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April 13 - 16 2018
Bandon, OR


Tournament Overview 2018 Two Man Links Championship
This is the big one. Join us for the 17th annual playing of's flagship best-ball event at the highly-acclaimed Bandon Dunes Resort. The tournament features Scratch, Senior Scratch, and Net Divisions and it always draws a diverse group of players from across the U.S. and Canada.


(4) nights lodging at Bandon Dunes Resort (see options when registering)
(4) tournament rounds (1) at each of the resort's courses
(1) gala tournament dinner (golf attire fine)
$10,000 in prizes (based on 80 players)
Tournament awards for division winners
Welcome gifts for all players


Thursday, April 12, 2018
Arrival day, golf at player's expense today for those that arrive early enough or complimentary use of awesome range
- Lodging: Bandon Dunes Resort

Friday, April 13, 2018
Tournament Round 1 at Old Macdonald, morning tee times
- Lodging: Bandon Dunes Resort

Saturday, April 14, 2018

- morning tee times start approx 8:00am
Tournament Round Two - Bandon Trails
- Lodging: Bandon Dunes Resort

Sunday, April 15, 2018
- morning tee times start approx 8:00am
Tournament Round Three - Pacific Dunes
- evening: 7:00pm - Dinner at Bandon Dunes- MacKenzie Hall
- Lodging: Bandon Dunes Resort

Monday, April 16, 2018
- morning tee times tbd based on number of players
Final Round - Bandon Dunes
- please check out of your room prior to play unless arrangements have been made to stay over
- Tournament Awards immediately following play at St. Andrews room.

Search Terms

Format: Better-Ball / Four-Ball
Categories: Men, Men Mid-Am, Men Senior
Regions: Northwest, Pacific


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
57744 Round Lake Rd
Bandon, OR  97411-6360
phone: (541) 347-4380 or (888) 345-6008

Tournament News

1727365210John KroghSulphur, OK
Jason WoodOklahoma City, OK
2757070215Kevin PraterRichardson, TX
Winn SmithAustin, TX
3727571218Mark MartinSebastopol, CA
Garrett WaldronSanta Rosa, CA
4767874228John CesarzNew York, NY
David PriceRaleigh, NC
5887681245Thomas FletcherBoulder City, NV
Darin GarnessLas Vegas , NV
Senior Championship
1766770213Gregory BrookingNatchez, MS
Bill ByrneNatchez, MS
2736874215Steve RobinsonBelmont, CA
Jay WeissThe Woodlands, TX
3797268219Pat GarlandBrooksville, FL
Greg HendrixDuluth, GA
4796775221Dave RathjenSan Jose, CA
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
5777375225Sherman HaggertyMarietta, USA
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
6757677228Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
Bo SinghCollegeville, PA
7827374229Jeff LanePeoria, AZ
Robert StoneMesa, AZ
8727980231Rick LareauGlen Allen, VA
Mark SmithCrozier, VA
9807678234Alan SchneiderSan Francisco, CA
Gary ShemanoKentfield, CA
107982wdwdJack RobinsonModesto, CA
Gil WymondModesto, CA
1686868204Cameron PurseDallas, TX
Charles PurseVillage of Golf, FL
2716668205Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CO
2726568205Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA, CA
Mark UtterSolana Beach, CA
4767067213Jim TarbellEnglewood, CO
Theodore TarbellParker, CO
4727665213Gordon AtkinsonSan Francisco, CA
Robert MolkeSan Francisco, CA
6757471220Charles MazzolaOakland, CA
Mason MazzolaOakland, CA
7757274221Kurt LissCastle Rock, CO
Cliff StahlPhoenix, AZ
8777573225Conrad FigueroaDanville, CA
Stuart KariSunriver, OR

Pairings for Round 1 on Monday April 16 follow.

