Texas Amateur Golf 2005: The Year in Review
01 Mar 2006

2005 was a great year for Texas amateur golf. Texas golfers brought home two of the five USGA men's national amateur championships--the U.S. Senior Amateur (Mike Rice) and the U.S. State Team (Alan Hill, Steve Galko, and Terrence Miskell). Texans also claimed medalist honors at the U.S. Mid-Amateur (Darin Newhouse) and U.S. Senior Amateur (Billy Clagett, who set a 36-hole scoring record). One Texas amateur (Trip Kuehne) qualified for the U.S. Open, and 11 more advanced to U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying. Three Texas amateurs qualified for the U.S. Senior Open, 22 made the U.S. Amateur, 22 made the U.S. Mid-Amateur, 10 made the U.S. Public Links, and 11 made the U.S. Senior Amateur. In all, Texas amateur golfers earned 35 USGA qualifying medals. Several Texans captured important national amateur and senior amateur events, and the in-state season produced good finishes and worthy champions. The following is a summary of the 2005 Texas amateur golf season.


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amateurgolf.com 2005 Texas Senior Rankings - Final Standings

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Winners of Events Played in Texas
Jan29-30 Kim Brown Memorial Partnership Win Bruning/John Beavers (-7)
Feb19-20 Texas (TGA) North Regional Four Ball Roger Marcincuk/Kevin Pedigo (-13)
Feb19-20 Texas (TGA) South Regional Four Ball David Pocknall/Tod Hensarling (-12)
Feb26-27 DPLGA Kick-off Classic Larry Gorzycki (+3)
Mar4-6 Bill Penn Memorial (Senior) Vaughn Moise/Jerry Hudgins (-12)
Mar4-6 Bill Penn Memorial (Mid-Amateur) Gordy McKeown/Charlie Stevens(-18)
Mar5-6 Medalist Meadowbrook Farms Amateur David Pocknall (-1)
Mar12-13 Morris Williams Spring Championship Michael Cooper (-2)
Mar18-20 Texas (TGA) North Regional Amateur Steve Galko (-2)
Apr1-3 Texas (TGA) South Regional Amateur Jonathon Mathias (+3)
Apr2-3 Azalea Invitational Jacky Lee/Brad Jones (-9)
Apr8-10 DPLGA Wylie Moore Memorial Lloyd Hughes (-5)
Apr8-9 Greater San Antonio Match Play Simon Thompson
Apr9-10 Laredo Open Emiliano Martinez (+2)
Apr9-10 Medalist Cypress Lakes Amateur Tod Hensarling (-2)
Apr13-17 Claude Harmon Invitational Eddie Lyons
Apr15-17 Temple Cup Senior Invitational Charles Hill, Jr./Bob Sine (-11)
Apr23-24 Austin Open Jay Reynolds (-3)
Apr25-27 Adams Golf National Senior Champ. Gary Kirwan (+4)
Apr27-30 Champions Cup Invitational Brady Exber/Frank Acker (-17)
Apr29-1 Greater San Antonio Senior Amateur Al Pineault (E)
Apr30-2 Lions Spring Partnership Zach Wilson/Mike Bertram (-19)
May13-5 Texas (TGA) Four Ball Championship Kent Wiese/Chris James (-20)
May28-9 DPLGA Erwin Hardwicke Memorial Bill Jackson (-2)
May28-9 Medalist Blackhorse Amateur Hensarling, Kibbe, Lance, Payne (E)
Jun9-12 Texas (TGA) State Amateur Kevin Schultz (+2)
Jun23-26 Greater San Antonio Amateur Alan Hill (-10)
Jun23-26 Texas (TGA) Public Links Championship Steve Galko
Jul2-4 Firecracker Open Robby Ormand (-11)
Jul8-10 Texas (TGA) Father-Son Championship Steve Gill/Brett Gill (-12)
Jul9-10 Medalist Blackhorse Amateur #2 Jimmy Burke (+2)
Jul12-15 Texas State Open Kelly Grunewald (-22)
Jul15-17 Pecan Valley Amateur Alan Hill (-1)
Jul16-17 Fort Worth Mid-Amateur Rob Couture (-7)
Jul22-24 West Texas Amateur Trey Todd (-8)
Jul23-24 Central Texas Amateur Billy Clagett (+1)
Jul28-31 Texas (TGA) Mid-Am Match Play Steve Gill
Aug4-7 Austin City Championship Kyle Edwards (-11)
Aug5-7 Texas (TGA) Partnership Championship Doug Webb/Torbett Clements (-6.75)
Aug12-14 Texas (TGA) North Regional Mid-Am Steve Galko (-2)
