amateurgolf.com 2010 Tour Championship
December 18 - 19 2010
Stevinson, CA


Tournament Overview

The amateurgolf.com Tour Championship is now open to ALL players who satisfy the handicap requirements, however players who have played at least two events in the 2010 amateurgolf.com Tournament Series are rewarded with a lower entry fee and should enter the "Open Division."

A special bonus: All players who play the Christmas Classic and Tour Championship will receive a $50 Golf Mart gift card, with no restrictions or minimum purchase.

The Tour Championship is an official "NCGA Points and Senior Points" event. The host course, Stevinson Ranch, is a fitting venue -- it is after all the "home course of amateurgolf.com".

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior


Stevinson Ranch Golf Club Stevinson Ranch Golf Club
2700 Van Clief Rd
Stevinson, CA  95374-9619
phone: (209) 664-6450 or (877) 752-9276
url: www.stevinsonranch.com

Tournament News

  • Johnson Wins Rain Shortened AGC Tour Championship
    Johnson Wins Rain Shortened AGC Tour Championship
    Dec 19, 2010 - Pace Johnson wins the championship flight. Michael Donnelly takes the senior division and Korson Yu is the net champion. Randy Haag is player of the year for the 4th consecutive year
17373Pace JohnsonFresno, CA
27474Anthony BarreraSan Jose, CA
27474Stephen HaleBakersfield, CA
27474Jack PerrySanta Barbara, CA
57575Derek ErnstClovis, CA
57575Matt HansenLos Osos, CA
77676Brent BoothLos Altos, CA
77676Randy HaagOrinda, CA
77676Teddy SchrierAtwater, CA
77676Michael WeaverFresno, CA
117777George GandranataEmeryville, CA
117777Joshua GrangerDavis, CA
117777Geoff HuntWalnut Creek, CA
147878Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
157979Eric CrociataDublin, CA
168080Spencer FletcherLos Altos, CA
168080Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CA
168080Tyler RaberEl Macero, CA
168080Todd SakamotoFresno, CA
168080Matthew SeraminSan Francisco, CA
218181Brian SwensonDublin, CA
228282Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
228282Nicholas BrassillSan Jose, CA
228282Steven WarneSanta Rosa, CA
258383Cameron RappleyeElk Grove, CA
258383Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CA
278585Jamie LooperOakdale, CA
278585John Prestostockton, CA
298686Andrew HaggenWalnut Creek, CA
308888Brent BowyerSan Diego, CA
308888Tyler KempSanta Clara, CA
329090Fredrik PalmerWalnut Creek, CA
339393Brooks BessonSan Rafael, CA
349595Christopher BiornAlameda, CA
Senior Championship
17575Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
17575Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
37878John EnrightMontara, CA
37878Charles RichesinLodi, CA
37878Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
67979Kevin RappleyeElk Grove, CA
78181Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
88282John SeedSea Ranch, CA
98383Bob OldsBrentwood, CA
108484Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
118585Peter MorenDanville, CA
128686Tyler RaberEl Macero, CA
128686Joe ZanassiFairfield, CA
148888Stephen BurdickReno, NV
159191Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CA
169494Al RichardsonNewark, CA
179696Edward StricklandAlameda, CA
189898Del HockerCollege Station , TX
17171Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA
27676Jonathan StapletonPleasanton, CA
37777Frank BorgesModesto, CA
48080Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
58181Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
68484Bryan BeaverOakley, CA
78686Bill StrahanBurlingame, CA
88888Les DunstonFoster City, CA
99191Nicholas HaagBurlingame, CA
10dqdqMichael McDonaldSan Luis Obispo, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday December 19 follow.

