amateurgolf.com 2012 Two Man Links at Bandon Dunes
April 29 - May 02 2012
Bandon, OR


Tournament Overview

This is the big one. Our 11th Annual event will again include all four courses at the highly acclaimed Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the rugged Oregon Coast. If you like links golf, it doesn't get any better than this. Three Divisions, Scratch, Senior Scratch, and Net.


Saturday, April 28
Arrive in Bandon. Check in to hotel.
- evening: 7:00pm - Welcome Reception at Bandon Dunes- MacKenzie Hall

Sunday, April 29

- morning tee times 8:30 am – 10:10 am
Tournament Round One - Pacific Dunes

Monday, April 30
- morning tee times 8:00 am – 9:40 am
Tournament Round Two - Old MacDonald

Tuesday, May 1
- morning tee times 8:00 am – 9:40 am
Tournament Round Three – Bandon Trails
- evening: 7:00pm - Dinner at Bandon Dunes- MacKenzie Hall

Wednesday, May 2
- morning tee times 7:30 am – 9:10 am
Tournament Round Four - Bandon Dunes – Tournament Awards immediately following play.

Search Terms

Format: Better-Ball / Four-Ball
Categories: Men, Men Senior
Regions: Northwest, Pacific


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
57744 Round Lake Rd
Bandon, OR  97411-6360
phone: (541) 347-4380 or (888) 345-6008
url: www.bandondunesgolf.com

Tournament News

172747376295Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
273837169296Josh HanoshCitrus Heights, CA
Scott HanoshParadise, CA
376767769298Scott BlanchardSan Diego, CA
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
474797374300Chris HauswirthUSA
Greg JonesSan Anselmo, CA
578757674303Eric BerridgeScarsdale, NY
Alex CushnerMill Valley, CA
681958076332Andrew BurgerSacramento, CA
Eric JohnsonWest Sacramento, CA
Senior Championship
168726665271David UjiharaBrea, CA
Gary WingIrvine, CA
268767169284Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
372747171288Gary FriendSavannah, GA
Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
474697777297Tab FrenchWalnut Creek, CA
Steve WardaTurlock, CA
574787375300Malcolm BundSan Diego, CA
Tom SzydlowskiBrookline, MA
678757674303Bayne Boyesvancouver, Canada
Brian McGuireVancouver, Canada
779827473308Bruce BurnsPortland, OR
J.C. MassarPasadena, CA
876807978313Paul McOskerCincinnati, OH
Eric Silvergreensboro, GA
161646360248Chad Clark, MDCorona, CA
David DeBerryCorona, CA
266676963265Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA
264726069265Rick UndermanWesterville, OH
James Welte Jr.westerville, OH
466716663266Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CO
465736464266Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CA
Howard GregersenLompoc, CA
664637468269Stephen ElsassNew Albany, OH
Marc TishkoffLancaster, OH
763747462273Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
Edward RuizWalnut Creek, CA
863687469274Jim TarbellEnglewood, CO
Theodore TarbellParker, CO
871726665274David FreemanSan Francisco, CA
Stuart McKeachieSausalito, CA
1069696869275George StevensWashington, DC
Michael StevensStudio City, CA
1171686969277Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CA
Jeff NightengaleCorona, CA
1270726868278Charles MazzolaOakland, CA
Mason MazzolaOakland, CA
1369726871280Sunil BhallaFremont, CA
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA
1367786966280Tom UndermanAvon, OH
Shokri WahibWestlake, OH
1571727366282Greg TennysonGranite Bay, CA
Michael TennysonLivermore, CA
1670727071283James WysockiSan Francisco, CA
Andrew ZacksSan Francisco, CA
1768816966284Mark GorneyLa Mirada, CA
Osama SoudahFullerton, CA
1870697571285Mark UtterSolana Beach, CA
Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, Canada
1972717769289Peter ButlerVancouver, Canada
Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, Canada
2069757870292Bill AbanathieSt. Charles, MO
Russell HollenbeckSt. Louis, MO
2173777769296Robert MayRancho Santa Fe, CA
Leo PapasLa Mesa, CA

Pairings for Round 4 on Wednesday May 2 follow.

