 1983. Susko is remembered as a popular Lincoln Park golfer who won the City Championship in 1978 and 1980, won the Alameda Commuters in 1981, and participated in a number of National amateur events even with a condition that often sidelined him for weeks at a time.

Those familiar with the City Championship will tell you about the tradition of playing the ball as it lies at San Francisco's Lincoln and Harding Park golf courses in some often very wintry conditions. More than one player has marched in to the tournament office claiming that they will never play again, but their applications usually find their way in the following year. Conditions are the same for everyone; the ability to accept the occasional bad break is paramount to a competitor's success.

Past champions include 1964 US Open Champion Ken Venturi, 1999 US Women's Open Champion Julie Inkster, and 1969 Masters Champion George Archer. More recently, LPGA Tour player Dorothy Delasin* of Daly City (winner of the 1998 US Junior Girls Championship and 1999 US Women's Amateur) claimed the Women's City Championship in 1998.


2020 Charles Porter
2019 Evan Peterson
2018 Jason Anthony
2017 Brian Ma
2016 Daniel Connolly
2015 Justin Suh
2014 Shintaro Ban
2013 Will Brueckner
2012 Cody Blick
2011 Brandon Hagy
2010 George Gandranata
2009 Carlos Briones
2008 Martin Trainer
2007 Chad Cocco
2006 Will Johnson
2005 Michael Wilson
2004 Steve Sparolini
2003 Rick Reinsberg
2002 Mike Schmitz
2001 James Hay
2000 Nick Ushijima
1999 Randy Haag
1998 Scott Watson
1997 Dave Parsons
1996 Jim Evans
1995 Jim Evans
1994 Gary Vanier
1993 Joey Cabrera
1992 Gary Vanier
1991 Mark Sear
1990 John Groth, Jr.
1989 Aly Trompas
1988 Gary Vanier
1987 Richard Petit
1986 Gary Vanier
1985 Gary Vanier
1984 Aly Trompas
1983 Frank Mazion
1982 Ray Pellegrini
1981 Kurt Posey
1980 John Susko
1979 Frank Mazion
1978 John Susko
1977 Mark Hillsinger
1976 Aly Trompas
1975 Dave Baskins
1974 Tom Culligan
1973 Gilberto Torres
1972 John Cranston
1971 Gary Vanier
1970 Bill Paulson
1969 Mike Moriarty
1968 Ray Leach
1967 Bob E. Smith
1966 Larry Anderson
1965 Walt Gilliam
1964 Ken Towns
1963 George Archer
1962 Tom Dixon
1961 Verne Callison
1960 Bob Sylvestri
1959 Bob Sylvestri
1958 Bill McCool
1957 Tal Smith
1956 Ken Venturi
1955 Harvie Ward
1954 Cy Pennel
1953 Ken Venturi
1952 Bob Sylvestri
1951 Robert Cardinal
1950 Ken Venturi
1949 Ed Castagnetto
1948 Richard Bailey
1947 James Molinari
1946 Ed Castagnetto
1945 William Fritz
1944 Ed Castagnetto
1943 Louis Jennings
1942 James Molinari
1941 Ernest Carli
1940 William Higgins
1939 James Molinari
1938 Frank Toronto
1937 James E. French, Jr.
1936 Dale Goodart
1935 Jack Finger
1934 Charles Ferrera
1933 Edgar Haber
1932 Charles Ferrera
1931 A.G. Sato
1930 Charles Ferrera
1929 Dr. Jack Wolfe
1928 George Ritchie
1927 George Ritchie
1926 James A. Ritchie
1925 Larry Kelly
1924 John F. Neville
1923 John J. McHugh
1922 John F. Neville
1921 John J. McHugh
1920 Charles E. Foley
1919 Sam L. Conlon, Jr.
1918 E. J. O'Brien
1917 Fitzgerald Marx