Tee #10A 09:00 AM
Steve DonnellySalinas, CASenior Championship
Kevin RappleyeElk Grove, CASenior Championship
Charles RichesinLodi, CASenior Championship
John SeedSea Ranch, CASenior Championship
Tee #10B 09:00 AM
Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CASenior Championship
John EnrightMontara, CASenior Championship
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CASenior Championship
Tee #11A 09:00 AM
Peter MorenDanville, CASenior Championship
Bob OldsBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Tyler RaberEl Macero, CASenior Championship
Joe ZanassiFairfield, CASenior Championship
Tee #12A 09:00 AM
Stephen BurdickReno, NVSenior Championship
Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CASenior Championship
Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CASenior Championship
Tee #13A 09:00 AM
Del HockerCollege Station , TXSenior Championship
Al RichardsonNewark, CASenior Championship
Edward StricklandAlameda, CASenior Championship
Tee #14A 09:00 AM
Frank BorgesModesto, CANet
Jonathan StapletonPleasanton, CANet
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CANet
Tee #15A 09:00 AM
Les DunstonFoster City, CANet
Nicholas HaagBurlingame, CANet
Michael McDonaldSan Luis Obispo, CANet
Tee #16A 09:00 AM
Bryan BeaverOakley, CANet
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Vincent SteeleConcord, CANet
Bill StrahanBurlingame, CANet
Tee #1A 09:00 AM
Derek ErnstClovis, CAChampionship
Randy HaagOrinda, CAChampionship
Matt HansenLos Osos, CAChampionship
Michael WeaverFresno, CAChampionship
Tee #1B 09:00 AM
Anthony BarreraSan Jose, CAChampionship
Stephen HaleBakersfield, CAChampionship
Pace JohnsonFresno, CAChampionship
Jack PerrySanta Barbara, CAChampionship
Tee #2A 09:00 AM
Brent BoothLos Altos, CAChampionship
Joshua GrangerDavis, CAChampionship
Geoff HuntWalnut Creek, CAChampionship
Teddy SchrierAtwater, CAChampionship
Tee #3A 09:00 AM
Eric CrociataDublin, CAChampionship
Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CAChampionship
George GandranataEmeryville, CAChampionship
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CAChampionship
Tee #4A 09:00 AM
Spencer FletcherLos Altos, CAChampionship
Tyler RaberEl Macero, CAChampionship
Todd SakamotoFresno, CAChampionship
Matthew SeraminSan Francisco, CAChampionship
Tee #5A 09:00 AM
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CAChampionship
Nicholas BrassillSan Jose, CAChampionship
Brian SwensonDublin, CAChampionship
Steven WarneSanta Rosa, CAChampionship
Tee #6A 09:00 AM
Jamie LooperOakdale, CAChampionship
John Prestostockton, CAChampionship
Cameron RappleyeElk Grove, CAChampionship
Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CAChampionship
Tee #7A 09:00 AM
Brent BowyerSan Diego, CAChampionship
Andrew HaggenWalnut Creek, CAChampionship
Tyler KempSanta Clara, CAChampionship
Tee #8A 09:00 AM
Brooks BessonSan Rafael, CAChampionship
Christopher BiornAlameda, CAChampionship
Fredrik PalmerWalnut Creek, CAChampionship

Anthony BarreraSan Jose, CA
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
Brooks BessonSan Rafael, CA
Christopher BiornAlameda, CA
Brent BoothLos Altos, CA
Brent BowyerSan Diego, CA
Nicholas BrassillSan Jose, CA
Eric CrociataDublin, CA
Derek ErnstClovis, CA
Spencer FletcherLos Altos, CA
Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CA
George GandranataEmeryville, CA
Joshua GrangerDavis, CA
Randy HaagOrinda, CA
Andrew HaggenWalnut Creek, CA
Stephen HaleBakersfield, CA
Matt HansenLos Osos, CA
Geoff HuntWalnut Creek, CA
Pace JohnsonFresno, CA
Tyler KempSanta Clara, CA
Jamie LooperOakdale, CA
Fredrik PalmerWalnut Creek, CA
Jack PerrySanta Barbara, CA
John Prestostockton, CA
Tyler RaberEl Macero, CA
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
Cameron RappleyeElk Grove, CA
Ricardo RonquilloCampbell, CA
Todd SakamotoFresno, CA
Teddy SchrierAtwater, CA
Matthew SeraminSan Francisco, CA
Brian SwensonDublin, CA
Steven WarneSanta Rosa, CA
Michael WeaverFresno, CA
Senior Championship
Stephen BurdickReno, NV
Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
John EnrightMontara, CA
Del HockerCollege Station , TX
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Peter MorenDanville, CA
Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
Bob OldsBrentwood, CA
Tyler RaberEl Macero, CA
Kevin RappleyeElk Grove, CA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Charles RichesinLodi, CA
John SeedSea Ranch, CA
Edward StricklandAlameda, CA
Craig SwarthoutSan Jose, CA
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
Joe ZanassiFairfield, CA
Bryan BeaverOakley, CA
Frank BorgesModesto, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Les DunstonFoster City, CA
Nicholas HaagBurlingame, CA
Michael McDonaldSan Luis Obispo, CA
Jonathan StapletonPleasanton, CA
Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
Bill StrahanBurlingame, CA
Korsen YuSanta Cruz, CA

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