AmateurGolf.com 2016 Tour Championship presented by Callaway Golf
December 17 - 18 2016
Pebble Beach, CA


Tournament Overview

The Tour Championship is now open to all players who satisfy the handicap requirements. Join us at the completely renovated Poppy Hills Golf Course in one of three fields: scratch, senior scratch, and net.

Poppy Hills recently reopened after a complete remodel. The course plays fast, firm, and fun yet retains the charm of winding through the forest inside the 17 Mile Drive.
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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California, Southern California


Poppy Hills Golf Course Poppy Hills Golf Course
3200 Lopez Rd
Pebble Beach, CA  93953-2900
phone: (831) 622-8239
url: www.poppyhillsgolf.com

Tournament News

17072142Daniel ConnollySan Francisco, CA
17072142Daniel PenaModesto, CA
37272144Ryan GraumanAlamo, CA
47273145Ryan KnopPleasanton, CA
57373146Christian BankeSCOTTSDALE, AZ
57472146Finigan TillySAN CARLOS, CA
77077147Ryan HanElk Grove, CA
77176147Blake HathcoatFresno, CA
76978147Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CA
107376149Riley ElmesLake Oswego, OR
107277149Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CA
127576151Caleb ShetlerSaratoga, CA
137478152Ashkaan HakimSAN RAMON, CA
137676152Tanner HughesLodi, CA
137973152Minsu LeeSan Jose, CA
137577152Ryan PedderSan Marcos, CA
177678154Mason GlinskiOxnard, CA
177975154Ryan MaundPleasanton, CA
197877155Dominick HooverMonterey, CA
198075155Jeffrey Inouye-WongRoseville, CA
197976155Jared KhooDanville, CA
197976155Alex ParkVancouver, Canada
197778155Nate ParkCoto de Caza,, CA
197877155Evan PetersonMadera, CA
197778155Mark SiderLake Forest , CA
197679155Vijay SrinivasanFremont, CA
277878156Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
277482156Henry GordonPalo Alto, CA
277977156David LeedeStanford, CA
277977156Jeremy SanchezElk Grove, CA
277185156Sean YuSan Jose, CA
327879157Austin FischerOrinda, CA
327780157Matt HeitelRedwood City, CA
328077157Kent KaoPinole, CA
357484158Ronnie McDowell Jr.San Jose, CA
367980159Spencer LeaderOakland, CA
378080160Jack AvritArroyo Grande, CA
378278160Spencer ChamberlinDanville, CA
378476160Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
377981160Mikey SlesinskiSan Diego, CA
418180161Brett JohnsonVancouver, WA
418081161Ryan JohnsonNapa, CA
417982161William PollockEugene, OR
418279161Kevin SteinfeldHuntington Beach, CA
417982161Shane WathanasayneeCerritos, CA
467786163Alex ChinPLEASANTON, CA
468776163Marcus Mercado-KielLong Beach, CA
487985164Tanner ChoateAcampo, CA
488183164Hayden HuiDublin, CA
487985164Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CA
518185166Warren MillerBakersfield, CA
518581166Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CA
538484168Chad HambrightLake Elsinore, CA
538484168Daren JohnsonCovina, CA
538682168James LemosAlameda, CA
568982171Nate JetterPleasanton, CA
578489173Bryan PinkhamCosta Mesa, CA
589088178Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CA
599089179Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CA
609099189Tucker Williamsoakland, CA
6185wdwdJohn FraciscoPleasanton, CA
61wdwdPatrick FraciscoPleasanton, CA
6177wdwdBryce LoosigianFRESNO, CA
61wdwdMatthew NicolettiBerkeley, CA
61wdwdDeane RinaldiSanta Cruz, CA
Senior Championship
17980159Sung HanElk Grove , CA
17683159Tony RalphSunnyvale, CA
37984163Lawrence FieldPalm Desert, CA
48583168Todd PalmaerCorona Del Mar, CA
58685171Robert GoodwinAtherton, CA
17576151Calvin KnopPleasanton, CA
27181152Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
36988157Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
47784161Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday December 18 follow.