BD Tee #1 07:00 AM
Alan SchneiderSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
Gary ShemanoKentfield, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 07:10 AM
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA, CANet
Mark UtterSolana Beach, CANet
Cameron PurseDallas, TXNet
Charles PurseVillage of Golf, FLNet
BD Tee #1 07:20 AM
Mike SuttmanDayton, OHNet
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CONet
Jim TarbellEnglewood, CONet
Theodore TarbellParker, CONet
BD Tee #1 07:30 AM
Gordon AtkinsonSan Francisco, CANet
Robert MolkeSan Francisco, CANet
Kurt LissCastle Rock, CONet
Cliff StahlPhoenix, AZNet
BD Tee #1 07:40 AM
Thomas FletcherBoulder City, NVChampionship
Darin GarnessLas Vegas , NVChampionship
Dave RathjenSan Jose, CASenior Championship
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 07:50 AM
Jeff LanePeoria, AZSenior Championship
Robert StoneMesa, AZSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:00 AM
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CTSenior Championship
Bo SinghCollegeville, PASenior Championship
Pat GarlandBrooksville, FLSenior Championship
Greg HendrixDuluth, GASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:10 AM
Charles MazzolaOakland, CANet
Mason MazzolaOakland, CANet
Conrad FigueroaDanville, CANet
Stuart KariSunriver, ORNet
BD Tee #1 08:20 AM
Gregory BrookingNatchez, MSSenior Championship
Bill ByrneNatchez, MSSenior Championship
Steve RobinsonBelmont, CASenior Championship
Jay WeissThe Woodlands, TXSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:30 AM
Rick LareauGlen Allen, VASenior Championship
Mark SmithCrozier, VASenior Championship
Sherman HaggertyMarietta, USASenior Championship
Ben WhippleMarietta, SCSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 08:40 AM
John CesarzNew York, NYChampionship
David PriceRaleigh, NCChampionship
Mark MartinSebastopol, CAChampionship
Garrett WaldronSanta Rosa, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:50 AM
John KroghSulphur, OKChampionship
Jason WoodOklahoma City, OKChampionship
Kevin PraterRichardson, TXChampionship
Winn SmithAustin, TXChampionship

In 2002, visited Bandon Dunes for the first time with 24 players. We have come back every year, with average fields ranging from 60 to 80 players.

The host courses, Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old Macdonald in Oregon have firmly rooted themselves as some of the top courses in the world; they are running out of wall space in the Lodge on which to display the course and destination awards that keep accumulating.


2018 John Krogh, Jason Wood
2017 Kyle Rector, Andrew Sherman
2016 Trey Coker, Matt Koury
2014 Pete Wlodkowski, Peter Davison
2013 Greg Wardle, Andrew Matagrano
2012 Pete Wlodkowski, Peter Davison
2011 Erik Hallgrimson, Wayne McClintock
2010 Steve White, Andy White
2009 Andrew Matagrano, Greg Wardle
2008 Trey Owen, Ralph Hamm III
2007 Brad Kropp, Bill Roberts
2006 David Bartman, Robert Funk
2005 Jay Audia, Brad Mombert
2004 Kevin Bedsole, Paul Balatti
2003 Gary Young, Greg Wardle
2002 Pete Wlodkowski, James Weick Jr

2018 Gregory Brooking, Bill Byrne
2017 Bob Burnett, Dave Cannon
2016 Sherman Haggerty, Ben Whipple
2015 Paul Batchelor, Steven Ward
2014 Sherman Haggerty, Ben Whipple
2013 Sherman Haggerty, Ben Whipple
2012 David Ujihara, Gary Wing
2011 Jeff Newton, Chuck Parsons
2010 Sherman Haggerty, Ben Whipple
2009 Sherman Haggerty, Ben Whipple
2008 Douglas Fraser, Larry Harrison
2007 Mark Stuart, Robert Stuart
2006 Bobby Forster, Stephen Friend
2005 Jack Robinson, Gil Wymond