Aug12-14 Texas (TGA) South Regional Mid-Am Mike Booker (-1)
Aug13-14 The Devlin Trophy Owen Joyner/Ron Schroeder
Aug13-14 Fort Worth Two-Man Best Ball Charlie Stevens/Kelly Mullarkey (-11)
Aug19-21 Texas (TGA) Senior Amateur Mike Rice (-4)
Aug25-28 Temple Cup David Leachman/Artie Starrs (-16)
Sep3-5 Fort Worth Men's Amateur (Championship) Clarke Kincaid (-8)
Sep3-5 Fort Worth Men's Amateur (Collegiate) Colt Knost (-13)
Sep10-11 Blackhawk Stroke Play Championship Larry Walsh (+2)
Sep10-11 DPLGA Kay Kup Larry Trowell (-5)
Sep16-18 Texas (TGA) Mid-Amateur Dan Dunkelberg (E)
Sep23-25 Harvey Penick Invitational Michael Cooper (+5)
Sep24-25 Dallas City Championship Mark Motes
Sep24-25 Fort Worth Senior Amateur Tom Takes (+4)
Sep30-2 Bluebonnet Cup Joe Bendetti (-9)
Sep30-2 Greater Houston City Amateur Ron Schroeder (-6)
Sep30-2 Texas (TGA) Senior Four-Ball Chip Stewart/Larry Thomas (-13)
Oct3-6 U.S. Senior Challenge Tim Miller (+1)
Oct6-9 Greater San Antonio Senior Match Play Chip Puhl
Oct8-9 Greater Houston Senior City Amateur Jerry Hudgins (-1)
Oct8-9 Sun Country Senior Four Ball Gary Jeffreys/Barry McClure (-6)
Oct10-11 Hannon Cup Amateur Team 15.5-12.5
Oct12-15 The Spirit International Amateur England (-43)
Oct15-16 Austin Senior City Championship Billy Clagett (-2)
Oct21-23 Dallas Morning News Tmt of Champions Greg Boots (+1)
Oct22-23 Texas (TGA) State Club Team Hollytree CC, Tyler (+23)
    D Newhouse/R Howell/P Manziel
Oct28-29 Medalist Old Orchard Amateur Robert McKinney, Ron Schroeder (+5)
Nov4-6 Dallas Athletic Club Fall Invitational Charlie Stevens/John Stevens (-11)
Nov 9-11 South Padre Island Texas Senior Open Chuck Moran (-5)
Nov12-13 Texas (TGA) Shoot Out North Team 26-22
Nov19-20 San Antonio Open Brian Rowell (-2)
Dec3-4 Medalist Season Ending Championship Ron Schroeder (-2)
Medalists of USGA Qualifiers in Texas
May11 U.S. Open Local - San Antonio Terrence Miskell (64)
May16 U.S. Open Local - Austin Matt Brost, Omar Uresti (66)
May16 U.S. Open Local - DFW #1 D.J. Brigman, Clark Dennis (67)
May17 U.S. Open Local - Houston Brad Lardon (66)
May17 U.S. Open Local - Midland Brad Gibson (65)
May23 U.S. Open Local - DFW #2 Wil Collins (64)
Jun6 U.S. Open Sectional - Texas Trip Kuehne (136)
Jun14-15 U.S. Public Links - Houston Lance Lopez (135)
Jun20-21 U.S. Public Links - DFW Justin Fraley (137)
Jun20-21 U.S. Public Links - El Paso Matt Williams (144)
Jun20-21 U.S. Public Links - San Antonio Russel Helson, Dusty Smith (137)
Jul5 U.S. Senior Open - San Antonio Steve Veriato (69)
Jul11 U.S. Senior Open - DFW Perry Arthur, Chip Stewart (66)
Jul11 U.S. Senior Open - Houston David Lundstrom, Bob Ralston (70)
Jul25 U.S. Amateur - DFW #1 Bill Allcorn (138)
Jul26 U.S. Amateur - DFW #2 Zack Reeves (138)
Jul26 U.S. Amateur - Houston #1 Ryan Baca (140)
Jul26 U.S. Amateur - Lubbock J.J. Killeen (137)
Aug1 U.S. Amateur - DFW #3 Justin Fraley (134)
Aug1 U.S. Amateur - Houston #2 Pat Youngs (145)
Aug1-2 U.S. Amateur - San Antonio Terrence Miskell (137)
Aug2 U.S. Amateur - DFW #4 Colt Knost, Clay Ojibway (140)
Aug3 U.S. Mid-Amateur - San Antonio Terrence Miskell (69)
Aug4 U.S. Mid-Amateur - Austin Ron Kilby (69)
Aug8 U.S. Mid-Amateur - El Paso Patrick Hanlon (75)
Aug10 U.S. Mid-Amateur - DFW #1 R Couture, D Jennings, B Jackson,
    R Hill, E Joseph, J Neumann (72)
Aug15 U.S. Mid-Amateur - DFW #2 Gary Hardin, Stephen Paterson,
    Charlie Stevens (68)
Aug15 U.S. Mid-Amateur - Houston Darin Newhouse (68)
Aug17 U.S. Senior Amateur - Houston Mike Rice (71)
Aug17 U.S. Senior Amateur - San Antonio Ken Redfern (69)
Aug22 U.S. Senior Amateur - DFW Gary Hardin, Mickey Jones (71)