Tee #1 08:10 AM
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CANet
Robert GoodwinAtherton, CASenior Championship
Todd PalmaerCorona Del Mar, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:20 AM
Lawrence FieldPalm Desert, CASenior Championship
Sung HanElk Grove , CASenior Championship
Tony RalphSunnyvale, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 08:30 AM
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Calvin KnopPleasanton, CANet
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CANet
Tee #1 08:40 AM
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CAChampionship
Dominick HooverMonterey, CAChampionship
Nate ParkCoto de Caza,, CAChampionship
Evan PetersonMadera, CAChampionship
Tee #1 08:50 AM
Alex ChinPLEASANTON, CAChampionship
Matt HeitelRedwood City, CAChampionship
Mark SiderLake Forest , CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:00 AM
Mason GlinskiOxnard, CAChampionship
Tanner HughesLodi, CAChampionship
Caleb ShetlerSaratoga, CAChampionship
Vijay SrinivasanFremont, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:10 AM
Henry GordonPalo Alto, CAChampionship
Ashkaan HakimSAN RAMON, CAChampionship
Ryan PedderSan Marcos, CAChampionship
Finigan TillySAN CARLOS, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:20 AM
Christian BankeSCOTTSDALE, AZChampionship
Riley ElmesLake Oswego, ORChampionship
Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CAChampionship
Ronnie McDowell Jr.San Jose, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:30 AM
Ryan GraumanAlamo, CAChampionship
Blake HathcoatFresno, CAChampionship
Ryan KnopPleasanton, CAChampionship
Sean YuSan Jose, CAChampionship
Tee #1 09:40 AM
Daniel ConnollySan Francisco, CAChampionship
Ryan HanElk Grove, CAChampionship
Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CAChampionship
Daniel PenaModesto, CAChampionship
Tee #10 08:10 AM
Tanner ChoateAcampo, CAChampionship
Austin FischerOrinda, CAChampionship
Alex ParkVancouver, CanadaChampionship
Tee #10 08:20 AM
Minsu LeeSan Jose, CAChampionship
Ryan MaundPleasanton, CAChampionship
William PollockEugene, ORChampionship
Shane WathanasayneeCerritos, CAChampionship
Tee #10 08:30 AM
Jared KhooDanville, CAChampionship
Spencer LeaderOakland, CAChampionship
David LeedeStanford, CAChampionship
Jeremy SanchezElk Grove, CAChampionship
Tee #10 08:40 AM
Jack AvritArroyo Grande, CAChampionship
Jeffrey Inouye-WongRoseville, CAChampionship
Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CAChampionship
Mikey SlesinskiSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tee #10 08:50 AM
Hayden HuiDublin, CAChampionship
Brett JohnsonVancouver, WAChampionship
Ryan JohnsonNapa, CAChampionship
Kent KaoPinole, CAChampionship
Tee #10 09:00 AM
Spencer ChamberlinDanville, CAChampionship
Chad HambrightLake Elsinore, CAChampionship
Warren MillerBakersfield, CAChampionship
Kevin SteinfeldHuntington Beach, CAChampionship
Tee #10 09:10 AM
Daren JohnsonCovina, CAChampionship
Lucas LamBerkeley, CAChampionship
Bryan PinkhamCosta Mesa, CAChampionship
Tee #10 09:20 AM
Nate JetterPleasanton, CAChampionship
James LemosAlameda, CAChampionship
Marcus Mercado-KielLong Beach, CAChampionship
Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CAChampionship
Tee #10 09:30 AM
Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CAChampionship
Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CAChampionship
Matthew NicolettiBerkeley, CAChampionship
Tucker Williamsoakland, CAChampionship

Riley AdamsHidden Valley Lake, CA
Jack AvritArroyo Grande, CA
Christian BankeSCOTTSDALE, AZ
Spencer ChamberlinDanville, CA
Tanner ChoateAcampo, CA
Daniel ConnollySan Francisco, CA
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
Riley ElmesLake Oswego, OR
Austin FischerOrinda, CA
John FraciscoPleasanton, CA
Patrick FraciscoPleasanton, CA
Mason GlinskiOxnard, CA
Henry GordonPalo Alto, CA
Ryan GraumanAlamo, CA
Ashkaan HakimSAN RAMON, CA
Chad HambrightLake Elsinore, CA
Ryan HanElk Grove, CA
Blake HathcoatFresno, CA
Matt HeitelRedwood City, CA
Dominick HooverMonterey, CA
Tanner HughesLodi, CA
Hayden HuiDublin, CA
Jeffrey Inouye-WongRoseville, CA
Nate JetterPleasanton, CA
Brett JohnsonVancouver, WA
Daren JohnsonCovina, CA
Ryan JohnsonNapa, CA
Kent KaoPinole, CA
Roderick Kenney IIVallejo, CA
Jared KhooDanville, CA
Ryan KnopPleasanton, CA
Lucas LamBerkeley, CA
Spencer LeaderOakland, CA
Minsu LeeSan Jose, CA
David LeedeStanford, CA
James LemosAlameda, CA
Bryce LoosigianFRESNO, CA
Clayton MadeyBerkeley, CA
Ryan MaundPleasanton, CA
Ronnie McDowell Jr.San Jose, CA
Marcus Mercado-KielLong Beach, CA
Warren MillerBakersfield, CA
Matthew NicolettiBerkeley, CA
Nicolas NoyaSouth San Francisco, CA
Alex ParkVancouver, Canada
Nate ParkCoto de Caza,, CA
Ryan PedderSan Marcos, CA
Daniel PenaModesto, CA
Evan PetersonMadera, CA
Bryan PinkhamCosta Mesa, CA
William PollockEugene, OR
Deane RinaldiSanta Cruz, CA
Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CA
Jeremy SanchezElk Grove, CA
Caleb ShetlerSaratoga, CA
Mark SiderLake Forest , CA
Mikey SlesinskiSan Diego, CA
Vijay SrinivasanFremont, CA
Kevin SteinfeldHuntington Beach, CA
Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CA
Finigan TillySAN CARLOS, CA
Shane WathanasayneeCerritos, CA
Tucker Williamsoakland, CA
Sean YuSan Jose, CA
Senior Championship
Lawrence FieldPalm Desert, CA
Robert GoodwinAtherton, CA
Sung HanElk Grove , CA
Todd PalmaerCorona Del Mar, CA
Tony RalphSunnyvale, CA
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Calvin KnopPleasanton, CA
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA

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Carmel Mission Inn
3665 Rio Rd.
Carmel, CA 93923

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The Carmel Mission Inn is located perfectly for any of AmateurGolf.com's Monterey Peninsula events. We love the hotel's boutique-style renovation, and location adjacent to a shopping center that has everything you would need to enjoy the weekend. Longtime Carmel-favorite The Rio Grill is steps away, as is The Carmel Valley Roasting Company for your morning coffee and bagels. We have secured an excellent player rate and hope you will take advantage of it.

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Pete Wlodkowski
6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009
phone: 760-929-9297

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