amateurgolf.com 2011 Alister MacKenzie Cup
January 09 - 10 2011
Santa Cruz, CA


Tournament Overview

NOTE: Field is full. Please email tournaments (at sign) amateurgolf.com to place your name on the wait list.

Inaugural limited field Sunday/Monday event. 52 total spots will be allocated as follows: 24 Scratch; 14 Senior; 14 Net. These totals may be adjusted as entries come in so please register early if you are interested in playing a two round competitive event at one of the most historic and highly rated public courses in the world. If you haven't played Pasatiempo you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity. Sunday tee times will be 10:30am to 12:30pm, and Monday tee times will be 10:00am to 12:00pm.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California


Pasatiempo Golf Club Pasatiempo Golf Club
20 Clubhouse Rd
Santa Cruz, CA  95060-1802
phone: (831) 459-9169 or (800) 950-7888
url: www.pasatiempo.com

Tournament News

17133104Jeffrey HammDanville, CA
26936105Chad Vivolocarmel, CA
37036106N. UshijimaJapan
47136107Shotaro BanSan Jose, CA
57237109Jerry Ledzinski IICarmel, CA
67733110Jamie CoreBerkeley, CA
67238110Randy HaagOrinda, CA
67733110Eric MinaFremont, CA
97734111John MurphyBerkeley, CA
107636112Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
107438112Stephen HaleBakersfield, CA
127241113Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
127835113Max HomaValencia, CA
147441115Joel StalterBerkeley, CA
157739116Taylor BromleyDublin, CA
157838116Michael WeaverFresno, CA
178136117Evan DerianManhattan Beach, CA
178136117Mat MillerPleasanton, CA
177938117Brian SwensonDublin, CA
208038118Esan GerouxNovato, CA
208038118David MannixOrinda, CA
228138119Ben MangumMontgomery, AL
238239121Sean EtowAptos, CA
248537122blake nicolailong beach, CA
258143124Christopher BiornSan Francisco, CA
268540125Troy LaughlinPlacentia, CA
267847125Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
289037127Gregg BargasScotts Valley, CA
2981wdwdEvan GewirtzPleasanton , CA
29wdwdChris MangoldVictorville, CA
29wdwdDave RathjenSan Jose, CA
29wdwdKeith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
29wdwdMitch WeisbergerAromas, CA
Senior Championship
17876154Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
27877155Rob AdolphFresno, CA
27679155Frank PieperCarmel, CA
48177158Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
57486160David TavarezWatsonville, CA
68180161Ray KongSan Jose, CA
78379162Bob CaytonAptos, CA
88184165Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
98486170Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CA
108785172Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
118588173Mike LewisWatsonville, CA
129780177Robert FurgursonSunset beach, CA
139781178Al RichardsonNewark, CA
148498182Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
1589wdwdSunil BhallaFremont, CA
1585wdwdMichael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
1581wdwdRobert GoodwinAtherton, CA
1579wdwdRobert RowlandDanville, CA
17182153Korsen YuSan jose, CA
27579154Todd Nicklouscastro valley, CA
38177158Frank BorgesModesto, CA
37880158James RudickVisalia, CA
57884162Bryan BeaverOakley, CA
68780167Todd KnappSalinas, CA
78684170Andrew MarkusVancouver, BC, Canada
88291173Glen EsquivelSan Jose, CA
98790177Andre FitzpatrickWeatherford, TX
108494178Harry VantineLivermore, CA
119683179Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
129288180Frank AngeloOrinda, CA
139192183Les DunstonFoster City, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Monday January 10 follow.

