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RANKINGS OVERVIEW provides the technology and data entry that power the Golfweek/ World Amateur Rankings for Men and Women. We provide our own Senior rankings, independent of those compiled by Golfweek.

WORLD AND U.S. RANKED PLAYERS: Those appearing on the World Ranking list are those players who have accumulated the most points as awarded in the World Points Tournaments table for the previous two years. Those appearing on the U.S. Ranking list are those players from the United States who have accumulated the most points as awarded in the World Points Tournaments table for the previous two years.

PLAYERS-OF-THE-YEAR: The World Player-of- the-Year in amateur golf will be the player who accumulates the most points as awarded in the World Points Tournaments table for the calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

POINTS TOURNAMENTS: The goal of the Rankings and Player-of-the-year points races is to have the points lists fairly reflect the players who have had the most outstanding playing records while competing as amateurs. We consider amateur golf to be a separate entity from junior golf and from senior golf (we rank seniors separately). Team events from best- balls all the way up to the Walker Cup are not included unless they have a concurrent stroke play championship (e.g., the World Amateur Team or the U.S. State Team).

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All amateur players worldwide are eligible to earn World Rankings and Player-of-the-Year points. Only those players whose primary residence is in the United States are eligible to earn U.S. Rankings and Player-of-the-Year points. State Player-of-the-Year points are only available for those players whose primary residence is in that state. Players of any age are eligible to earn World, U.S., Women's, or state Player-of-the-Year points. Anyone who plays in a National Senior Points Event (some tournaments have a minimum age of 50, others 55) is eligible to earn Senior Player-of-the-Year points.

PLAYERS WHO TURN PROFESSIONAL: Players who turn professional will be taken off of the World and U.S. Rankings once it comes to our attention that the player has indeed turned pro. For the Player-of-the-Year points races, however, each points list is unaffected by players who turn professional during the year. A player can have a great amateur season, turn professional and go to Q-School in the fall, and still be an amateur golf Player-of-the-Year if he had earned the most points during the amateur season.

POINTS DISTRIBUTION: Points will be awarded according to the Designated Points Events tables. In the event of a tie for any place, each player in the tie will earn the appropriate points (no points will be split). In the case that a tournament is shortened or the field reduced due to weather or any other event, a tournament's assigned points may be reduced depending on the size and strength of the field and the number of rounds played. In a limited- field event, points will generally not be awarded to more than half the field.

TOURNAMENT EVALUATION CRITERIA: The criteria used for evaluating Designated Points Events includes, but is not limited to, the following: Strength of field; Size of field; Inclusion in other national or state rankings programs; Event format. The staff of may use other criteria needed to properly evaluate a tournament. The staff of is the sole judge of what criteria are worthy of consideration.

TOURNAMENT STRENGTH: Because strength of field is not the sole criterion used in formulating the points tables, it is difficult to draw direct comparisons between points tournaments that appear in the same points table. For example, just because two tournaments are 500-point- level tournaments does not mean that we consider each tournament is "as good as" or "as strong as" the other in general. Likewise, some tournaments award points to more places than do tournaments of higher point levels. This usually has to do with field size but there nay be other factors. It is useful to look at each points table as a whole rather than as a series of one-to-one relationships.
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