2018 Cameron Purse, Charles Purse
2017 Mike Suttman, Steve Suttman
2016 Mark McDaniel, Richard McDaniel
2015 Jeff Potter, Mark Schaefer
2014 Charles Purse, Randall Schwartz
2013 Chris Lawton, Dieter Dammeier
2012 Chad Clark, David DeBerry
2011 Robert Miller, Tim Burke
2010 George Stevens, Michael Stevens
2009 Norm Boucher, Tim Burke
2008 George Stevens, Michael Stevens
2007 Robert Bristow, William Strong
2006 Phil Ekedahl, Mike Hansen
2005 Kevin Macgillivray, Kenneth Griffith
2004 Charles Smith, Joe Colmery
2003 Tim Maas, Michael Schoeder
2002 Joe Cardinale, Tom Maher

John CesarzNew York, NY
Thomas FletcherBoulder City, NV
Darin GarnessLas Vegas , NV
John KroghSulphur, OK
Mark MartinSebastopol, CA
Kevin PraterRichardson, TX
David PriceRaleigh, NC
Winn SmithAustin, TX
Garrett WaldronSanta Rosa, CA
Jason WoodOklahoma City, OK
Senior Championship
Gregory BrookingNatchez, MS
Bill ByrneNatchez, MS
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
Pat GarlandBrooksville, FL
Sherman HaggertyMarietta, USA
Greg HendrixDuluth, GA
Jeff LanePeoria, AZ
Rick LareauGlen Allen, VA
Dave RathjenSan Jose, CA
Jack RobinsonModesto, CA
Steve RobinsonBelmont, CA
Alan SchneiderSan Francisco, CA
Gary ShemanoKentfield, CA
Bo SinghCollegeville, PA
Mark SmithCrozier, VA
Robert StoneMesa, AZ
Jay WeissThe Woodlands, TX
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
Gil WymondModesto, CA
Gordon AtkinsonSan Francisco, CA
Conrad FigueroaDanville, CA
Stuart KariSunriver, OR
Kurt LissCastle Rock, CO
Charles MazzolaOakland, CA
Mason MazzolaOakland, CA
Robert MolkeSan Francisco, CA
Cameron PurseDallas, TX
Charles PurseVillage of Golf, FL
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA, CA
Cliff StahlPhoenix, AZ
Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CO
Jim TarbellEnglewood, CO
Theodore TarbellParker, CO
Mark UtterSolana Beach, CA

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Bandon Dunes Resort 
Lily Pond

LILY POND - (Double occupancy)
The Lily Pond Rooms offer the resort's best value for overnight lodging. Just a wedge shot from the Lodge, a paved walking trail connects the Lily Pond Rooms to the Lodge and first tee at Bandon Dunes. Spacious sitting area, two queen beds, fireplace, and private bathroom. Each room has either a balcony or patio with a view of a natural lily pond.

Bandon Dunes 
Lake Loft
Chrome Lake Loft

CHROME LAKE LOFT (Suite style room)
Chrome Lake Lofts are extremely popular with our tournament players, and have sold out many years. Each Chrome Lake Loft offers a spacious sitting area and two bedrooms, each with one king bed and separate bathroom. In the sitting area, a vaulted ceiling opens the room to two adjacent alcoves, one with a fireplace and the other that serves as a card room. You can't go wrong with the setting, overlooking the lake or surrounding forest.

Bandon Dunes Lodge
Forest King

Every year we reserve a few single rooms, each with one king bed, for those that prefer the convenience and solitude of The Inn. Located a short walk from the main lodge, The Inn offers its own sitting area and library, the perfect place to relax after your round or to get a little work done to keep up with things back home.

Bandon Dunes 
The Luxurious Grove Cottage

In the spirit of Golf As It Was Meant To Be, these four-bedroom cottages are designed specifically to house a foursome. Grove Cottages include four bedrooms, each with a king bed, private bath and a parlor - the largest room in any of the accommodations at Bandon Dunes. Built into each bedroom and parlor are floor-to-ceiling corner windows that offer pristine views of Round Lake to the east, the Lily Pond to the West, or a garden setting. Guests will enjoy an indoor fireplace and outdoor patio tucked into Bandon's natural landscape.

Contact Information

Brandie Hammontree, Tournament Coordinator
6965 El Camino Real #105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92011
phone: 760-929-9297
Latest in, Inc.
6965 El Camino Real 105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92011

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