amateurgolf.com 2010 Diablo Valley Amateur
March 06 - 07 2010
Brentwood, CA


Tournament Overview

The 2010 Diablo Valley Amateur will again be played at both Shadow Lakes Golf Club and Deer Ridge Golf Club in Brentwood. We look forward to playing these two fantastic courses, located directly across the street from each other, as we grow this into one of Northern California's premier weekend events.

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Format: Stroke Play
Categories: Men, Men Senior, Women
Regions: Northern California


Shadow Lakes Golf Course Shadow Lakes Golf Course
401 W Country Club Dr
Brentwood, CA  94513-5058
phone: (925) 516-2837
url: www.shadowlakesgolf.com

Tournament News

16670136Roberto Galletti jr.Clayton, CA
26970139ryan thomasdanville, CA
36872140Shotaro BanSan Jose, CA
37466140Matt HansenLos Osos, CA
36872140Russell HumphreyLodi, CA
36773140Kevin Lucasfolsom, CA
77073143Grant NortonRancho Murieta, CA
77370143Taylor TravisFremont, CA
77172143Kent YamaneSan Jose, CA
107174145Blake BertrandBrentwood, CA
107174145Fr. Richard ConlinVancouver, Canada
107372145Tommy EconomouSan Mateo, CA
106976145Andrey MindirgasovPacific Grove, CA
147571146Curtis LoopOrinda, CA
157671147Akshay MaliwalBerkeley, CA
167573148Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
177178149Mark Mancewhitefish, MT
187278150Kevin DannChico, CA
187278150Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CA
187377150Brian SwensonDublin, CA
217873151Jeff LyonsDiscovery Bay, CA
217477151Kevin SmithSaratoga, CA
237478152Tanner MakimotoRoseville, CA
247678154Travis BregmanNewhall, CA
247678154Matt CrawfordRedwood City, CA
267877155RC OrrSacramento, CA
267580155Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CA
288079159Matthew AndersonDanville, CA
297983162Thomas HarmonSummerville , SC
298280162Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
318084164Brian OConnorBenicia, CA
318777164John Prestostockton, CA
338882170Charles (Eric) HamlinClovis, CA
348989178Stephen KylesLodi, CA
35wdwdwdJohn GiffinPetaluma, CA
3580wdwdRobert GoodwinAtherton, CA
3574wdwdChris JensenLos Altos, CA
3580wdwdChris MangoldVictorville, CA
35wdwdwdJordan SedlockDanville, CA
35wdwdwdThomas TatumDallas, TX
Senior Championship
17571146Peter MorenDanville, CA
17472146Tom O'GradyLos Altos, CA
37473147Ron JohnsonAuburn, CA
47573148Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
57277149Jim WilliamsOrinda, CA
67476150Bob OldsBrentwood, CA
67575150Richard PetitMenlo Park, CA
87576151Dave StoneDanville, CA
87675151Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
108272154Rob SchneiderNevada City, CA
117682158Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
128179160Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
138279161Charles RichesinLodi, CA
148383166Christopher KellyPlymouth, MA
158384167Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
158681167Garth KeehanConcord, CA
178981170Michael CarrSan Francisco, CA
188987176Jim MillerSan Francisco, CA
198493177Ron WileySan Francisco, CA
2083wdwdRick ShumateDanville, CA
16678144Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
27474148Rick ArmstrongOakley, CA
37576151Frank BorgesModesto, CA
37873151Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
58172153Jason YuiFoster City, CA
67678154Philip ToelkesBrentwood, CA
77580155Jeff KierSacramento, CA
88473157Andrew HicksonVacaville, CA
97979158Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
107882160Bob NicolesBrentwood, CA
117883161Del HockerCollege Station , TX
127690166Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CA
138385168Rodger DeanBrentwood, CA
148189170Rick MoreyBrentwood, CA
158685171Al RichardsonNewark, CA
1672wdwdGerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
1678wdwdDave NikitinVacaville, CA
1681wdwdallan wongvallejo, CA
17576151Diane KwonFremont, CA
27379152Bryana GregoryRoseville, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday March 7 follow.