Ian AlbrechtSonoma, CA
Justin AlonzoSan Martin, CA
Andrew AlstonSan Francisco, CA
Joseph AmorosoSan Francisco, CA
Glenn AndradeNapa, CA
Jason AnthonyFairfield, CA
Matthew AudibertSan Francisco, CA
Jack BarberLa Jolla, CA
Mike BarbieriSan Bruno, CA
Andrew BiggadikeBelmont, CA
David BloomSan Francisco, CA
Brandon BoneSanta Rosa, CA
jesse brankenSan Francisco, CA
Erik BredesenMinneapolis, MN
Bobby BuceyConcord, CA
Douglas BurtonSan Jose, CA
Adam Cartozian-WilliamsModesto, CA
Evan ChienIrvine, CA
Brendon ChoeOrinda, CA
Dorian ClaveauStanford, CA
Jonathan CurranScottsdale, AZ
Adrian DavisSan Leandro, CA
Samuel EchiksonSan Francisco, CA
Sean EtowAptos, CA
Charlie FarrellSan Francisco, CA
Clayton FarrisSebastopol, CA
Austin FisherDublin, CA
Ian FisherDUBLIN, CA
Kitt FloodSan Francisco, CA
Blair FoxWalnut Creek, CA
Nikolai FriedmanMill valley , CA
Joe GarveySan Francisco, CA
Frank GawronskiPetaluma, CA
Scott GilgallonPacifica, CA
Chris GoinAlameda, CA
Jacob GoodeSan Francisco, CA
Ryan GraumanAlamo, CA
Jalen GriffinSan Francisco, CA
Alejandro GutierrezSanta clara, Mexico
Sam HarrisSan Mateo, CA
Aubrey HarwellGrass Valley, CA
Jordan HashimotoDanville, CA
Damen HauswaldKensington, CA
Joey HaydenDublin, CA
Jeff HeittDanville, CA
Brett HighleySan Francisco, CA
Mitchell HoeyAlamo, CA
William HoleSan Francisco, CA
Wes HollabaughRoseville, CA
Justin HopkinsDanville, CA
Ronnie HunMacau, Macau
Chris HylandSan Francisco, CA
Patrick IgoeSan Francisco, CA
Ray JacksonKentfield, CA
Blair JamiesonScotts Valley, CA
John JennisonSan Rafael, CA
Michael JensenSan Francisco, CA
Domingo JojolaCarmichael, CA
john jonessf, CA
Brandon KellyRancho Murieta, CA
Ralph KhoBelmont, CA
Gary KnightSan Francisco, CA
Matthew KressSaratoga, CA
Joe LaHorgueSan Francisco, CA
Jerry Ledzinski IICarmel, CA
Michael LeeSan Francisco, CA
Ryan LeederSan Jose, CA
Matthew LehmanSan Francisco, CA
Zach LentSan Francisco, CA
Carson LevitSan Francisco, CA
Carlo LigottiSonoma, CA
Redmond LyonsSan Francisco, CA
Ty MaciasSan Francisco, CA
Michael MacLeodSan Mateo, CA
Angelo MarconSan Francisco, CA
Ryan McColeRedwood City, CA
Andrew McDonaldPacifica, CA
Davis McDowellSan Rafael, CA
Wyatt McGovernHillsborough, CA
Rob McLarenPortola Valley, CA
Colt McNealyPortola Valley, CA
Jason MelvinCarmel, CA
Travis MillerCastro Valley, CA
Stephen MolinelliSan Francisco, CA
Bryan MoquinRedwood City, CA
Trevor MoquinRedwood City, CA
Timothy NelsonSan Francisco, CA
Jordan NordbySebastopol, CA
Diarmuid O FathartaAlameda, CA
Daniel O'ConnorSan Francisco, CA
William OlingerSan Francisco, CA
Hans OlsonSan Francisco, CA
Ian OsborneSan Francisco, CA
anton ouyangsan jose, CA
Darren PangSan Ramon, CA
Brian PeriquetSan Francisco, CA
Travis PetersonSanta Rosa, CA
Adam Petkesan francisco, CA
Samuel PetkeLos Gatos, CA
Maxwell PlankSan Francisco , CA
Justin PolkSanta Clara, CA
Charles PorterSan Francisco, CA
Chris QvaleSan francisco, CA
Ben RaglandSan Ramon, CA
Tony RalphSunnyvale, CA
Chris RendlerManhattan beach, CA
Randall RieglerSan Francisco, CA
Deane RinaldiSanta Cruz, CA
Keith RodriguezSan Francisco, CA
Paul RomanoTiburon, CA
Travis RowneyLivermore, CA
Joseph SchieboldRohnert Park, CA
Erik SchuchardSan Francisco, CA
David ScottMillbrae, CA
Ben ScribnerSan Francisco, USA
ishaan sensan ramon, CA
Nicholas ShannahanPalo Alto, CA
Ashton SilkHillsborough, CA
Lewis SimonTorrance, CA
Derek SimperSan Francisco, CA
Eric SlawterSan Francisco, CA
Matt SmithSan Francisco, CA
Jack SnowSan Francisco, CA
Ben SoicherMill Valley, CA
Stephen SparoliniSan Mateo, CA
Jack SteckSan Jose, CA
Neil SummersSan Mateo, CA
Kevin SzeSaratoga, CA
Baron SzetoMoraga, CA
Luis TerrazaSanta Rosa, CA
Kevin TurnerSan Francisco, CA
Michael UchikadoSalinas, CA
Dylan VanderVeerCorona Del Mar, CA
Tony VernaSan Francisco, CA
Brett VibochSacramento, CA
Leonardo VieiraSan Leandro, CA
Garett WagnerBrentwood, CA
Spencer WallingSan Mateo, CA
William WalshSan Mateo, CA
Nathan WangFremont, CA
Spencer WangTiburon, CA
Matthew WatkinsNovato, CA
Benjamin WeaverMountain View, CA
Ian WilburRipon, CA
Ryan WilsonSan Francisco, CA
Nick WooNovato, CA
Dan YoungRedwood City, CA
Adam YountSan Francisco, CA
David ZollerFresno, CA

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