Texas Winners of National Amateur Events (*=Senior)

Andrew Dresser, W.E. Cole Cotton States Invitational, Monroe, LA

Eric Joseph/Ryan Hill, Friedman Cup, Newburgh, IN

John Granger/Gary Hardin, Senior Friedman Cup, Newburgh, IN*

Alan Hill, Steve Galko, Terrence Miskell--U.S. State Team Championship

Jerry Hudgins, SOS Dale Morey Championship, St. Augustine, FL*

Bob Hullender, Riverwood Invitational, Port Charlotte, FL*

Bob Hullender, Sunnehanna Senior Invitational, Johnstown, PA*

Bob Hullender/Mike Rice, Anderson Memorial Four Ball, NY*

Gary Kirwan, Adams Golf Senior Championship, McKinney, TX*

Colt Knost, Dixie Amateur, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mike Rice, U.S. Senior Amateur, Rocky Face, GA*

Mike Rice, Senior Porter Cup, Lewiston, NY*

Mike Rice/Jerry Hudgins, Charlie Coe Senior Invitational, CO*

Performance in USGA Events by Texas Amateurs

Competed in U.S. Open

Trip Kuehne (Medalist in Sectional Qualifying)

Advanced to U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Bronson Burgoon, Andrew Dresser, Steve Galko, Brad Gibson*, Bart Goodwin, Clarke Kincaid, Lance Lopez, Terrence Miskell*, Jay Reynolds*, Zack Robinson, Jhonattan Vegas

Competed in U.S. Senior Open (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Tom Doughtie, J.P. Sale, Chip Stewart*

Competed in U.S. Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Bill Allcorn*, Ryan Baca*, Bronson Burgoon, Franklin Corpening, Will Dodson*, John Dowdall, Andrew Dresser, Justin Fraley*, Jeremy Frye (Match Play), Jordan Hasbrouck, J.J. Killeen*, Colt Knost*, Trip Kuehne, Raul Lemus, Terrence Miskell*, Jay Ojibway*, Josh Ray, Zack Reeves*, Jay Reynolds*, Kevin Schultz, Christopher Ward, Pat Youngs*