SH Tee #1 07:04 AM
Michael CarrSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
Garth KeehanConcord, CASenior Championship
Jim MillerSan Francisco, CASenior Championship
SH Tee #1 07:12 AM
Mark MillerBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Charles RichesinLodi, CASenior Championship
Rob SchneiderNevada City, CASenior Championship
Ron WileySan Francisco, CASenior Championship
SH Tee #1 07:20 AM
Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CASenior Championship
Christopher KellyPlymouth, MASenior Championship
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CASenior Championship
SH Tee #1 07:28 AM
Michael HardingEncinitas, CASenior Championship
Peter MorenDanville, CASenior Championship
Richard PetitMenlo Park, CASenior Championship
Dave StoneDanville, CASenior Championship
SH Tee #1 07:36 AM
Ron JohnsonAuburn, CASenior Championship
Tom O'GradyLos Altos, CASenior Championship
Bob OldsBrentwood, CASenior Championship
Jim WilliamsOrinda, CASenior Championship
SH Tee #1 07:44 AM
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CAChampionship
Curtis LoopOrinda, CAChampionship
RC OrrSacramento, CAChampionship
Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 07:52 AM
Matt HansenLos Osos, CAChampionship
Tanner MakimotoRoseville, CAChampionship
Akshay MaliwalBerkeley, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:00 AM
Tommy EconomouSan Mateo, CAChampionship
Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CAChampionship
Kevin SmithSaratoga, CAChampionship
Brian SwensonDublin, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:08 AM
Blake BertrandBrentwood, CAChampionship
Fr. Richard ConlinVancouver, CanadaChampionship
Mark Mancewhitefish, MTChampionship
Taylor TravisFremont, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:16 AM
ryan thomasdanville, CAChampionship
Kevin DannChico, CAChampionship
Andrey MindirgasovPacific Grove, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:24 AM
Russell HumphreyLodi, CAChampionship
Grant NortonRancho Murieta, CAChampionship
Kent YamaneSan Jose, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:32 AM
Shotaro BanSan Jose, CAChampionship
Roberto Galletti jr.Clayton, CAChampionship
Kevin Lucasfolsom, CAChampionship
SH Tee #1 08:40 AM
Bryana GregoryRoseville, CAWomen
Diane KwonFremont, CAWomen
SH Tee #10 07:04 AM
Rodger DeanBrentwood, CANet
Andrew HicksonVacaville, CANet
Rick MoreyBrentwood, CANet
Al RichardsonNewark, CANet
SH Tee #10 07:12 AM
Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CANet
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CANet
Jason YuiFoster City, CANet
SH Tee #10 07:20 AM
Del HockerCollege Station , TXNet
Jeff KierSacramento, CANet
Bob NicolesBrentwood, CANet
SH Tee #10 07:28 AM
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CANet
Vincent SteeleConcord, CANet
Philip ToelkesBrentwood, CANet
SH Tee #10 07:36 AM
Rick ArmstrongOakley, CANet
Frank BorgesModesto, CANet
SH Tee #10 07:44 AM
Charles (Eric) HamlinClovis, CAChampionship
Stephen KylesLodi, CAChampionship
John Prestostockton, CAChampionship
SH Tee #10 07:52 AM
Matthew AndersonDanville, CAChampionship
Thomas HarmonSummerville , SCChampionship
Brian OConnorBenicia, CAChampionship
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CAChampionship
SH Tee #10 08:00 AM
Travis BregmanNewhall, CAChampionship
Matt CrawfordRedwood City, CAChampionship
Jeff LyonsDiscovery Bay, CAChampionship

Matthew AndersonDanville, CA
Shotaro BanSan Jose, CA
Jonny BaxterPleasanton, CA
Blake BertrandBrentwood, CA
Travis BregmanNewhall, CA
Fr. Richard ConlinVancouver, Canada
Matt CrawfordRedwood City, CA
Kevin DannChico, CA
Tommy EconomouSan Mateo, CA
Nicolo GallettiPleasanton, CA
Roberto Galletti jr.Clayton, CA
John GiffinPetaluma, CA
Robert GoodwinAtherton, CA
Charles (Eric) HamlinClovis, CA
Matt HansenLos Osos, CA
Thomas HarmonSummerville , SC
Russell HumphreyLodi, CA
Chris JensenLos Altos, CA
Stephen KylesLodi, CA
Curtis LoopOrinda, CA
Kevin Lucasfolsom, CA
Jeff LyonsDiscovery Bay, CA
Tanner MakimotoRoseville, CA
Akshay MaliwalBerkeley, CA
Mark Mancewhitefish, MT
Chris MangoldVictorville, CA
Andrey MindirgasovPacific Grove, CA
Grant NortonRancho Murieta, CA
Brian OConnorBenicia, CA
RC OrrSacramento, CA
Adam PetrocelliPacific Grove, CA
John Prestostockton, CA
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
Jordan SedlockDanville, CA
Kevin SmithSaratoga, CA
Brian SwensonDublin, CA
Thomas TatumDallas, TX
ryan thomasdanville, CA
Taylor TravisFremont, CA
Kent YamaneSan Jose, CA
Senior Championship
Michael CarrSan Francisco, CA
Michael DonnellyBrentwood, CA
Neil DuffySanta Cruz, CA
Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
Ron JohnsonAuburn, CA
Garth KeehanConcord, CA
Christopher KellyPlymouth, MA
Jim MillerSan Francisco, CA
Mark MillerBrentwood, CA
Peter MorenDanville, CA
Tom O'GradyLos Altos, CA
Bob OldsBrentwood, CA
Richard PetitMenlo Park, CA
Charles RichesinLodi, CA
Rob SchneiderNevada City, CA
Rick ShumateDanville, CA
Dave StoneDanville, CA
Robbie ThompsonMerced, CA
Ron WileySan Francisco, CA
Jim WilliamsOrinda, CA
Rick ArmstrongOakley, CA
Frank BorgesModesto, CA
Lyle CovinoBrisbane, CA
Rodger DeanBrentwood, CA
Andrew HicksonVacaville, CA
Del HockerCollege Station , TX
Jeff KierSacramento, CA
Kevin LoganSan Francisco, CA
Rick MoreyBrentwood, CA
Gerald Scott MrauleOrangevale, CA
Bob NicolesBrentwood, CA
Dave NikitinVacaville, CA
Al RichardsonNewark, CA
Matt RomigLos Gatos, CA
Vincent SteeleConcord, CA
Philip ToelkesBrentwood, CA
allan wongvallejo, CA
Jason YuiFoster City, CA
Bryana GregoryRoseville, CA
Diane KwonFremont, CA

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100% non-smoking hotel conveniently located at the border of Antioch and Oakley. Interior access, FREE high speed Internet access, on-site fitness center, outdoor pool and spa, guest laundry and valet service available. Complimentary continental breakfast buffet daily. A valid credit card is required upon check-in.

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