Eric McIntosh
Eric McIntosh
Evanston, IL
Current Index: +6
Tournament Results
2022NCAA Division I Midwest RegionalT40
 Big Ten ChampionshipT43
 Robert Kepler IntercollegiateT48
 Augusta InvitationalT36
 Southern Highlands CollegiateT62
 The PrestigeT33
2021The Spirit International AmateurT12
 Quail Valley CollegiateT28
 Hamptons IntercollegiateT7
 Windon MemorialT16
 Erin Hills IntercollegiateT39
 Scottish AmateurFinal 32
 Trans-Miss ChampionshipT13
 Rice Planters AmateurT5
 NCAA Division I Central RegionalT16
 Big Ten ChampionshipT16
 Robert Kepler IntercollegiateT57
 The GoodwinT46
 The PrestigeT82
2020Golfweek Purdue AmateurT15
 Desert Mountain IntercollegiateT21
 The PrestigeT57
2019Crooked Stick InvitationalT40
 Erin Hills IntercollegiateT7
 Fighting Illini InvitationalT17
 Windon MemorialT21
 Scottish Open Amateur Stroke PlayT17
 Scottish AmateurFinal 16
 Walton Heath TrophyT24
 Grand Prix De ChibertaT13
 Tennant CupT3
 NCAA Division I East RegionalT63
 Big Ten ChampionshipT42
 Boilermaker InvitationalT12
 Mason Rudolph ChampionshipT47
 The GoodwinT19
 Desert Mountain IntercollegiateT17
 The PrestigeT24
2018Grandover CollegiateT51
 Chatham Hills CollegiateT6
 Erin Hills IntercollegiateT10
 Windon MemorialT59
 Scottish Open Amateur Stroke PlayT35
 Welsh Amateur Stroke PlayT16
 Scottish AmateurFinal 32
 Tennant CupT11
 NCAA Division I Midwest RegionalT46
 Southern Highlands Collegiate80
 The PrestigeT73
2017Erin Hills IntercollegiateT65
 Fighting Illini InvitationalT39
 Scottish Open Amateur Stroke PlayT26
 African Amateur Stroke PlayT12

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