Competed in U.S. Mid-Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Alex Buecking, David Campbell, Damon Clary, Rob Couture*, Dee Green, Gary Hardin*, Harry Hayes, Alan Hill (Match Play), Ryan Hill*, Bill Jackson*, Chris James (Match Play), Eric Joseph*, Ron Kilby*, Trip Kuehne (Match Play 2nd Round), Kenneth Leasley, John McClure, Terrence Miskell* (Match Play 2nd Round), Darin Newhouse* (Match Play, Medalist), Stephen Paterson* (Match Play 2nd Round), Charlie Stevens*, Jack Tyson, Scott Wiley

Competed in U.S. Public Links (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Justin Fraley* (Match Play), Robert Gwin, Jerad Harklau*, Jordan Hasbrouck, Russell Helson*, Lance Lopez* (Match Play), Ryan Posey (Match Play), Dusty Smith*, Justin Smith, William Woodring

Competed in U.S. Senior Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Joe Cadle, Billy Clagett (Match Play 2nd Round, Medalist), Gary Hardin* (Match Play 2nd Round), Jerry Hudgins, Bob Hullender (Match Play), Mickey Jones*, Gary Miller, Chuck Munson, Al Pineault, Ken Redfern* (Match Play 2nd Round), Mike Rice* (2005 U.S. Senior Amateur Champion)

Competed in the U.S. State Team Championship

Alan Hill, Steve Galko, Terrence Miskell (2005 U.S. State Team Champions)


Performance in R&A Events by Texas Amateurs

Competed in British Senior Amateur

Jerry Hudgins (T4), Mike Rice (T14)

Competed in British Mid-Amateur

John Bearrie, Chris Brauner (Match Play), Alan Deichler, Ron Eddins, Tim Gamso, Trey Owen (Match Play Round of 16), Larry Seligmann

Special Congratulations to the Following Players

Billy Clagett--Won Central Texas Amateur, Austin Senior City Championship; medalist in U.S. Senior Amateur, setting a 36-hole scoring record; advanced to 2nd round in U.S. Senior Amateur

Andrew Dresser--Won W.E. Cole Cotton States Invitational, advanced to U.S. Open Sectional, qualified for U.S. Amateur

Steve Galko--Member of winning U.S. State Team for Texas; won Texas North Regional Amateur, Texas North Regional Mid-Amateur, and Texas Public Links Championship; advanced to U.S. Open Sectional

Gary Hardin--Won Senior Friedman Cup, advanced to 2nd round in U.S. Senior Amateur, medalist in U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying, medalist in U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifying

Alan Hill--Member of winning U.S. State Team for Texas; won Greater San Antonio Amateur and Pecan Valley Amateur; qualified for match play in U.S. Mid-Amateur

Jerry Hudgins--Won SOS Dale Morey Championship, Charlie Coe Senior Invitational, Bill Penn Memorial, and Greater Houston Senior City Amateur; qualified for U.S. Senior Amateur, T4 at British Senior Amateur

Bob Hullender--Won Riverwood Invitational, Sunnehanna Senior Invitational, and Anderson Memorial Four Ball; qualified for match play at U.S. Senior Amateur

Colt Knost--Won Dixie Amateur and Fort Worth Men's Amateur, medalist in U.S. Amateur Qualifying

Trip Kuehne--Competed in the U.S. Open, medalist in U.S. Open Sectional, advanced to 2nd round in U.S. Mid-Amateur, played in the U.S. Amateur

Terrence Miskell--Member of winning U.S. State Team for Texas; medalist in U.S. Open Local, U.S. Amateur and U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying; advanced to 2nd round in the U.S. Mid-Amateur

Darin Newhouse--Member of winning Texas State Club Team; medalist in U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying; medalist in the U.S. Mid-Amateur

Mike Rice--Won the U.S. Senior Amateur, Texas Senior Amateur, Senior Porter Cup, Charlie Coe Senior Invitational, and Anderson Memorial Four Ball; medalist in U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifying

Charlie Stevens--Won the Bill Penn Memorial, Fort Worth Two-Man Best Ball, and Dallas Athletic Club Invitational; medalist in U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifying

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