BD Tee #1 07:20 AM
Sunil BhallaFremont, CANet
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CANet
George StevensWashington, DCNet
Michael StevensStudio City, CANet
BD Tee #1 07:30 AM
Mike SuttmanDayton, OHNet
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CONet
Jim TarbellEnglewood, CONet
Theodore TarbellParker, CONet
BD Tee #1 07:40 AM
Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CANet
Jeff NightengaleCorona, CANet
Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CANet
Howard GregersenLompoc, CANet
BD Tee #1 07:50 AM
Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CANet
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CANet
Stephen ElsassNew Albany, OHNet
Marc TishkoffLancaster, OHNet
BD Tee #1 08:00 AM
Chad Clark, MDCorona, CANet
David DeBerryCorona, CANet
Rick UndermanWesterville, OHNet
James Welte Jr.westerville, OHNet
BD Tee #1 08:10 AM
Robert MayRancho Santa Fe, CANet
Leo PapasLa Mesa, CANet
David FreemanSan Francisco, CANet
Stuart McKeachieSausalito, CANet
BD Tee #1 08:20 AM
Greg TennysonGranite Bay, CANet
Michael TennysonLivermore, CANet
Tom UndermanAvon, OHNet
Shokri WahibWestlake, OHNet
BD Tee #1 08:30 AM
Scott BlanchardSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Andrew BurgerSacramento, CAChampionship
Eric JohnsonWest Sacramento, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:40 AM
Josh HanoshCitrus Heights, CAChampionship
Scott HanoshParadise, CAChampionship
Eric BerridgeScarsdale, NYChampionship
Alex CushnerMill Valley, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 08:50 AM
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CTChampionship
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CAChampionship
Chris HauswirthUSAChampionship
Greg JonesSan Anselmo, CAChampionship
BD Tee #1 09:00 AM
Paul McOskerCincinnati, OHSenior Championship
Eric Silvergreensboro, GASenior Championship
Bruce BurnsPortland, ORSenior Championship
J.C. MassarPasadena, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 09:10 AM
Malcolm BundSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Tom SzydlowskiBrookline, MASenior Championship
Bayne Boyesvancouver, CanadaSenior Championship
Brian McGuireVancouver, CanadaSenior Championship
BD Tee #1 09:20 AM
Gary FriendSavannah, GASenior Championship
Stephen FriendTorrance, CASenior Championship
Tab FrenchWalnut Creek, CASenior Championship
Steve WardaTurlock, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 09:30 AM
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CASenior Championship
Ben WhippleMarietta, SCSenior Championship
David UjiharaBrea, CASenior Championship
Gary WingIrvine, CASenior Championship
BD Tee #1 09:40 AM
Mark GorneyLa Mirada, CANet
Osama SoudahFullerton, CANet
BD Tee #1 09:50 AM
Charles MazzolaOakland, CANet
Mason MazzolaOakland, CANet
James WysockiSan Francisco, CANet
Andrew ZacksSan Francisco, CANet
BD Tee #1 10:10 AM
Mark UtterSolana Beach, CANet
Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
Peter ButlerVancouver, CanadaNet
Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
BD Tee #1 10:20 AM
Bill AbanathieSt. Charles, MONet
Russell HollenbeckSt. Louis, MONet
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CANet
Edward RuizWalnut Creek, CANet

Eleven years ago, amateurgolf.com initiated a new event that is rapidly becoming one of the premier best-ball events in the United States.

The host courses, Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Old MacDonald in Oregon have firmly rooted themselves as four of the top courses in the world; they are running out of wall space in the Lodge on which to display the course and destination awards that keep accumulating.

