Reid Davenport
Reid Davenport
Austin, TX
Turned Pro 2023
Current Index: +2.2
Tournament Results
2023NCAA Division I ChampionshipT58
 NCAA Division I Southeast RegionalT28
 SEC ChampionshipT38
 Mason Rudolph ChampionshipT5
 The Calusa CupT28
 Linger Longer InvitationalT24
 Cabo CollegiateT15
 Watersound InvitationalT18
 John Hayt Collegiate InvitationalT8
 Jones CupT12
2022Ben Hogan Collegiate Invitational79
 SEC Fall PreviewT15
 The Frederica Cup27
 Northeast Amateur14
 NCAA Division I ChampionshipT47
 NCAA Division I Southeast RegionalT2
 SEC ChampionshipT11
 Mossy Oak Collegiate Championship3
 Mason Rudolph Championship2
 Linger Longer InvitationalT9
 Cabo CollegiateT38
 The Prestige at PGA West3
 Jones CupT7
2021Patriot All-AmericaT26
 Williams CupT8
 Ben Hogan Collegiate InvitationalT46
 Western AmateurT25
 Southern AmateurT16
 NCAA Division I ChampionshipT39
 NCAA Division I East RegionalT4
 SEC ChampionshipT12
 Country Club of Birmingham Collegiate InvitationalT11
 Old Waverly Collegiate ChampionshipT40
 Tiger InvitationalT24
 LSU InvitationalT38
 Florida Gators InvitationalT18
 Jones CupT22
2020Patriot All-AmericaT39
 Jerry Pate Intercollegiate9
 Vanderbilt Legends CollegiateT18
 Blessings Collegiate61
 Texas Amateur7
 Sunnehanna AmateurT44
 Southern AmateurT49
 The Magnolia AmateurT4
 Desert Mountain IntercollegiateT11
 Cabo CollegiateT19
 Florida Gators InvitationalT10
 Jones CupT55
2019Patriot All-AmericaT10
 Isleworth Collegiate InvitationalT5
 Crooked Stick Invitational7
 Nike Golf CollegiateT44
 Carmel CupT13
 Canadian AmateurT31
 Porter Cup4
 The Monroe Invitational13
 NCAA Division I ChampionshipT61
 NCAA Division I Southeast RegionalT42
 SEC ChampionshipT50
 Old Waverly Collegiate ChampionshipT54
 Mason Rudolph ChampionshipT42
 Valspar Collegiate InvitationalT48
 Cabo CollegiateT22
 Florida Gators InvitationalT40
2018Patriot All-AmericaT65
 Carmel Cup34
 Players AmateurT42

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