Tee #1 10:00 AM
Mat MillerPleasanton, CAChampionship
John MurphyBerkeley, CAChampionship
Joel StalterBerkeley, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:10 AM
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CAChampionship
Jeffrey HammDanville, CAChampionship
Jerry Ledzinski IICarmel, CAChampionship
Ben MangumMontgomery, ALChampionship
Tee #1 10:20 AM
Randy HaagOrinda, CAChampionship
Stephen HaleBakersfield, CAChampionship
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:30 AM
Taylor BromleyDublin, CAChampionship
Sean EtowAptos, CAChampionship
Max HomaValencia, CAChampionship
Michael WeaverFresno, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:40 AM
Gregg BargasScotts Valley, CAChampionship
Christopher BiornSan Francisco, CAChampionship
Troy LaughlinPlacentia, CAChampionship
Brian SwensonDublin, CAChampionship
Tee #1 10:50 AM
Shotaro BanSan Jose, CAChampionship
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CAChampionship
David MannixOrinda, CAChampionship
Tee #1 11:00 AM
Eric MinaFremont, CAChampionship
N. UshijimaJapanChampionship
Chad Vivolocarmel, CAChampionship
Tee #1 11:10 AM
Jamie CoreBerkeley, CAChampionship
Evan DerianManhattan Beach, CAChampionship
Esan GerouxNovato, CAChampionship
blake nicolailong beach, CAChampionship
Tee #1 11:20 AM
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 11:30 AM
Rob AdolphFresno, CASenior Championship
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CASenior Championship
Frank PieperCarmel, CASenior Championship
David TavarezWatsonville, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 11:40 AM
Bob CaytonAptos, CASenior Championship
Steve DonnellySalinas, CASenior Championship
Ray KongSan Jose, CASenior Championship
Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 11:50 AM
Bryan BeaverOakley, CANet
Todd Nicklouscastro valley, CANet
James RudickVisalia, CANet
Korsen YuSan jose, CANet
Tee #1 12:00 PM
Stephen FriendTorrance, CASenior Championship
Mike LewisWatsonville, CASenior Championship
Tee #1 12:10 PM
Andre FitzpatrickWeatherford, TXNet
Todd KnappSalinas, CANet
Al RichardsonNewark, CASenior Championship
Harry VantineLivermore, CANet
Tee #1 12:20 PM
Frank BorgesModesto, CANet
Les DunstonFoster City, CANet
Glen EsquivelSan Jose, CANet
Andrew MarkusVancouver, BC, CanadaNet
Tee #1 12:30 PM
Frank AngeloOrinda, CANet
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Robert FurgursonSunset beach, CASenior Championship

Shotaro BanSan Jose, CA
Gregg BargasScotts Valley, CA
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
Christopher BiornSan Francisco, CA
Jeff BrittonCarmel, CA
Taylor BromleyDublin, CA
Jamie CoreBerkeley, CA
Evan DerianManhattan Beach, CA
Sean EtowAptos, CA
Esan GerouxNovato, CA
Evan GewirtzPleasanton , CA
Randy HaagOrinda, CA
Stephen HaleBakersfield, CA
Jeffrey HammDanville, CA
Max HomaValencia, CA
Troy LaughlinPlacentia, CA
Jerry Ledzinski IICarmel, CA
Chris MangoldVictorville, CA
Ben MangumMontgomery, AL
David MannixOrinda, CA
Mat MillerPleasanton, CA
Eric MinaFremont, CA
John MurphyBerkeley, CA
blake nicolailong beach, CA
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
Dave RathjenSan Jose, CA
Keith SchwartzSan Mateo, CA
Joel StalterBerkeley, CA
Brian SwensonDublin, CA
N. UshijimaJapan
Chad Vivolocarmel, CA
Michael WeaverFresno, CA
Mitch WeisbergerAromas, CA
Senior Championship
Rob AdolphFresno, CA
Sunil BhallaFremont, CA
Bob CaytonAptos, CA
Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
Stephen FriendTorrance, CA
Robert FurgursonSunset beach, CA
Robert GoodwinAtherton, CA
Ray KongSan Jose, CA
Mike LewisWatsonville, CA
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Ken NoonanPacific Grove, CA
Frank PieperCarmel, CA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Robert RowlandDanville, CA
David TavarezWatsonville, CA
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
Frank AngeloOrinda, CA
Bryan BeaverOakley, CA
Frank BorgesModesto, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Les DunstonFoster City, CA
Glen EsquivelSan Jose, CA
Andre FitzpatrickWeatherford, TX
Todd KnappSalinas, CA
Andrew MarkusVancouver, BC, Canada
Todd Nicklouscastro valley, CA
James RudickVisalia, CA
Harry VantineLivermore, CA
Korsen YuSan jose, CA

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