Eric BerridgeScarsdale, NY
Scott BlanchardSan Diego, CA
Andrew BurgerSacramento, CA
Alex CushnerMill Valley, CA
Peter DavisonWest Hartford, CT
Josh HanoshCitrus Heights, CA
Scott HanoshParadise, CA
Chris HauswirthUSA
Eric JohnsonWest Sacramento, CA
Greg JonesSan Anselmo, CA
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
Pete WlodkowskiSan Diego, CA
Senior Championship
Bayne Boyesvancouver, Canada
Malcolm BundSan Diego, CA
Bruce BurnsPortland, OR
Tab FrenchWalnut Creek, CA
Gary FriendSavannah, GA
Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
Sherman HaggertyEl Dorado Hills, CA
J.C. MassarPasadena, CA
Brian McGuireVancouver, Canada
Paul McOskerCincinnati, OH
Eric Silvergreensboro, GA
Tom SzydlowskiBrookline, MA
David UjiharaBrea, CA
Steve WardaTurlock, CA
Ben WhippleMarietta, SC
Gary WingIrvine, CA
Bill AbanathieSt. Charles, MO
Gary BeeneSunnyvale, CA
Sunil BhallaFremont, CA
Peter ButlerVancouver, Canada
Chad Clark, MDCorona, CA
David DeBerryCorona, CA
Stephen ElsassNew Albany, OH
David FreemanSan Francisco, CA
Bart GoldieMill Valley, CA
Mark GorneyLa Mirada, CA
Howard GregersenLompoc, CA
Russell HollenbeckSt. Louis, MO
Chris LaddSanta Rosa, CA
Chris LawtonGarden Grove, CA
Robert MayRancho Santa Fe, CA
Charles MazzolaOakland, CA
Mason MazzolaOakland, CA
Stuart McKeachieSausalito, CA
Jeff NightengaleCorona, CA
Leo PapasLa Mesa, CA
Edward RuizWalnut Creek, CA
Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
Randall SchwartzBurlingame, CA
Osama SoudahFullerton, CA
George StevensWashington, DC
Michael StevensStudio City, CA
Mike SuttmanDayton, OH
Steve SuttmanCastle Pines, CO
Jim TarbellEnglewood, CO
Theodore TarbellParker, CO
Greg TennysonGranite Bay, CA
Michael TennysonLivermore, CA
Hugh TildesleyVancouver, BC, Canada
Marc TishkoffLancaster, OH
Rick UndermanWesterville, OH
Tom UndermanAvon, OH
Mark UtterSolana Beach, CA
Shokri WahibWestlake, OH
James Welte Jr.westerville, OH
Ted WilliamsVancouver, BC, Canada
James WysockiSan Francisco, CA
Andrew ZacksSan Francisco, CA

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Bandon Dunes Resort Lily 
Lily Pond

LILY POND - (Double occupancy)
The Lily Pond Rooms offer the resort's best value for overnight lodging. Just a wedge shot from the Lodge, a paved walking trail connects the Lily Pond Rooms to the Lodge and first tee at Bandon Dunes. Spacious sitting area, two queen beds, fireplace, and private bathroom. Each room has either a balcony or patio with a view of a natural lily pond.

Bandon Dunes Resort 
Lake Loft
Chrome Lake Loft

CHROME LAKE LOFT (Suite style room)
Chrome Lake Lofts are extremely popular with our tournament players, and have sold out many years. Each Chrome Lake Loft offers a spacious sitting area and two bedrooms, each with one king bed and separate bathroom. In the sitting area, a vaulted ceiling opens the room to two adjacent alcoves, one with a fireplace and the other that serves as a card room. You can't go wrong with the setting, overlooking the lake or surrounding forest.

Bandon Dunes Lodge
The Lodge at Bandon Dunes

The Lodge at Bandon Dunes is the center of activity at the resort. Every year we reserve a few single rooms, each with one queen bed, for those that prefer the convenience of being adjacent to everything The Lodge has to offer. Some rooms have golf course and ocean views, while others have views of the dunes and surrounding woods.

Bandon Dunes Grove 
The Luxurious Grove Cottage

In the spirit of Golf As It Was Meant To Be, these four-bedroom cottages are designed specifically to house a foursome. Grove Cottages include four bedrooms, each with a king bed, private bath and a parlor - the largest room in any of the accommodations at Bandon Dunes. Built into each bedroom and parlor are floor-to-ceiling corner windows that offer pristine views of Round Lake to the east, the Lily Pond to the West, or a garden setting. Guests will enjoy an indoor fireplace and outdoor patio tucked into Bandon's natural landscape.

Contact Information

Brandie Hammontree, Tournament Coordinator
AmateurGolf.com, Inc.
6965 El Camino Real #105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009
phone: 760-929-9297
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