Hide Yoshihara
Irvine, CA
Turned Pro 2021

Tournament Results
2020Southern Highlands CollegiateT13
 The PrestigeT45
 Southwestern InvitationalT41
2019Kaanapali CollegiateT33
 Golf Club of Georgia CollegiateT52
 Marquette IntercollegiateT10
 Asia-Pacific AmateurT25
 Western AmateurFinal 16
 Pacific Coast AmateurT22
 U.S. Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 Trans-Miss ChampionshipT26
 Sahalee Players ChampionshipT26
 Northeast AmateurT52
 NCAA Division I West RegionalT37
 Pac-12 ChampionshipT37
 ASU Thunderbird InviteT28
 SU Invite at Chambers BayWinner
 Southern Highlands CollegiateT48
 Southwestern InvitationalT38
 The PrestigeT17
 Arizona IntercollegiateT8
2018Patriot All-AmericaT26
 Kaanapali CollegiateT53
 Golf Club of Georgia CollegiateT38
 Windon MemorialT20
 Golfweek Fall ChallengeT19
 U.S. AmateurFinal 64
 Pacific Coast AmateurT9
 U.S. Amateur QualifyingQualifier
 Players AmateurT16
 Sahalee Players ChampionshipT8
 California AmateurRunner-up
 NCAA Division I Southwest RegionalT35
 Pac-12 ChampionshipT16
 El Macero ClassicT7
 Augusta InvitationalT47
 Jackrabbit InvitationalT11
 Southern Highlands CollegiateT28
 Southwestern Invitational3
 The Farms Collegiate InvitationalT2
2017Patriot All-AmericaT61
 Golf Club of Georgia CollegiateT23
 Marquette IntercollegiateT3
 Inverness IntercollegiateT6
 California State FairT6
 Pacific Coast AmateurT31
 California AmateurFinal 16
 NCAA Division I West RegionalT62
 The MaxwellWinner
 San Diego ClassicT5
 John Hayt Collegiate Invitational4
 The Amer Ari InvitationalT22
2016SCGA Amateur5
 California AmateurRunner-up
2015U.S. Amateur QualifyingQualifier

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