Struggling to find time to play? -- You're not alone
05 Apr 2011
by Benjamin Larsen of AmateurGolf.com


At least a few times each day, I find myself muttering, under my breath, something along the lines of: "If I could just have three or four more hours in the day, then I'd be able to get everything done."

There's just not enough hours in the day to have your cake and eat it too, as they say. Between your career, your marriage, your children --- at home duties and the extracurriculars notwithstanding --- you have very little 'you' time.

And, as I've learned in recent years as my family, career and other primary life duties have ---naturally --- taken center stage, there is a direct correlation between the amount of 'me' time a guy gets and his ability to stick a 6-iron to 10 feet from 200 yards out.

It's a matter of simple science. Studies have been done. Well, not seriously (that I know of, anyway) but let's agree on one thing: As certain things take priority in your life, it can become tough to maintain a high level of play on the golf course. There's no disputing that.

But many of us, who once handled well elite competition on the links and saw the plausible next step in our game to drop the index into the low single digits, want the cake and to eat it too. We want to have it all.

But do we need those extra hours in the day or the additional weekend day to get in the work necessary to remain at that high level? Not necessarily, so long as you're using your time efficiently and wisely.

In this blog space, I'll hope to help the many players just like me who strive to be excellent on the course but battle the lack of practice and playing time we're comfortable with. I'll hope to touch on unique drills to work on during that ever-so-special practice time and which equipment to use in order to get the most out of it. Plus, so much more.

So, stay tuned and keep it locked on this space to get the knowledge needed to succeed from someone in your shoes!

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